Gabriel : Part 1

He was still buttoning his shirt when his eyes fell on the file sitting on his kitchen counter.  Plain, manila, and taunting him.  His cell phone sat atop it.  Gabriel walked forward, staring at the thing.  Then he reached for his phone.  It blinked to life before he touched it, open to the map application.  A place several miles out of town.

Gabriel took several deep breaths before looking at the name on the file.  “Roske.”  He sighed, then picked up the phone.  He dialed Angela’s number.  “Hey sweetie.  It’s Gabe.  Look I hate to do this, but something just came up with a case.  Can we take a rain check on tonight?  Call me.”  He stabbed the end button.

The map popped back into view.  He stared at it for several seconds before heading into the living room to find his keys.


There were good gay bars around.  Classy joints.  Gabriel looked around.  This was not one of them.  A voice seemed to whisper into his ear.  Sorry about your weekend plans, pet.

His stomach rolled, and he swallowed.  He took a deep breath, regretted it when the smell hit him, and headed for the bar.  Maybe the place at least had cheap liquor.

At one end of the bar sat a man nursing a drink.  He was older, maybe mid-forties, with thinning hair and a gut.  That one, her voice said.

He started to shake his head.  Go make a new friend.

The file was still on his counter.  If he left now, it would vanish, along with its contents.

Bitch better have made it worth his while.  Don’t I always?

Worst part?

She did.


Ted did a double take when someone took the seat next to him.  Then he did a slower one.  The guy looked like he’d stepped out of a wet dream.  Tall, dressed in form fitting jeans and a shirt that showed off a sculpted young body.  His blond hair was tousled, as if he’d toweled it try but hadn’t gotten around to combing it yet.  What the hell was he doing in this dump, let along sitting there?

“Gabriel.”  The man nodded to him.

“I, er…”  He took a swallow from his drink.  “Theodore.  Ted.”

“What are you drinking?”  Gabriel raised an eyebrow.

“Whiskey.”  Ted swallowed again.

“Two.”  Gabriel gestured at the bartender before going silent again.

“So, you uh…”  Ted searched for something to say.  “Come here often?”

“First time.”

“Oh.”  He waited for Gabriel to say something else, but the man simply stared at the back of the bar.  Their drinks were set in front of them.  He started to reach for his wallet when Gabriel set a twenty down on the bar.  He stared at it.  He’d been prepared to pay for guy’s drink, assuming that’s what this was about.  Pathetic, maybe, but he was willing to pay a couple bucks for a few minutes of attention from…  “Thank you.”

“Did you drive here?”  Gabriel still didn’t look at him.

“I…”  Ted slowly nodded.  “Yes?”

“Live nearby?”

“Few miles north.”

“Farm country.”

“Well, yes.”  Ted swallowed.  “I’ve got a place by the lake.”


“I like it that way.”

Gabriel downed his drink.  “Plans for this weekend?” He gestured for the bartender to bring him another.

“Well…”  Ted gave him a confused look.  “No?”

“Alright.”  Gabriel nodded.  “Ted…”  He shrugged.  “How’d you like to take me back to your place and do whatever the fuck you want to me until Monday morning?”

“I…”  Ted blinked.  “What?”

“You’ve got handcuffs in your back pocket.”  Gabriel picked up the drink the bartender had slid to him.  “And you most definitely are not a cop.  How many nights do you come here, hoping you might get lucky?”


“So tonight…”  Gabriel turned to look at him.  “You got lucky.  Sober enough to drive?”


“Well Ted…”  Gabriel downed his drink.  “How does your fantasy go?”

“I…”  Ted stared at him for a moment.  “Is this for real?”

“It is.”  Gabriel nodded.  “Make up your mind, Ted.  There’s a few other folks here.  Sure I can find somebody willing to take me up on the offer.”

There was something strange in the young man’s eyes.  A note of desperation, of…  Ted nodded.  At least this way, he could make sure the young man was safe.  “You’d uh…”  He swallowed.  “I’d have a weapon.  Make you go out to my car.  Handcuff you, and put you in the trunk.”

“That a gun in your pocket?”  Gabriel lifted one corner of his mouth.  “Or are you just happy to see me?”


The trunk lid closed, leaving him in the dark.  Ted had finally gotten it through his head that Gabriel’s offer was genuine.  He’d slammed him against the wall when he’d put on the cuffs, and his voice had been forceful when he’d threatened him with the non-existent gun.

He’d made Gabriel climb in the trunk himself despite his hands being fastened behind his back, then had quickly used a set of shoelaces to bind his ankles.  Ted had started to close the trunk before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a bandanna, crumbling it into a ball and shoving it into Gabriel’s mouth.

Gabriel was mildly grateful that Ted seemed to practice decent hygiene.  The car trunk had been clean, with its few contents neatly organized.  A standard first aid kit, a roadside emergency kit, and a shitty jack.  Ted had definitely not set out to kidnap anybody that night.  Don’t worry, pet.  He’ll play his part.

This is the last time, he thought back.

You’ve told me that before now, haven’t you?  He heard her laugh.  But there is always another case.

Yeah.  There was always another case.


Ted pulled into the garage and hit the garage door button before turning off his car.  He sat there, taking deep breaths.

There was a gorgeous young man handcuffed and helpless in the trunk of his car.  He felt a tightening sensation in his groin when he thought back to the young man… Gabriel’s offer.  Whatever he wanted, until Monday morning.  Ted’s hands shook when he opened his car door.  He hesitated.

