The people of Jolusth are mainly forest dwellers, and build their homes in trees.  Those that dwell in the grasslands are nomadic shepherds tied to various other villages.  Their settlements are small, and they are somewhat tribal in nature.  They are prone to squabbling among themselves, but if an outside threat manifests they quickly band together to deal with it before going back to squabbling among themselves.

The entirety of Jolusth serves as an army.  The rest of the world considers them dirty fighters, as they do not fight along traditional lines.  They melt away into their forests and fight with tactics more like those of bandits.  Traps and other such hazards are common, and the Jolusth have no compunctions about using poisoned arrows and other such ‘uncivil’ methods.  Their neighbors mostly leave them alone because fighting the Jolusth is considered way more trouble than it is actually worth.

Jolus worship forest spirits, and it’s known that fighting Jolus in the woods is pretty much suicidal.  Some say they can actually bring trees to life and command animals to fight for them.  The latter part is true enough, as Jolus tribes often have wolf packs that live harmoniously with them.

They have a fairly good relationship with Petobae, however, and the two countries trade along their border amicably.  Culturally, neither really has anything the other nation wants, and that oddly enough helps them get along.

There are safe passages through the forests where traders and travelers can pass unmolested, but the Jolus tend to be hostile toward those who enter their territory without invitation.

As a people, Jolus are on the small side, with the average height of a man being 5’6”.  Their eyes, skin, and hair tend to the darker shades.  As forest dwellers, they typically dress in greens and browns.  Jolus practice ritual tattooing, and upon reaching adulthood receive clan tattoos.  The Jolus are excellent climbers, and can travel through the forest swiftly without actually having to touch the ground.

Though they do not care for outsiders, the Jolus do on occasion extend hospitality.  Those that prove themselves worthy can be invited to join a tribe, and are given a clan tattoo.  To their own, they are generous and welcoming.


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