Lethiun is a small and fairly poor country.  The past century has seen them suffer from plague, famine, and drought.  It’s people have survived and are slowly rebuilding, but life in Lethiun is still difficult.  It’s not uncommon for poor families in Lethiun to have extra children with the intention of selling one or two to Manisar to support the rest of the family.

If it was not insulated from Thatela by Ipruci, it probably wouldn’t be a country of its own anymore at all.  It’s people are farmers and shepherds, and their chief export is cloth.  Lethiun tapestries and carpets are highly prized.

While they had their own language, it is slowly being lost as most of them come to speak the common tongue.  They worshiped a mother goddess that they viewed as the embodiment of nature, but that too is slowly being replaced by the temple of the three gods.


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