Over the past few years, as he’d started to develop an interest in…  He’d spent entirely too much money on things he never truly believed he’d ever get the chance to use.  More than once, he’d thought about paying for…

Was Gabriel going to want money?  He hadn’t indicated anything like that.  He hurriedly ran the math.  Five thousand was what he could spare without having to answer anyone’s questions.  Five thousand for someone like Gabriel to…  His heart was racing.

He walked quickly into the house, not wanting to leave Gabriel in the trunk too long.  A trunk held most of what he was looking for.  The leather collar was wide and thick, lined with fur for the comfort of the one wearing it.  He picked up the leash as well before returning to the garage.

Four deep breaths later, he opened the trunk.


Gabriel blinked in the light.  Ted was standing in the garage, the look on his face suggesting he’d been concerned he’d only imagined Gabriel’s presence in the trunk.  He grabbed the tie around Gabriel’s ankles, releasing it quickly.  “Get the fuck up,” he ordered.

He spun, moving awkwardly to get his legs into a position where he could get out of the trunk.  Ted caught him by the front of the shirt and yanked him forward until Ted’s lips were next to his ear.  “Red, yellow, green, okay?”  Ted whispered quietly before stepping back.  “I said get the fuck up.”

Oh, safe words.  How thoughtful.  Gabriel exercised a massive act of willpower not to roll his eyes at her words.  He did, however, give Ted a slight nod, and saw a small twitch of a smile in return.  As soon as his feet were on the ground, Ted caught hold of him again.  A leather collar went around his neck, and was fastened.  Ted kept a finger in place to ensure it wasn’t secured too tightly, then clicked a leash to the collar.  With his other hand, Ted closed the trunk lid.

He tugged the leash, and Gabriel resisted just a little before letting Ted pull him into the house.  Ted led him down a flight of stairs into a finished, walk-out basement.  “On your knees.”  Gabriel pulled back slightly, and Ted pulled what was quite obviously a toy gun out of his pocket.  He’d knocked the orange plastic tip off, but part of the plastic of the barrel was melted slightly.  “I said, on your knees.”

The carpet was a bit softer than he expected for a basement.  Soundproofing, this should be fun.  For you.  Of course for me, pet.  “Ankles together.”  The toy gun was placed barrel first against the back of his head.  He should get a better one, nice cold metal.  Gabriel placed his feet together, and felt Ted remove the toy gun before reaching down to bind his ankles.  If he really had been kidnapped, he could have easily gotten away at that point.  “Move, and I’ll put a bullet in your knee.”  Ted’s voice hissed in his ear.  “Don’t make a sound.”  He removed the cloth from Gabriel’s mouth, then there was a click as Ted unfastened the handcuffs.  “Take off your shirt.”

Gabriel stayed still, and Ted pressed the fake gun into his head again.  “Take it off, or I’ll cut it off.”  He unfastened the buttons, taking his time, and caught a glimpse of the smile on Ted’s face in the reflection off a picture on the wall.  The smile only broadened when he set the shirt aside.  “Hands behind your back.”

He put a loop of rope around Gabriel’s left wrist before fasting it to his right elbow, then did the same with his other hand to create a crossbar.  The bonds were snug, but not tight enough to hurt.  He continued tying, creating a knotwork harness around Gabriel’s chest and shoulders.

Then he pushed Gabriel forward to lay face down on the carpet before wrapping the rope around his knees.  Gabriel began struggling as soon as Ted stepped back, struggling and thrashing at the bonds.  Ooh, they didn’t slip or tighten.  He’s done his homework.  This is bad enough without your commentary.  Just reminding you why you are here, pet.


He was hard enough that walking was growing a little bit uncomfortable.  Beneath his shirt, Gabriel’s body was sculpted and hard, without an ounce of fat or wasted flesh.  The guy clearly worked out, and his build reminded him of the lean guys in the military calendar his wife had caught him jerking off too.  She’d cited that as number one in her reasons for the divorce.  He’d dreamed about this, someone like this at his mercy.  For a moment, he was terrified he was going to wake up.

Ted bent and grabbed hold of the harness he’d created.  He wished he were strong enough to just haul Gabriel back upright.  “On your knees.”  He pulled as Gabriel rose.  He wanted to take it slower, start with some of the toys he’d been wanting to use for the longest time, but it didn’t take an idiot to realize he wasn’t going to be able to hold out that long.  Damn, he felt like a teenager rounding third.  He traced the toy gun down Gabriel’s face, smiling at the angry expression Gabriel wore.  “You’re going to open your mouth, and then you’re going to swallow what I give you to swallow.”  He reached a hand down to unfasten his belt, then pulled his belt free of the loops and draped it around Gabriel’s neck.  Gabriel glanced at it before looking back up at Ted.  “You’re going to be a good boy for me, aren’t you?”  Ted smiled as he freed himself from his pants.

“Let me go now, and I’ll let you walk away.”  Gabriel shook his head.

A thrill went through him.  The guy had the perfect voice.  Deep, and just a bit gravely.  “A real tough guy, hmmm?”

“You don’t know who you’re messing with.”  Gabriel narrowed his eyes.

“I said…”  He caught Gabriel’s hair, yanking his head back.  “Open your mouth.”

As soon as Gabriel did, he pushed inside, shoving deep until he felt the back of Gabriel’s throat.  He pushed a little further, then held Gabriel’s head in place, one hand on the collar, the other holding his hair.  He let Gabriel choke and struggle for a few seconds before freeing him, and waited a heartbeat.  “Bastard.”  Gabriel glared up at him.

