Manisar is perhaps the oldest continually existing nation.  Other nations have been conquered, reformed, and altered through the years, but Manisar endured even when it was ruled by the Wilderfolk.

There are two types of people in Manisar: Manisarians and slaves.  Manisar’s economy rests on the slave trade.  Their armies are made up of highly trained slave warriors, and every person laboring in their fields is a slave.  The average citizen of Manisar is a slave.  Some suggest there are only a few thousand actual Manisarians.

They buy, train, and sell slaves to other nations, even nations that supposedly don’t have slavery.  Slave revolts are put down brutally.  If a slave kills a master, all that master’s slaves are killed in retaliation.  The usual method is to herd them into the slave barracks and then set the barracks ablaze, followed by crucifying any missed by the fire.

Slaves from Manisar are actually preferred among slave owners, as the Manisar have become quite good over the years at training them.  A slave trader’s reputation is dependent upon the quality of slaves they sell, and thus they take considerable pride in their work of breaking and training human beings to the point that a Manisarian slave is more or less completely brain-washed into enjoying whatever purpose they are trained toward.

In many ways, Manisar is actually quite impressive.  It’s buildings are architectural wonders, with towers that soar gracefully into the heights.  Actual Manisarians live rich, pampered lives, surrounded by comfort, and barely have to lift their hands to see to their own needs.  They make a show of being indolent, but are generally considered to be very cunning and often ruthless individuals.  Negotiating with a Manisarian always entails risk, and if you aren’t careful, they’ll end up owning everything, including you.  They have a tendency to simply take what they want from other lands, and thus their culture varies depending on what is ‘in fashion’ at the moment.

There are a lot of religions in Manisar due to slaves bringing theirs with them when taken.  Thus Manisar has a hodgepodge of temples and shrines.  However, actual Manisarians tend to either not be religious or to simply practice whatever religion benefits them most at the moment.

Actual Manisarians speak their own language that they use to speak to each other, and they refuse to teach it to others to prevent the advantage having their own private language gives them.  They all are also versed in the common tongue.  Slaves are taught the common tongue if they don’t already know it, and discouraged from speaking any other language to prevent plotting.


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