Silverfish: Chapter 25

“What the fuck do you mean our comms are scrambled?”  Leon glared at Radko.  “How?”

“They must have had an inside man.”  Radko shook his head.  “Vids are also down.  Our people are trying to get them back up.”



Silverfish: Chapter 22

It felt strange to be in civilian clothes.  Even stranger to be wearing Alliance fashions.  The long sleeveless jacket flared a bit as he walked.  Next to him, Anson was dressed similarly.  Julian selected a ripe fruit from a vendor, then a second one.  He tossed one casually to Anson before leaving a credit piece for the merchant and continuing on.


Silverfish: Chapter 21

“No, look, you’ve got it up too high.”  Kyle adjusted the bar holding the pot over the flames.  He glanced at Jakob.  “I take it you never learned to cook over an open fire?”

“I never learned to cook.”  Jakob shrugged before settling himself back down onto the sand.