Ash: Chapter 2

They led him into a different room.  Ash took a quick look around, but once again so no windows or other means of egress than the door itself.  There was a bed in the room.  It was starting to become obvious what they intended, but what he once would have thought of as a pleasant fantasy was quickly unraveling in the face of reality.  Carol pulled him toward the bed.  He started to balk, and felt Sima place the prongs of the prod in the small of his back.  “Be a good boy, Ash.”

He followed Carol, then laid face down as Sima directed.  The prod was handed to Carol, who kept it pressed against him as Sima walked to the foot of the bed.  She unfastened the ankle restraints.  He fought the urge to whimper as she spread his legs across the queen-sized bed, securing his ankles to the posts.  She removed his left wrist from the cuffs and secured it to the bedpost, then secured his right wrist to the remaining post.

Then she started tightening the ropes.  A few moments later he was racked across the bed, the ropes tight enough to strain his joints.  He could barely move.  “Are you comfortable, Ash?”  Sima petted his hair.

His curses were muffled by the gag in his mouth.  The thing made it hard to swallow, and face down he was unable to prevent drool from running out of his mouth.  He felt a small bit of relief when the prod stopped touching him.  It lasted only a moment.  Sima sat down on the bed, and her fingers traced up his inner thigh.  “Lisa drew the short straw, Ash.”  She caught the elastic strap securing that thing she’d put on him earlier, and snapped it.  He winced.  “I’m sure you’ll give her a good ride, won’t you?”  Her fingers continued upwards, going between his buttocks.

The restraints held him fast as he began struggling.  She put something cool and wet on his skin as her fingers spread his ass cheeks, and then the bitch began rubbing it around his ass.  He began cursing behind the gag as her finger was shoved inside him, and heard Carol laugh.  “I don’t think he likes that.”

“He’d like it a lot less without the lube.”  Sima chuckled.

“Or if you’d let me pick the lube.”  Lisa’s voice entered the conversation.  He turned his head, but couldn’t see her.

“Chili oil is not a lubricant.”  Sima stood.

Footsteps on the side of the bed.  He looked over just as Lisa caught his hair and lifted his head up.  “Hello, Ash.  You and I are going to have some fun now, aren’t we?”

She was wearing some kind of harness over her groin, and it took him a moment to realize she was wearing a strap on.  It wasn’t a little thing.  He started trying to shake his head, to protest what was about to happen, and heard her laugh in response.  Carol’s voice was mocking.  “Well, you’re about to have fun.  Not so sure about him.”

Lisa leaped onto the bed, positioning herself behind him.  He yanked at the restraints, but there was no give to them.  He could feel hot tears in his eyes, wanting to fall, and blinked them back.  They couldn’t really be doing this to him, could they?  They just had to ask his father for the ransom.  He’d pay.  He’d pay whatever they asked.  He shook his head as he felt Lisa’s hands on his ass.

A scream tore from his throat as she pushed the dildo into him.  He squirmed, trying to move to escape the invader she was driving into him.  He tried to clench, and that just made it worse as she shoved it past his resistance.  He felt like he was going to tear.  Carol was laughing again.  “Take it like a bitch.”  Lisa’s voice hissed in his ear.  Then she began moving, thrusting in and out.

He screamed again, yanking at the restraints, trying to twist or pull or get her off of him, but all he succeeded in doing was making her laugh.  She slapped his ass.  “Oh, yeah, buck for me.”  Lisa moaned.  “Move that pretty ass.”

It seemed a lifetime before she finally shuddered and stopped. Slowly, the dildo was withdrawn.  He wanted to curl up in a ball somewhere.  As bad as it was, the two women watching and jeering had made it worse.  He heard Carol say something about it being her turn, and was sick at how grateful he felt when Sima said no.

The door closed behind Lisa and Carol, who were still giggling.  Sima went around to each of his limbs, slackening the ropes just a little.  “You did good, Ash.  You made Lisa very happy.”  She patted him.  “I’m so proud of you, Ash.”  She ruffled his hair, and then unfastened the gag.

Ash worked his jaw, but said nothing.  He hurt, from the straining, from the beating, from the…  He swallowed.  “Ash?”  He closed his eyes, then heard Sima sigh.  “Ash, when your mistress compliments you, you should thank her.”

“Mistress?”  He turned to look at her.  What the fuck was that supposed to mean?

“Yes, Ash?”  She raised an eyebrow.

That wasn’t…  “My father will pay a ransom.”

“Ash, sweetie, if I wanted your father’s money I would simply take it.”  She rubbed his shoulder.  “Now, I know you are tired, Ash, but I can’t let you sleep yet.  Not this early in your training.”

“My training?”  He shook his head.  “What are you —”

“Ash.”  Her voice was sharp.  “What are the rules?”

“You won’t get —”

“Ash.”  Her eyes narrowed at him.  “What are the rules?”

He started yanking at his restraints again.  “Just let me go and —”

“Ash.”  This time his name was accompanied by the belt coming down across his ass. He yelped.  “What are the rules?”

