Marinus Draak has dark brown, almost black hair, and dark brown eyes.  He wears his hair fairly long, giving him a somewhat leonine look.  He stands about 6’6” in height and has a very muscular build.  Even with that, he manages to be somewhat stronger than he looks.  Among his people and quite a few others, he is considered a good-looking man.  His common garb is a simple pair of trousers with the leather vest of his people, though when he is actively being a prince he often adds gold armbands.

At the start of the story, he is twenty-seven.  He rarely uses his full name, preferring to go by Rien, and has the nickname and sigil ‘The River Dragon’.

As a fighter, he relies heavily on his size and strength, but he is not without skill.  His primary defense is to simply kill his opponent before they get the chance to hit him, and it mostly works out for him well.  His preferred weapon is a massive axe, though he can use other weapons if needed.  He takes considerable joy in fighting, and can sometimes be heard laughing in battle.  To Rien, there is no kill like overkill and he occasionally makes a game of things like seeing how many limbs he can chop off an opponent.  Rien has several scars, and wears them proudly.

He was the baby of a high ranking family, and as such grew up with few actual responsibilities.  As such, he’s fairly immature and hedonistic, and tends not to consider long-term consequences or how other people will feel about a situation.  However, as a raider he is quite talented, as his boisterous and fearless nature causes him to inspire the warriors around them, letting them accomplish feats some would claim are impossible.  However, he has a short attention span and is easily bored.  Though he isn’t stupid, he is somewhat book-dumb and has a tendency not to pay attention to what is going on around him.  Rien is prone to acting without thinking.

When it comes to responsibility, he usually handles matters by finding someone who knows what they are doing and putting them in charge of dealing with the situation.  One of his good traits is that once he does that, he then actually listens to the advice he is given and trusts his people to do their jobs.  His temper is considerable, and when riled up he often acts without thinking.  However, his sense of humor and tendency toward occasional self-depreciation makes provoking him a bit harder than most anticipate.  He finds Bastien’s invective toward him more amusing than insulting, sometimes even encouraging the man or admiring particular phrases.

As a boy, he genuinely adored his brothers, and he regrets the rifts that have grown since they all became adults.  Jurgen was more a father to him than a brother, and even as an adult Rien hero-worships him.  He used to look forward to Lammert’s returns from his travels with glee, and not just because Lammert always brought him back presents.  He and Rutger were closer in age, and throughout most of their childhood they were inseparable.

His mother chose his father because of Pauwel’s own considerable strength and combat skill.  Pauwel was killed in a skirmish against another Wilder clan when Rien was five.  He took almost forty with him when he died.


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