He rammed himself into Gabriel’s mouth again, his motions nearly as rough because of need than they were because of the fantasy.  Gabriel’s lips closed around him, providing a silky friction, and now and then he felt the dart of the young man’s tongue.  He did not, however, feel even the hint of teeth, and Gabriel shifted position a little so he could thrust in deeper, getting nearly his full length down the young man’s throat.  “Take it.”  He shuddered a little as Gabriel made a growling sound in response to the command.  A note of resistance that caused a wonderful vibrating sensation against his cock.

Ted gasped as he came, his cock still in Gabriel’s mouth.  He held the young man’s head in place as he spent himself, then kept hold as he looked down into the angry green eyes.  “Swallow it.”

The green eyes narrowed, and Gabriel tried to tug his head back.  A token resistance, not enough to actually stand a chance of escape.  “I said, swallow it, bitch.”

He felt Gabriel’s tongue brush against him as the young man swallowed, then he withdrew his softening cock from his mouth.  “Good boy.”

“You’re going to pay for that, asshole.”  Those beautiful eyes stared daggers at him.

“Keep talking, tough guy.”  Ted pulled his head back, forcing Gabriel to look up at him.  “I’m just getting started.


Gabriel let out a curse as the belt came down again on his ass.  Ted laughed in response.  “Had enough, tough guy?”

“Bring your worst.” 

The belt came down again, and he didn’t have to fake the curse.  Ted wasn’t swinging hard enough to do damage, but he wasn’t having any difficulty figuring out where to put the sting.  Part of him was starting to wonder if she was giving him pointers.  If that were true, he’d have you upside down for this, pet.  “Maybe you need a little more incentive.”

There was a rustling sound, and then Ted came around the front.  He had a few bits of metal in his hand.  Gabriel heard her gleeful laugh as Ted held one of them up to reveal it was a clamp.  Just keep in mind, pet.  Safe word equals no file.  I fucking hate you.  I know.  He glared at Ted.  “Don’t you dare, you son of a bitch.”

“Now now…”  Ted smiled, his eyes eager.  He began caressing Gabriel’s left nipple, bringing it to a hardening point.  “Do you hear me talk about your mother?”  He opened the clamp, placing it over the nipple and holding it there, open.  “That’s the problem with you tough guys.  No manners.”  He let the clamp close, sending a biting pain through the sensitive bit of flesh.

He tugged it just a little, pausing for a half heartbeat.  It had taken Gabriel a few minutes to realize Ted’s occasional pauses were him checking to see if Gabriel was going to use the safeword.  “That it?”  He glared.

Ted was actually panting a little as he affixed the other clamp.  “Comfy, tough guy?”

“I’m gonna…”  Gabriel lunged as though he were trying to get to Ted, only for Ted to catch him by the hair again before yanking his head back and kissing him.  While Ted’s mouth was atop his, Ted’s free hand reached up and gave the clamp a tug, making Gabriel grunt.

“You’re gonna what?”  Ted lifted his head a few inches from Gabriel’s face.  “You’re mine, tough guy.”  He let go of Gabriel’s hair, then held up the third clamp.

No.  Oh yes, pet.  Oh fuck no.  Mmmmmm.  You bitch.  Shut up and enjoy it, pet.  Gabriel cursed as Ted fixed the clamp to the tip of his shaft.  Ted hesitated a moment, and Gabriel glared at him.  “I’m going to tear your green, mottled heart out, you piece of shit.”  He saw Ted’s eyes light up.  “Get your —”

His chin was grabbed, held firm by Ted’s hand.  “I warned you about manners, tough guy.”  Ted let him go, then picked up a couple lengths of thin chain.  He used one to affix together the clamps attached to his nipples, then attached the second chain to that.  Then he grabbed the clamp attached to the tip of his cock, and fastened the other end of the chain to that.  It pulled his penis upright, providing a tug that bordered on the edge of pleasurable.

Gabriel swallowed as Ted walked behind him again.


Ted had to take a couple deep breaths.  Gabriel’s taut body was spread in an X shape that gave him a very limited range of motion.  He ran his hand down from the guy’s shoulder, stopping at the small of his back.  Dear god, the guy had a great ass, and the blows from the belt had turned it and his upper thighs a lovely shade of red.  He just wished he knew a little more about Gabriel, like what Gabriel actually liked.

There was an intensity in the young man’s eyes, a strange sort of distance even as he played his part in Ted’s fantasy.  It was captivating, in its way.  Made it seem more real.  He went back to his treasure chest, and examined the contents.  He trembled just a little as he selected a condom and a container of lube.  For a moment, he stood there, then he looked over his shoulder at Gabriel.  It was only ten o’clock on Friday, and Gabriel had said Monday morning.  Ted grabbed a bottle, shook a little blue pill out of it, and swallowed it.

He rolled the condom on before walking back up behind Gabriel.  Slowly, he ran his hand down Gabriel’s arm, down his side, and rested it on the young man’s hip.  “Your ass is mine, tough guy.”

Gabriel responded by yanking at the knots holding his limbs in place.  The chain attached to the clamps jingled slightly at the motion, and Ted felt a momentary pang of regret that he hadn’t thought to add bells.  “Get away from me, bastard.”

A smile game to Ted’s face as he stepped closer, running his hand forward along Gabriel’s skin until he touched the young man’s balls.  He caressed, the motion gentle, and was pleased to note that Gabriel was hard.  He squeezed a bit of lube onto the top of Gabriel’s ass, and heard a slight intake of breath as the cold substance made contact.  Ted used his fingers to slowly apply the lubricant, forcing his finger into the young man’s ass.  Gabriel cursed at him, which just made him smile wider.

