There is some question as to whether Gaebli even still is an independent nation. The last generation of their royal family produced only daughters, and the current queen married the younger son of Thatela’s royal family.  Then the elder son died childless, sending the king-consort of Gaebli back to Thatela to serve as Thatela’s king.  Their son is thus heir to both nations.  There is a fair amount of grumbling over that fact.

However, it is not as though they actually have enough of a military do much about it, and they tend to be a fairly fatalistic people.  The island nation has little in the way of natural metal resources, and while its ships do trade along the coast they have few deep sea vessels.  They raise goats and farm, as well as fish and dive for pearls in the reefs around the island.

While they follow the same religion as Thatela, the people of Gaebli tend to be much more superstitious.  They have a variety of little rituals and offerings to entice or placate spirits, and homes keep a hearthfire burning to keep their house spirits happy.


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