The people of Uhses tend to be on the smaller side, averaging 5’4” for men.  They have dark hair and dark, slanted eyes, and their skin has golden undertones.

Uhses itself is lushly forested, almost a jungle.  It is poor in metal recourses, but there is sufficient stone that the people of Uhses have built graceful cities inside the forests, often cultivating the trees to serve as living bridges and walkways within the structures.
Silk originates in Uhses, and is traded to Sahit or the Ilael.  The people of Uhses are quite welcoming to the Ilael, as most of their trade goes through them and they make each other quite wealthy.

They have a complex religion, believing that their gods from time to time take mortal form or provide a divine touch to mortal agents.  Displeasing these individuals can result in an entire family being cursed with bad luck for generations, and the reverse is also true.  Thus the people of Uhses are generally very polite to strangers.  They do not practice sacred hospitality exactly, they are just very welcoming and generous to guests.  And, as a side bonus, it means they get to hear news and stories from their guests, and guests are expected to provide at least one good tale to repay their hosts.  It is also fairly customary for guests to provide assistance, and a lot of the Uhses economy seems to revolve around cooking a huge meal and then having your neighbors come over to help fix a roof or slaughter the pigs.

Though they do trade and have a monetary system, most of their economy runs on a barter system.  They take care of their elders, and the elders in turn take over the responsibility of teaching the children their lore and stories.

Ritual and tribal tattoos are common, and their tattoos tell stories.  Those who have committed crimes have their sins forcibly tattooed upon them to serve as warnings to others.  In practice, this often functions as effective exile.

Those that dwell along the coast are fishermen, and they do venture out into the deeper parts of the ocean to go whaling.  Typically though, they leave the trade to the Ilael, as few of the Uhsi speak any language but their own or that of Sahit.  Their written language is written as slashes upon a line, and is often written spiraling outward or carved round and round upon a stick.  They often carve lines of poetry into their spears and walking sticks.


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