It was a tough decision, whether to go fast or slow.  He wished again he knew how Gabriel liked it, then inhaled.  Thus far, the guy had seemed to like it rough.  He guided himself into the tight passage, enjoying the feel of the muscles slowly giving way to the invasion.  Gabriel’s back arched just slightly, and Ted took the opportunity to sink his teeth gently into his shoulder.  Gabriel responded by turning a soft moan into another curse.

Hands on Gabriel’s hips pulled the younger man back against him as he thrust himself inside again and again.  He felt his own need rising, and then reached a hand forward to caress Gabriel’s shaft.  “You like that, don’t you, tough guy?”

“I’m going to kick your ass.”  Gabriel’s response came almost as a growl.

“Be a good boy, and I might let you kiss it.”  Ted brought his mouth down on Gabriel’s shoulder, biting as he sucked briefly at the flesh.  Then he mentally cursed himself as he realized the mark the action would leave would take a while to fade.  His need was building too fast, and he made himself start mentally reciting the digits of pi as he continued working on Gabriel.  He’d gotten to thirty places before he moved his hand all the way up Gabriel’s shaft and removed the clamp.

“Son of a…”  Gabriel thrashed against him.  Ted’s eyes widened a little as the movement sent a thrill of pleasure through his body.

“I’m going to make you cum, tough guy.”  He spoke the words into Gabriel’s ear.

“Get your hands off me.”  Gabriel struggled again at the bonds, grinding himself into Ted’s groin.

“You’re my bitch now.”  Holy shit, if the guy kept that up he was going to lose this race.  And yet Gabriel’s breath was also coming in panting gasps.

Then he was twitching beneath Ted’s fingers.  “Kill you for that.”

He had to catch himself, hanging on Gabriel for balance as his own orgasm released.  Well, at least he’d die happy.


He let Ted pour from the bottle directly into his mouth.  The guy might have picked a shit bar, but he had decent taste in beer.  When Ted took the bottle away, he yanked at where his hands had been secured behind his back when Ted had tied him to the chair.  “You’re not going anywhere for a while.”  Ted picked up a bowl, and dished up a spoonful of stew.  “Open.”

Gabriel glared at him.  Ted set the spoon back down, and then picked the clamp back up.  He smirked before reattaching it to Gabriel’s left nipple.  “Fuck.”  Gabriel glared again.

“I said…”  Ted narrowed his eyes, but he couldn’t entirely keep himself from smiling.  “Open your mouth.”  He reached for another clamp, and Gabriel opened his mouth.  Ted put the spoon inside.

The stew was actually pretty damn good.  Had to have been homemade.  Needs more pepper.  Oh, shut up.  He resisted each bite, and by the time Ted had finished feeding him, he was wearing all three clamps again as well as a couple dozen clothespins.

And for the first time since they’d left the bar, Ted started shifting awkwardly again.  Then suddenly he nodded more to himself than to Gabriel before getting up and leaving the room.  He was gone a good fifteen minutes before he returned, carrying a large, folded up dog kennel.  The thing had clearly been in storage a while, and it took Ted a couple tries to get it to click open.

As restraints went, it was a joke.  The average five-year-old could get out of that thing, even if you actually put a padlock on the latch.  But it’s not like you’re actually going anywhere tonight, is it?  I hate you.  I know.

Ted removed the three actual clamps carefully, then taunted Gabriel before yanking off the clothespins.  He replaced the collar, attaching the leash before unbuckling the belt that had secured Gabriel to the chair.  “Get up, tough guy.”

He resisted just enough to get Ted to tug the leash before letting Ted drag him into the bathroom.  The cuff was unlocked from around his left wrist, and then Ted pushed him against the wall.  “You’ve got fifteen minutes.”


He hurried back to the kennel, wiping it down quickly.  Ted hesitated a moment, then got the ratty blanket he’d hadn’t gotten around to tossing out, folded it, and put it in as a pad.  The house temp was set at seventy-two.  Maybe he should raise it a couple degrees?  He frowned, and decided to just move the kennel closer to the vent.

The clock showed nearly 1 AM.  He couldn’t recall the last time he’d been up this late.  Normally, he was in bed and asleep by nine.  Ted picked up the toy gun, then headed for the bathroom door.  He held it in front of him, then frowned and adjusted his stance to closer match what he saw in action films before opening the door.

Gabriel was standing near the sink, his hair damp from the quick shower he’d taken.  He shifted, posture becoming hostile as though he were considering making a break for it.  Ted pointed the toy gun at him.  “Don’t even think about it, tough guy.”

“Put that gun down, or I’m going to fed it to you.”  Gabriel glared.

“Nice try.”  Ted smirked.  His heart was racing again.  “Get down on your hands and knees.”  He lifted the gun a little when Gabriel just glared some more.  It was like the guy had somehow managed to read all the fantasies he couldn’t bring himself to write down.  “Now.”

Slowly, Gabriel sank to his knees before putting his hands on the ground.  Ted moved closer and grabbed the leash.  “Stay down, bitch.”  He rejoiced inside as Gabriel again offered a token resistance before letting Ted drag him to the kennel.  “Inside.”

“Say your prayers old man, cause when I get out of this…”  Gabriel entered the kennel.

Ted brought his hand down on Gabriel’s ass, making a satisfying smacking sound.  “Only way you’re getting out of there, tough guy, is when I’m ready for my morning blow job.”  He shut the kennel door, then felt a pang of frustration as he couldn’t get the latch to move.  He growled.

