Wren and Adam : Chapter 2

Figuring out how to move was difficult.  Every sound in the room seemed to echo loudly, and the various smells assaulted his senses.  The world even looked different, like watching television with the color on the fritz.  The hag was walking in a circle around Wren.  Hearing what the hag intended for her had terrified him.  If he had a voice, he’d have screamed again for Wren just to leave him and run.

Anger filled him, along with dismay at just how helpless he was at the moment.  Bound, he’d at least have had the opportunity to cut himself free or do something.  He looked down at his… paws.  He couldn’t even clench his fists.

The hag unzipped the front of Wren’s shirt, letting it hang open.  Silent tears streamed down Wren’s face, running down to the handkerchief the hag used to gag her.  A sobbing sound escaped as the hag unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the ground.  Wren’s top was removed from her and casually tossed atop the cage.  Wren was left wearing a lacy black panty and bra set, the ones she’d bought a month ago and called his birthday present.  He felt sick as he watched the hag remove the bra before binding Wren’s wrists and attaching them to a hook in the ceiling.  Wren’s heels just barely brushed the ground as she hung there in just her panties.

Wren looked over at him.  He wished there was something he could do to reassure her, to let her know there was a way out of this.  Even if he was lying.  The hag went into the small kitchen and made herself a plate.  She ate quietly, a small smile occasionally playing on her face when she looked at the helpless Wren.  And in this form, he couldn’t figure out how to cry.  The woman he loved was at the mercy of the creature that had killed his brother and there was nothing he could do.

A shudder went through Wren as the hag rose and walked over to her.  Her fingers trailed across Wren’s taut belly, moving upward.  Wren made a sobbing sound as the hag began caress her breasts.  Pain contorted Wren’s face as the hag took hold of a nipple and twisted.  “Spread your legs.”  When Wren didn’t immediately obey, the hag twisted her nipple again.  Wren’s cry was muffled by the gag.  She moved her feet apart.

Slowly, the hag’s hand moved down to fondle between her legs.  Adam turned his head away, but he could still hear the protesting sounds Wren was making.  The hag laughed, and he heard Wren’s muffled squeal of pain.


“Follow.”  Renee unfastened her wrists from the hook, but didn’t untie them.  Wren half fell when the woman let her go.  She wanted to curl into a ball and cry.  As the woman walked out of the room, she picked up the cage containing Adam’s rabbit form.  Her stomach lurched.  Bad enough what the woman clearly intended without knowing Adam was…  She felt more tears fall.  Watching the whole thing.

The woman set the cage atop a dresser, then pointed at the bed.  Wren was most of the way to it when the woman grabbed her and removed the gag, then tossed her onto the bed.  Then the woman climbed into the bed herself and grabbed Wren’s hair, forcing her head down until she was between the woman’s legs.  “You’ve got half an hour, girl.  If you haven’t made me cum by then, I’m going to make you a rabbit foot necklace and you’re going to try again.”  The smile was cruel.

Wren felt sick.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad.  Adam had done this for her, after all, on multiple occasions.  He’d even claimed to have enjoyed doing so.  The thought of him being maimed for her refusal…  Wren swallowed, then leaned forward to do as she was told.


He could close his eyes, but not his ears.  The hag was not shy with the sounds of her pleasure.  She dragged Wren out of the bed when she was finished, tossing her down onto a stuffed pad in the corner.  A chain was put around Wren’s neck, one that gave her only a couple feet of movement.  Her hands were left bound.  Then the hag returned to the bed.

Wren looked up at him.  Adam placed a paw on the side of the cage, and managed something approaching a nod.  What small comfort he could give.  She gave him a tear-filled smile before curling up into a ball on the battered pad.

They’d get out of this.



Wren shrieked in pain as the switch came up between her legs to land on her most sensitive bit of flesh.  She yanked at the restraints as she shuddered.  “Now…”  Renee’s smile was vicious.  “If you were focused, that wouldn’t have hurt.” She looked down at the implement in her hand.  “Try again.  Concentrate on the wellspring within you.”

“There isn’t.  I…”  She howled when the switch hit her right nipple.  Renee’s aim was cruelly precise.

“It’s there.  Find it.”  Renee smirked.  She flexed the switch again, then brought it across Wren’s back.

Her wrists ached from trying to pull away from the implement’s kiss. Her ankles had been spread apart and secured to two bolts in the floor, leaving her obscenely vulnerable.  Her eyes flicked to the cage.  The rabbit inside was looking away, shaking a little.  She took a deep breath, trying to focus —

The switch bit into her again.  Fury filled her.  It wasn’t fair.  The witch was hurting her and Adam and babbling on about wellsprings.  Wren saw it coming for her again and then there was a flash of something.

Renee looked down at the burning remains of the switch in her hand.  “Well now…”  She smiled.  “That’s better.”


Adam paced in the confines of the cage.  Paced.  Hopped pathetically.  Yesterday the hag had raped Wren with a carrot before dropping it into his cage.  The worst part was he was getting hungry enough to consider eating it.  He’d been praying that Wren would get some opportunity to escape, and take it.

This morning though…  He still wasn’t sure what had happened.  The hag had been beating Wren with a willow switch, and then the willow switch had exploded into flames.  If the hag’s taunts were right then…  Then Wren had done that.  Wren had…  If she could do that, then maybe there was hope of some kind.

“I bet it burns down there, a little…”  The hag smirked at Wren.  She reached down and unfastened one of Wren’s ankles.  Then she lifted it up and fastened it to Wren’s wrist, making Wren groan in pain.  Then she poked at one of the welts she’d raised between Wren’s legs, eliciting another cry of pain.  “Looks painful.”

