Akobul has a decent sized desert in it, and yet still managed to be one of the most fertile regions of Tallis.  It’s people are mainly farmers, and they are among the few that actually trade with the Wilders.  Wilder raids are a normal occurrence for them, and they take the matter rather in stride.  The villages hit most often usually offer no more than a token defense and then just let the Wilders take what they want.  Or simply pay the Wilders off, usually with kegs of booze.  Its not unheard of for Wilders to sleep off a ‘raid’ in the very village they ‘raided’.  In return, the Wilders tend not to do infrastructure damage, take Akobul people as slaves, kill them, or even take too much from them.  And as the people of the Unitafels and Natiel have both learned, the Wilders are also willing to come to Akobul’s defense.  They may raid Akobul, but they deeply resent any one else trying to.

Despite the raids, the relationship between the Wilders and Akobul is actually fairly good.  Not quite twenty years ago, an Unitafels clan came into Akobul and took two villages full of people with the intention of sacrificing them all.  Akobul entreated to the Wilders for aid, and in response both the Stone Dragon and the Phoenix came over the mountains with an army of Wilders.  They saved most of the villagers and dealt with the Unitafels tribe, preventing whatever dark ritual was intended.

They are known to be a pragmatic people, as their interactions with the Wilders would indicate.  While villages have sheriffs and militias, Akobul doesn’t have much of an army.  They don’t need one, as they can either pay Wilders or Petobae to defend them.

Akobul is lead by a council of three.  The first councilor is an inherited position, the second trains and chooses their successor, and the third is elected by the mayors of the villages, who are themselves elected.  The second councilor is always capable of magic, and is considered the leader of Akobul’s religion.

The land is known for its foodstuffs and its wine and beer.  Their primary export is food of various kinds.


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