“Flip it up.”  Gabriel’s voice was soft enough he almost didn’t hear him.

He flipped the latch up, and it slid home.  Ted hesitated a moment.  “Lights?”  He kept his own voice soft.

Gabriel’s voice once again was a guttural growl.  “I’m not afraid of the dark, asshole.”

He walked to the door, and flipped out the lights before heading to his room.  Ted fell back onto the bed, and looked up at the ceiling.  He took a few deep breaths.  “Not sure what I did to…”  He let out a small laugh.  “Holy shit, thank you.”

Right before sleep caught him, he thought he heard a small voice.  You’re welcome.



The kennel was cramped, but he was able to curl into a ball on his side.  Getting out wouldn’t be difficult, and he could set his internal alarm and be back inside before — No.  Seriously?  A nice little cage for my good little pet.  Gabriel sent a mental glare at her.  Don’t pretend you there isn’t a part of you that likes this, pet.  Ted was so sweet, making sure you got off before he did.  You mind, I’m trying to get some sleep?  You should.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Bitch.


Ted woke, and blinked blearily at the clock.  Almost seven.  He’d slept later then…  His brain caught up with itself, and he sat bolt upright.  He shook his head a few times, then decided to take a quick shower before going back downstairs.  If Gabriel was gone, he was gone and he’d just have to hope the guy hadn’t taken anything valuable when he’d left.

He stepped out of the shower and reached for the worn terry-cloth robe that hung on the hook.  Then he stopped.  He shifted his weight from foot to foot, and then went to the closet.  He put on a pair of black slacks, then a black t-shirt.  He hesitated a moment, then added his belt.  His reflection caught his eye, and he stared at it for a heartbeat.  Old, fat, and balding.  He glared at the mirror, then shook his head and left the room.

His heart beat faster when he saw Gabriel in the kennel.  The young man had shifted slightly when he’d opened the door, resuming his sleeping position.  A soft, affected snore came from the kennel.  Ted smiled, walked over, and kicked the side of the cage.  “Get up, bitch.”

“Fuck you.”

“That’s not the way this works, tough guy.”  Ted grinned.  He remembered to flip the latch up this time, and opened the kennel door.  He picked up the leash, then tugged a couple times until Gabriel started moving.  “Hands behind your back.”  He pointed the toy gun.

Gabriel glared at him.  “If you didn’t have that gun…”  He put his hands behind his back.

Instead of handcuffing him, Ted tied his arms into a crossbar instead.  Then he tugged the leash again.  Gabriel stayed put, and instead of pointing the gun Ted took off his belt instead.  He folded it in half, then held it in front of Gabriel.  “Get.  Up.”

Those beautiful green eyes stared at the belt.  “Where the fuck are you taking me?”

“I told you last night, tough guy.”  Ted sneered at him.  “You get out of the kennel when I’m ready for my morning blow job.”

“Sick bastard.”  This time Gabriel pulled back hard enough to nearly tug the leash out of Ted’s hand.  He rose, twisting as he did.  And Ted stepped forward as Gabriel went off balance, pushing him so that he was bent over the kennel.

For a moment, his knees were literally weak.  He held the handle Gabriel’s bound arms made, leaning his weight to keep the younger man in place.  Gabriel was putting up a token struggle, making a show of thrashing but not breaking Ted’s hold on him.  And that tight as was positioned perfectly.  Ted drew back his arm and brought the belt down, eliciting another curse from Gabriel.  “I warned you about those manners of yours.”  He brought the belt down again, feeling a quick surge of pleasure at the sound it made.  He struck three more blows.  “Ready to behave yourself?”

Instead of answering, Gabriel struggled again.  Ted brought the belt down a little harder, this time eliciting a bit back yelp from his victim.  He hesitated a moment, afraid he’d gone too far.  “I’m going to rip your rotten green heart out and crush it.”

A smile came to his face as he brought the belt down again.


Gabriel made a small groaning sound as Ted played with the remote again.  The vibrator the man had shoved up his ass started back up.  He tried to shift, but the strap the man had fastened held the damn thing firmly in place.  He groaned again, and felt the cock currently jammed into his mouth twitch in response.  Wow, he really likes thatShut up.

Ted’s fingers were tangled into his hair, holding him face down in Ted’s lap.  Ted was squirming just a little.  Ted spun the intensity wheel of the vibrator up to full intensity.  Gabriel started cursing, despite the phallus in his mouth making an effective gag.

Barely thirty seconds later, Ted bucked a little as a warm saltiness filled his mouth.  He started to pull back, and Ted’s hand tightened in his hair.  “Swallow it, bitch.”  He tugged again.  “I said swallow it.”

He swallowed, trying not to gag.  Ted didn’t release his head as the shaft in his mouth began softening.  And he didn’t dial the vibrator down, either.  Gabriel was starting to do some squirming of his own.  “That’s a good dog.  You can keep my cock warm while you wiggle for me.”

Pressure was building.  And Ted was still in his mouth.  That’s going to be a problem, pet.  Gabriel jerked his head back as he came, preventing the clenching of his teeth from doing Ted any damage.  He winced as the motion ended in some of his hair coming loose in Ted’s fingers.  Ted gave him a confused look, and Gabriel glared.  “Should have bitten it off.”

A startled look came to Ted’s face, but he collected himself quickly.  “Would have been the last thing you did, tough guy.”


