Thatela considers itself the pinnacle of civilization.  It’s not an entirely unreasonable claim, though they are not the oldest nation.  They are a fairly wealthy nation in which all citizens are arguably free, and place a high emphasis on art and learning.  Most citizens of Thatela are literate, and there are actual schools, though those are typically only available to those who can afford them.

The language that serves the world as a ‘common tongue’ is called Thatel and Thatelans claim it as theirs, though in truth it originated from the language spoken by the Wilders when they conquered.  Thatelans claim that is irrelevant, as these days they speak it so very much better than the Wilders do.

They are a proud people, bordering on arrogant, and are one of the strongest and most stable nations.  Many consider Solsthriem, Ipruci, and Gaebli as merely ‘provinces’ of Thatela rather than separate nations, and some decades that is a fairly credible claim.  Gaebli and Ipruci don’t always bother to refute the idea, though Solsthriem can get quite prickly over the matter.

It was the birthplace of the spires and the formal education of Magi.  Magic being rare, Thatela manages to have more actual mages than almost all other countries combined.  This contributes heavily to their overall strength and wealth.

Their religion is the worship of the three gods.  The sun is strongly associated with the Father, who is the strongest of the gods to the point that to some it is almost monotheistic.  The other two gods are the Keeper and the Paladin.  The Keeper is often represented as a mother figure, and is associated with both birth and death.  The Paladin is the god of war and honor and usually represented as a knight who serves as the Father’s agent rather than being worshiped in his own right.  The temple in Thatela is fairly powerful, and serves as a patron of the arts.  It is led by a High Priest, who serves the ruler of Thatela as an adviser.  The High Priest in theory answers to the King, but it is also the High Priest who crowns the king.

It is a patriarchal society, though from time to time it has had a ruling queen.  Thatelans have a strong since of propriety and some say they are too easily offended.  The nobles play the game of houses among each other, vying for standing and power, and peasants often suffer as a result.  Slavery is illegal in Thatela, but the difference between a servant/serf and a slave is often a matter of pure semantics.

Thatela was once a much larger country that included what is now Gaebli, Ipruci, and Solsthriem.  Ipruci split from Thatela five hundred years ago when Thatela’s royal line failed resulting in there being an argument over which cousin would assume the throne.  The one that ended up ruling Thatela had the stronger claim, but the one that Ipruci rebelled behind was the more popular leader.  His influence was sufficient that the then-province simply split off, and the king of Thatela was unable to muster sufficient resources to reclaim them.  Gaebli took advantage of that chaos to split off as well, though in many ways never fully broke from Thatela.

The War of Two Kings broke out two centuries ago when the royal family gave birth to twin sons.  Deniel was said to be the eldest and was to assume the throne, but manipulations occurred and the High Priest chose to crown his brother Alessio instead.  The result was a rebellion, and the eventual splitting off of Solsthriem.  Unlike Gaebli and Ipruci, Solsthriem has insisted on being completely independent, something that continues to irk Thatela.

Slowly, Thatela is moving away from its more feudal origins, and in so doing is growing stronger.  Gaebli is all but fully part of Thatela once more, and Ipruci is also moving in that direction.  Once that occurs, Thatela will be the strongest nation by far unless the Wilders ever unite again.


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