The people of Tebotas are nearly as dark skinned as the Ilael, and there are stories that say that Tebota either originated when some of the Ilael took to land, or Ilael originated when some of the Tebota took to the sea.  Ilael reject those legends, while Tebota find them amusing.

Tebota practice slavery, raiding into other lands.  However, they will allow their captives to be ransomed back to their people, and often take prisoners for the express purpose of ransoming them rather than using them as slaves.

Tebotas is a large country comprised of forest, grassland, and mountains, and is divided into sections ruled by governors that answer to their emperor.  Their emperor is considered a living god, ruling with divine right, and his authority is not to be questioned.  However, many emperors meet their end via assassination, so its not always clear how seriously Tebota take that belief.

The family unit is of supreme importance, with each family being ruled by it’s patriarch.  Children answer to their fathers regardless of their age, save that wives answer to their husbands, but a patriarch’s authority over their own family is close to absolute.  Arranged marriages and dowries are common, and often neither the husband nor wife have a say in who they marry.  Matchmakers are used to facilitate such arrangements.  Concubines are also common.  The eldest son inherits, but sometimes someone else is adopted as ‘eldest son’ despite being younger or not related to the actual eldest son.

Their language is rich and complex, but only the upper castes can read or write.  Their governing system is largely bureaucratic, and the ability to read or write can serve to make someone fairly powerful.  The caste system is strict, but there is mobility between the castes.

Honor is an important concept, but related strongly to pride.  It’s okay to lie and cheat and steal, but it’s incredibly unseemly to be caught doing so, and very rude to call someone out on it unless you have considerable proof.  A family member who brings dishonor to their kin is often executed by their own family to save face.  This is a safety measure, as entire families can be executed for the action of one member, or even for the actions of a friend of one member.

Ancestor worship is the primary religion of Tebotas.  They are a rather xenophobic people.  If you are in Tebotas and not Tebota, then you are either a slave or trespassing and if the latter, you may very well find yourself the former.  Even slaves are not allowed inside their actual cities, and are used as farm labor or pleasure slaves in brothels built outside the city walls.

Many ceremonies and rituals are practiced in their daily lives, and it is possible to go through your life in Tebotas interacting with people only via said ceremonies and rituals.


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