“Don’t.”  Wren was shaking her head.  Tears were falling down her face.

Laughter came from the hag.  She left the room, returning a few moments later.  In her hand was what appeared to be an… icicle?  “Concentrate, girl.”

A shriek came from Wren as the hag touched the tip of the ice to Wren’s clit.  She tried to dance away, but succeeded only in making the hag laugh as she played the ice between Wren’s legs.  “Stop, please.”  The hag pushed it up inside as she bent her head to nibble at Wren’s breasts, feeding the ice in and out.

Wren was sobbing by the time the ice had melted too much to be of use.  The hag removed her restraints before binding her hands together and chaining her throat once more.  “You’re not listening, girl.  Perhaps tomorrow we’ll raise the stakes.”

The light shut off as the hag left and closed the door behind her.  In the darkness, he could hear Wren’s shuddering sobs.  He bowed his head.  This was his fault for not running faster.


She woke to find herself unchained.  Wren started to rise, then her eyes went to the cage.  It was empty.  “Adam?”  She whispered his name, hoping to see him emerge from somewhere in the room.  He was gone and she was…  She looked at the chain that had been securely around her neck when she’d fallen asleep.  The door was open.  Renee’s taunt about ‘raising the stakes’ came back to her, and she stumbled out the door.  There was light coming up from the doorway into the basement.  Wren took a deep breath, and slowly began walking down the stairs.

Adam lay on a strange stone table, human and naked.  His wrists and ankles were tightly secured to hooks set into the table’s base.  She could see his joints straining from the positioning of his body.  She doubted he could move enough to even struggle.  A metal bit had been force between his teeth as a gag, and secured tightly enough that there was a trickle of blood at one side of his mouth.  He was bleeding from a wound in his arm as well, and it had trickled down to form a small pool beneath his fingers.  A strap across his neck held his head in place, and it looked tight enough to interfere with his breathing.  He caught sight of her, and his eyes widened.  His eyes became frantic, and he managed to shake his head at her.

“Wren, so glad you could join us.”  Renee’s voice came from somewhere behind the stairs.

Sounds began coming from behind Adam’s gag.  He was telling her to run.  To go and leave him.  The switch had caught fire.  If she could learn how…  She swallowed.  She could save them both.  There were esoteric markings carved into the stone, and others painted recently enough that the paint still looked wet.  It took her a moment to realize the red color wasn’t paint.  Blood.  Adam’s blood.  “What are you doing to him?”

“Nothing.  Yet.”  Renee walked over to the table.  She flicked her fingers through Adam’s hair.  “What happens now depends upon you.”

“Please don’t hurt him.”  Wren shook her head.

“It’s…”  Renee chuckled.  “A bit late for that.”  She looked down at Adam’s strained body.  “Isn’t it?”  She looked back up at Wren.  “We’ve been waiting for you to wake up for a couple hours now.  I imagine he’s actually having some trouble feeling his arms and legs by now.”  She patted Adam’s cheek, then centered a small gemstone on his forehead.

“I…”  Wren stepped close enough to put her hand on his shoulder.  His eyes didn’t leave her face.  “Adam.”

“You’ll need to hold the ward, girl.”  Renee smiled.  “While I work the spell.”

“The…”  Her head came up.  “What?”

“You heard me.”  Renee’s smile widened.  “If you lose focus and drop the thread…”  She looked down at Adam.  “You know, if you put someone in enough pain, they can actually clench their jaw hard enough for their teeth to shatter.”  She touched the bit.  “I’ll wager he’ll lose at least four the first time you fail.”

“Oh, god…”  She started shaking her head.  “Please, please don’t.”

Renee chuckled.  “It won’t kill him though.  So we can keep trying until you get it right.”  She shrugged.  “Though by the third or fourth attempt I doubt he’ll have much of a mind left.”


He tried to stay still and silent to avoid distracting Wren.  Silent tears were falling from her eyes. Her face was locked in concentration, though he was unable to determine what if anything was actually happening.

The hag touched the tip of a knife to the skin of his chest, just over his heart.  He forced himself to remain silent as the sharp edge penetrated his skin just enough to draw blood.  He couldn’t lift his head to see, but if felt as though she were carving something into his flesh.  When she was done, she stabbed the knife down into the table between his legs, narrowly missing his cock.  Adam glared at her, and she merely smiled back at him.

Something flashed in his eyes, and then he felt a strange sensation.  Something was crawling beneath his skin, scratching from the inside.  He tried to move, but the restraints held him fast.  The sensation continued to build as her hands were laid upon his skin, just above and below whatever she’d carved.  Sharp edges seemed to press against the interior of his body, as if his blood vessels were trying to fight their way out.  He writhed with what little movement he had, and despite his best efforts he heard himself cry out in pain.

Wren closed her eyes, but didn’t move.  Her hands seemed to be pressed against invisible glass.  The pain continued, wave upon wave, riding through his body.  The thing she had set on his forehead felt as though it were liquid metal, searing into him.  He was screaming now.

Something inside him seemed to tear apart, and abruptly the pain ceased.  His entire body felt numb.  The hag took her hands from his skin, then snatched the gem off his forehead.  The moment it left his body, he felt a wave of dizziness and nausea.  The table seemed to spin.  His body felt like a rubber band stretched near the breaking point, released but unable to return to its previous shape.

“Oh god.”  He heard Wren’s voice.  “What did you do to him?”

The hag chuckled, then tossed something to Wren.  “Let him up.”

Adam felt Wren undoing the restraints around his wrists and ankles.  She released his neck.  He tried to sit up, and succeeded only in falling off the table to slide into the floor.  Darkness closed in around him as he lost consciousness.


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