He glanced down at the hair in his hand, then quickly grabbed Gabriel’s head to check for damage.  This time Gabriel did not offer any resistance.  He’d torn a few strands out by the roots, but apparently not enough to cause any bleeding.  Still, he hadn’t meant to… “Seeing red yet, tough guy?”

“Take more than a green-livered piece of shit like you to piss me off.”  Gabriel glared at him.

Ted stood.  Bite reflex hadn’t really been on the list of things he’d considered.  He grabbed the collar, and shoved Gabriel against the couch so he could remove the vibrator.  It took him a couple seconds to consider what to do now.  “Well, you’ve had your breakfast.  Guess it’s time for mine.”  He pulled the leash over and tied it to the stair railing before going upstairs.

A quick look through the cupboards netted him some packets of instant oatmeal.  He started to make himself some, then smiled and brought down a second bowl.  He ate his quickly, then sprinkled a bit of sugar into the second and carried it downstairs.  He set it on the ground next to Gabriel.  “You’re going to need to keep your strength up, tough guy.”

“Forgot my spoon.”  Gabriel glared at him.

“Dogs don’t use spoons, bitch.”  Ted tried to keep his face stern.  He put his hand atop Gabriel’s head.  Gabriel resisted just enough to send a thrill through him as Ted shoved his face into the bowl.  “I said, eat.”


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ted down a pill.  A small blue one.  He isn’t exactly a spring chicken, pet.  Though he’s doing well enough so farHow much longer?  Relax and enjoy yourself, pet.  Ted’s taking good care of you.  I hate you.

He started struggling again when Ted walked back over.  His hands were above his head, secured to the metal framework Ted apparently used to haul his dock in during the winter.  He’d been given his pants back, and followed Ted’s subtle prompt to make an escape.  Ted had caught up with him in the boat house, and brought out the toy gun again before trussing him up.  All escaping had done was make him dirty and sweaty.  Which, judging from the expression on Ted’s face, had been the point.


The old boat house wasn’t quite the setting he wanted, but it was close enough.  There was enough equipment that he could pretend it was something like a scene from an action movie.  Gabriel was secured to a piece of metal framework, defiant and vulnerable.  Dirt and sweat gleamed on his naked torso.  His jeans were low, looking as though they would slide right of his hips with the slightest tug.  There were several stripes on his arm, grease of some kind.  “There is no escape for you, tough guy.”

Gabriel just stared back at him.  “You dropped your guard once.  It’ll happen again.  Next time you won’t be so lucky.”

Ted ran a hand down his chest, stopping at the small amount of fine fur at the top of his jeans.  Then he slid his hand inside, slowly, until he had Gabriel’s hardening member in his hand.  Gabriel exhaled, and Ted smiled.  “Doesn’t have to hurt, tough guy.  You be a good boy…”  He caressed, his movements gentle.  “Do what I tell you, and you might even start to like it.”  He blew on one of Gabriel’s nipples, smiling as it hardened slightly in response.

“Get your hands off me.”  Gabriel shook his head, tugging at where his wrists had been bound.

He slid his other hand into the back of Gabriel’s jeans and squeezed one cheek.  “Make me.”  Ted grinned.

The young man responded by tightening his muscles, pulling himself up until his feet were off the floor, shaking and thrashing.  Ted caught his breath, afraid for a moment that the framework wouldn’t take the motion.  It held, and he exhaled and focused on admiring the play of Gabriel’s muscles instead.  He kept his right hand where it was, down the front of Gabriel’s pants, playing lightly within.  When Gabriel lowered himself down again, he unfastened Gabriel’s jeans and with a swift motion, tugged them off.  Gabriel cursed again.

He continued playing with the younger man’s member, caressing and squeezing its hardening length gently as Gabriel struggled and threatened him with violence if he didn’t stop.  “I’m going to make you cum, Gabriel.”  He smiled.  “And there is nothing you can do to stop me.  You’re my bitch now, tough guy.”  He kept his motions slow, teasing and light, drawing the experience out.  One side benefit of a shitty marriage.  He did know how to jerk off.  A small, wicked thought came to him, and he took his hand away. “I’m going to make you cum, Gabriel.  When I’m ready.”

Ted moved behind Gabriel, tracing his fingers down the young man’s body, exploring the feel of his skin.  He waited a few minutes, just long enough to ensure the edge was off, before he slid his hand forward and took hold of Gabriel once more.

He wasn’t sure how much longer it was, maybe an hour.  His own breaths were coming in small gasps.  And he heard Gabriel’s voice.  “Please.”


“Damn you, you sick bastard.”  Gabriel’s voice was hoarse.  “I can’t…”  He was panting.  “Please.”

His hand slid back to Gabriel’s throbbing shaft.  “What’s that?”

“I’ll do whatever you want.”  Gabriel swallowed.  “Please.  Please just…”  Gabriel yanked at the bonds.  “Please.”

The sound of that gravelly voice begging was almost more than he could take.  He began a more forceful caress, stroking the younger man until he felt Gabriel’s member start to twitch in his hand.  There was a soft cry when Gabriel came, and then his body went limp in the restraints as he fought for breath.  Ted smiled.  “Not so tough now, are you?”


Gabriel leaned on the bathroom counter, then took a good look at himself in the mirror.  Ted hadn’t marked his face, but he was going to have to wear a turtleneck for a few days.  And avoid Angela and a lot of uncomfortable questions.  Other than the near biting incident, the only other hiccup had occurred when Ted had gotten just a little enthusiastic when pouring water down his throat.  The liquid had gone up his nose, making him retch and choke.  Ted had nearly panicked, breaking character entirely to check that he was okay.  I’m not going to leave my favorite pet in the hands of someone who won’t protect him.  You know, you didn’t have to do this.  I did plan on getting laid this weekend.  You could have done your watching thing there.  What, with Angela?  That sweet little nothing can’t give you what you need, pet.  I hate you.

