Sir Bastien Kohler has red hair and green eyes.  He is light-skinned even when tanned, and does still have a few youthful freckles. His build is trim, not overly muscular but by no means weak.  He’s a little on the short side, standing about 5’9”.  In his teen years, making height jokes got his blood up, but that was before he proved he could kick the asses of men much larger than himself in tournaments.  When the story begins, he has just turned twenty-three.

Before ending up with Rien, he dressed very modestly as befit a knight who actually took the ideal of chastity seriously.  Rien lets Maela dress him, and Maela loves showing him off.  Bastien endures it stoically.  He would never admit it to Rien, but he actually kind of liked the temporary tattoos Maela put on him.

He is a defensive warrior, using a shield and armor.  While he wears considerably more armor than the Wilders, he actually wears less than most Solsthriem knights as his smaller size and mobility gave him an advantage in combat.  His training with the blade began almost the day he learned to walk, and he wields a sword as though it is a natural extension of his arm.  Bastien is a skilled and disciplined warrior, who keeps his head and maintains control during a fight, preferring efficient and effective over flashy.

His mother died when he was three, in childbirth with what would have been his sister had the babe survived.  His parents had been a genuine love match, and thus despite his standing his father never remarried.  He kept Bastien close, doting on the boy, and thus Bastien grew up a responsible and dutiful young man, well trained as a knight.  His father was an idealist, and instilled that in his son.  He and his father share considerable family resemblance, and those who knew Aurel in his youth have no problem recognizing Bastien as his son.

Despite being polite and well-educated, he did grow up around soldiers and can curse with the best of them.  He is an avid enough reader, though not necessarily the most well-rounded.  He is a man of honor and duty, and if he gives an oath he will keep it.  He is extraordinarily stubborn and willful, and perfectly willing to fight unto the death to defend his honor or those under his care.  Pretty much the only way to get him to surrender is to threaten those he is protecting.

As an attractive and well-positioned young man, Bastien did attract a considerable share of female attention.  However, as a squire his interactions were always well chaperoned, usually by his father.  This combined with his own chivalric ideals and modesty are a large part of why he was still a virgin at twenty-three.  Also, he was often quite busy training, doing his duty, or taking part in tournaments.

It didn’t take him long to become fond of the twins despite the glee they take in tormenting him.  He can be quite protective toward them, and tolerates their teasing in a rather big-brotherly fashion.  He will endure and even take a bit of pleasure from what Rien has the twins do to him, but is extremely uncomfortable about the possibility Rien may ask him to do anything to the twins.

Slavery does not appeal to him, though he accepts his situation.  The fact that he takes some physical pleasure from what Rien does to him is something he finds irritating, but that is slowly fading as he adapts to his new life.  He will keep his oath, and keeps his anger at Rien pretty well buried most of the time.  Thus, despite the fact that he would really like to kill Rien, Bastien is someone Rien can trust absolutely.  This fact is something both men find rather ironic.


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