One of the biggest differences between the people of the Unitafels and the Wilders is that the tribes of the Unitafels will kill you if you mistake them for Wilders.

The Unitafels is a harsh land except for the areas directly around the lakes known as the Three Jewels.  It’s a volatile area, prone to volcanoes and earthquakes, full of rocky outcroppings and ravines.  It doesn’t rain often, and when it does, it floods.

It is sparsely populated, and the people that dwell within can best be culturally described as ‘folks even the Wilders don’t want’.  They are savage and practice rites such as headhunting and cannibalism.

What territory is The Unitafels is somewhat up for debate.  Some maps put the Three Jewels into the borders of Natiel and confine The Unitafels to the badlands of the west, but they are nomadic enough to be encountered well into the territory of Tebotas, Natiel, and even Akobul, and their area that can be called a city is located on one of the islands in the Second Jewel.  It is known human sacrifice is practiced there, and there are are buildings within the city that have walls made of human bone.

Little is known of why they sacrifice humans, as what few scholars have tried to ask typically have ended up sacrificed.  The Unitafels have their own language, and seem to disdain speaking the language of others.

What captives escape sacrifice or other dark practices are sold into Tebotas.
There are many old ruins to be found in the territory of the Unitafels, and it was once a thriving kingdom.  Legend holds that a dragon appeared, and rather than slay it the Lord of the Unitafels ordered human sacrifices be made in an attempt to placate it and use it against his enemies.  The dragon, having developed a taste for human flesh, laid waste before vanishing into darkness once more.


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