As soon as Ted turned out the light, Gabriel tried to make himself comfortable in the kennel again.  He made you beg, pet.  Her voice actually sounded contemplative.  No one’s managed that beforeGuy’s good with his hands, I’ll give him that one.  I lost count, who’s come more often?  Him or you?  Go away, I’m trying to sleep.  You, by two.  Shut up.


During the entire course of his marriage, he’d received exactly six blow jobs.  Three birthdays, two Christmases, and one vacation in Rome that she’d wanted for years.  Ted half closed his eyes as he felt Gabriel’s tongue sliding over his cock.  And not even that one had been anywhere close to this good.  “Now you’re learning, tough guy.”  Ted didn’t grab his hair, just set his hand on the back of Gabriel’s head to guide the motions.  “Take it all.”

He came, once again forcing the young man to swallow before releasing him.  Then he shoved him toward the bed.  Gabriel started to offer resistance, then submitted when Ted growled a threat to take him back to the boat house.  Ted quickly secured him, spread-eagling him face up on the bed.  He removed another bandanna, using it to blindfold Gabriel.  Immediately Gabriel’s entire body went tense, his fists clenched.  Ted hesitated, waiting, but Gabriel slowly relaxed again a few seconds later.  He blinked, then he put his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze.  A slight nod answered him, and Ted smiled.

Slowly, gently, he began running his hands over Gabriel’s body, light enough to tickle.  It took him only a few moments to get the young man squirming and cursing beneath him.  Gabriel was covered in a thin sheen of sweat before Ted finally positioned himself between Gabriel’s legs.  He lifted the younger man’s hips, pressing his erection against the tight back passage.  He grinned, and drove himself home in a single thrust.  Gabriel jerked and cursed, but…  Ted smiled as Gabriel began moving his hips in rhythm to the thrusts even as he struggled and called up increasingly creative threats as to what would happen if Ted didn’t stop.


Ted untied his hands, and started to step back.  Then he yelped, raised his foot back up rapidly, and his other foot started to go out from under him.  Gabriel came up and caught him before he could fall.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”  Ted growled.

“Ted?”  Gabriel glanced down, and saw a spot of blood on the floor.  “Break some glass recently?”

“Dropped a light bulb.”  Ted shook his head.  “Last week.  Thought I got it all.”

“Sit.”  Gabriel helped him to the couch, then lifted his foot.  “Got tweezers?”

“First aid kid under the bathroom sink.”  Ted nodded.

Gabriel retrieved it, and came back a few moments later.  It only took him a couple seconds to get the sliver of glass out.  He dressed the wound, then looked up at Ted.  “Had a tetanus shot recently?”

“Last…”  Ted frowned thoughtfully.  “May?”

“You should be good.”  Gabriel nodded.

“I um…”  Ted started laughing.

“Ted?”  Gabriel raised an eyebrow.

“Just um…”  Ted took a deep breath.  “Respecting the ridiculousness of this situation.  Ten minutes ago, I was taking a belt to you, now you’re all worried about a little bit of glass in my foot.”

“I, uh…”  Gabriel looked up at him, and then started to laugh as well.

“Sorry about pulling your hair.”  Ted gave him an awkward look.

“Sorry for almost biting your dick off.”  Gabriel shrugged as Ted started laughing again.

“Can I uh…”  Ted shifted a little.  “Can I make a request?”

“Anything you want.  Until Monday morning.” Gabriel nodded.

“Then, uh…”  Ted swallowed.  “Will you come upstairs?  Sleep in my bed tonight?”

Gabriel nodded.  “Sure.”


He woke.  The sun wasn’t up yet.  There was a warm body in the bed next to him, offering the quiet comfort of another presence in the room.  He’d fallen asleep with someone in his arms.  For just a heartbeat, Ted considered waking Gabriel up.

But it was Monday.

And it was morning.

As quietly as he could, he slipped out of the bed and went down to the kitchen.  His foot hurt a little, and he ignored it.  Ted started the coffee pot, then turned on the news, keeping the volume low.  He’d taken his first sip when the TV managed to catch his attention.

The news was covering the recent abduction of some kids.   He’d heard about it, how the kids had been in rough shape when they’d been found, but he hadn’t paid a lot of attention.  Right now though, he was riveted to the screen.  The news was showing footage of the aftermath of the cops busting down the door of the building where the kids had been held.  And he couldn’t take his eyes off the young man carrying one of those tiny bleeding figures towards the ambulance.  The kid’s arms were around his neck, and tears were streaming down the child’s face.

Officer Gabriel Williams.

Ted sat down, and blinked tears out of his own eyes.  He swallowed a few times, then turned the TV off and went back toward the kitchen.


Gabriel awoke to find his clothes were folded and on the bed stand, along with a towel and a toothbrush still in a sealed package.  Picking up his shirt revealed it had not only been washed, but ironed.  And the mismatched button had been replaced with one that looked more like the others.  He set it back down and headed for the shower.

Dressed, he stepped out of the room into the living area.  “I uh…”  Ted glanced over at him.  “Wasn’t sure if you’re a coffee man.  I’ve got some tea, if you’d prefer.  I’m guessing you’re a meat and potatoes kind of guy?”  Ted gestured at a plate containing a thick ham steak and breakfast potatoes.  “How do you like your eggs?”

“I, uh…”  He blinked.  “You’re making me breakfast?”

“There’s aspirin and ibuprofen in the bottles there, if you uh…”  Ted raised an eyebrow.  “Want it.  Sorry, don’t really have anything stronger.”

“Uh, scrambled is fine.”  He went to the coffee pot and poured a cup, adding just a bit of sugar.  Then he shrugged and took two of the aspirin, chasing them with the first swallow of coffee.  He blinked, and took another swallow.

“I get it imported.”  Ted chuckled.  “Had it once on a business trip and now I can’t live without it.”  He slid the eggs onto the plate, then pushed it toward Gabriel.

“Thanks.”  Gabriel took a bite.  The ham was pretty damn good too.

“Son, uh…”  Ted poured his own cup of coffee.  “If you don’t mind me asking, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”  When I prayed and said I’d do anything to solve a case, I wasn’t expecting it to be a demon that was listening.  “Thanks for the breakfast.”

Ted was quiet for a minute.  “I turned on the news this morning.”

Gabriel went still.  He set his fork down.  “Oh?”

“I hope this uh, helped you deal with whatever…”  Ted shifted a little.  “You uh…”  Ted rubbed the back of his neck.  “Anyone wonders where you were this weekend, you can tell them you were fishing.  I’ve got a couple wall-eye in the freezer you can take with you.”  He shrugged a bit awkwardly.  “And um, if you ever need to come back and…”  He gestured at the business card on the table.  “Just give me a call or shoot me an email or something.  Even if it really is just fishing.”


“You’re a hero.  I hope you know that.”  Ted shifted again a little.  “Take a bit of time, and um…”  He straightened.  “Just give a holler when you’re ready to leave and I’ll drop you off wherever.”

“You’re a good guy, Ted.”  He nodded.  “Thanks.”


The car ride back to the bar where Gabriel had left his own vehicle was silent.  Ted wasn’t sure what he’d even begin to say even if Gabriel had been the talkative type.  He pulled in and stopped the car.  Gabriel opened the door and started to get out, then hesitated.  He turned back to Ted.  “This place is a shithole.”

“I, uh…”  Ted blinked.  “Yes?”

“It’s a shithole and we get a couple dozen calls out here a month.  Try The Red Carpet, over on Fifth.”  He stepped out of the car, then looked back at Ted.  “It’s safer, and they’ve got better whiskey.”

“Take care of yourself, Gabriel.”  Ted smiled.

“You too, Ted.”  Gabriel nodded and closed the door.


Paulson looked over the file.  “No stakeout was approved for —”

“What stakeout?”  Gabriel shoved one pile of pictures aside and picked something up from another.  “I was just working on my photography.”  He held up the picture.  “Nesting falcons.”

Chief Brant took the picture from him.  “Nice lenswork.”

“Thank you.”  Gabriel nodded.

A laugh came from Paulson.  “Alright.”  He nodded.  “I’ll get a judge to sign the warrant.”  He reached out and took the picture from the chief.  “And I’m keeping this one.”

“Knock yourself out.”  Gabriel shrugged.


He stood, watching the paramedics treating the people they’d recovered from the storage containers.  Young women and children, drinking the cups of soup they’d been given as though they hadn’t eaten in days.  They probably hadn’t.  Gabriel stood, and started back to his vehicle.

A good day’s work, pet.  Not only did you get to play hero, you gave a sweet old guy the best weekend of his lifeKeep away from Ted.  What’s this, sentiment?  Relax, pet.  Ted’s not the soul I’m after.  He’ll go to church tomorrow, get himself right with god, and go back to pretending he’s anything resembling a sinner.  Good.  Don’t tell me you’re sweet on our dear new friend?  You know better than that.  But he’s a nice guy.  World doesn’t have enough of those.  You’re telling me?  Good point.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even call up Ted again.  He’s certainly got some fun ideas.  Lost his card.  I didn’t.  Bitch.

Gabriel started the car, and headed home.  Paperwork could wait until tomorrow.


“Hey, Gabe.”  Officer Michaels stopped him as he headed to his vehicle.  “Did you hear what happened over on Seventh?”  Michaels was having trouble keeping a straight face.

“No?”  Gabriel raised an eyebrow.

“So, get this.  A priest is taking confession, and this old guy takes his turn.  And whatever the guy says, next thing anyone knows, the priest is staggering out of the booth, clutching his heart.  Keels over right there in front of Jesus.”

“That’s…”  Gabriel winced.  “Ouch.”

“Not done.  So, they go into the priest’s quarters, start doing a quick check around.  Open his desk drawer to find the guy’s collection of kiddie porn.”  Michaels grinned.  “Extensive.  Not just extensive…”  Michaels spread his hands.  “The kind that’s going to come with taking down a ring and sending a lot of sickos to prison.  God’s got a twisted sense of humor.”

“No kidding.”

“Yep.”  Michaels shrugged.  “Anyway, one of the paramedics asked the guy confessing what had happened, and the guy, Ted something or another, just gives him this dazed look and said, ‘I just told him about my weekend’.”  Michaels laughed.  “I have got to find out where that guy parties.”

Gabriel stared at Michaels’ back as he walked away, then got into the car.  He sat there for a moment, then adjusted his mirror.  Her eyes met his, dancing with fire.  “You…”  He shook his head and chuckled before giving her an admiring look.  “Are one evil bitch.”

Aren’t I just?”  She laughed.  “Run the siren for me, pet?



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