Silence fell.  He closed his eyes, unwilling to give her any cooperation even if it did result in another beating.  She rubbed his foot.  “It’s alright, Ash.  You’re still learning.”  She walked around to grab his hair, and forced a different gag into his mouth.  This one wasn’t quite ball-shaped.  It was shaped more like a…  He made a growling sound as he realized what exactly it was shaped like, then started to choke a little as she jammed it all the way in.  It tickled the back of his throat, and he had to fight to keep from gagging.  His jaw was opened painfully far.  He felt hot tears again as she locked it into place.

Then she went down between his legs, and began doing something to the thing she’d put on his penis.  He couldn’t turn his head enough to see, and trying made him retch as the gag went deeper into his mouth.  It took him a few moments to get it back under control.  He cried out a protest as she shoved something into his already abused passage, then secured it in place with a strap.

Surprise went through him and he started to struggle again as whatever she had attached to his cock began to vibrate.  He felt his penis start to harden, only for the restraint it was in to bite back painfully.  He tried to curse behind the gag, only for that to result in another round of retching.  She did something else, and the thing up his ass also sprang to life, vibrating.  He growled and thrashed, trying to get away from the sensations.  “I’ll be back in the morning, Ash.”  Sima rubbed his ass.  “And we will discuss the rules.”

The light went out as she left, leaving him in pain, pleasure, and darkness.


“Mr. Achterberg.”  Magda held out her hand.

“Lennert, please.”  His voice still held more than a trace of a German accent.  He shook her hand, and despite his firm grip she could feel a slight tremor.  “Please, tell me you have news of my son.”

“We have every reason to believe your son is alive, Mr. Achterberg.”  She tried to keep her own voice reassuring.  “We think it is likely you will be getting a ransom demand.”

“I have kept my phone with me, and have someone manning the phones at my office and house.”  He nodded.  “Please, how can I help?”

“You can go home.”  She tried to keep from sighing, knowing that in his position she likely would have been able to rest either.  She couldn’t rest now.  “Get something to eat.  Dropping from exhaustion won’t help your son.”

“I know.”  He nodded.  He looked out the window.  “Ryan Junior should be landing soon.  I sent my admin to meet him at the airport.”

“Thank you.  We all appreciate that.”  Just as they had the fact that he’d ordered catering brought in.  She knew he’d done it so none of them had to leave the case to get something to eat, but it was a nice gesture anyway.

“My phones forward to my cell.  I will take Mrs. MacClemente home, make sure she too eats and…”  He sighed.  “It will give me something to do.  You will call me, if anything, if…”

“I will.”  She squared her shoulders.  “Ash came in here yesterday morning and shook my hand.  He was excited and when I showed him to his desk he could barely sit still.”

“He wanted to be police officer.  It was his first Halloween costume.”  He swallowed.  “I tried to talk him into being Superman, but he wanted the police officer.”

“He’s one of mine, Lennert.”  Magda nodded.  “I’ll bring him home.”

“Thank you.”  He nodded to her again before leaving.

She sighed as she watched him go.  Stephan’s voice came from behind her.  “He’s keeping it together.”

“By a thread.”  She nodded.  “Anything?”

“We found his cell phone a few miles down the road.”  Stephan took a deep breath.  “I’m considering that a good sign.  They took him, and dumped his phone but not a body.  So he’s alive.”

“He damn well better be.”  She growled.  She turned toward him.  “What if it’s not a ransom, but something else personal?  Achterberg is a nice guy, but he’s a businessman and he may have enemies.  Somebody he fired or…”

“Could be about the kid, too.  Ash is also a nice guy, but even those have enemies.  Jealous ex, stalker…”  Stephan frowned.  “Kid used to model.”

“What?”  She raised an eyebrow.

“Remember how Tina got all awkward and embarrassed when she had to notarize his stuff for HR?”  Stephan smiled a little.  “Turns out she took a life drawing class last semester.  Ash was the class’s nude model.”  He was quiet for a moment, then shrugged.  “Was waiting for the right moment to say that out loud in the middle of the squad room, see how the kid took his lumps.”

“He’s a good looking guy.”  She looked up at his picture on the board.

“Someone out there must know something.”  Stephan sighed.

“Let’s go talk to his college friends in the morning, see what they can tell us.”


Sima could hear the captive’s faint whimpers as she walked down the hall.  She’d been concerned, leaving him gagged like that unsupervised.  He flinched when the lights came on.  A small smile came to her face.  He looked adorably miserable with those huge blue eyes.  “Good morning, Ash.”  She walked over and set the tray down n the side table.  Then she set the black bag nearby.

She couldn’t quite identify the sound he made behind the gag.  Sima trailed a hand up his inner thigh, enjoying the sight of him squirming, and removed the vibrators.  This time she recognized the sound as relief.  She patted his ass before sitting down next to him and unfastening the gag.  “Are you ready to go over the rules, Ash?”

“What rules/”  His voice was dry and cracked.

“The rules of your new existence as our slave.”  She smiled.  “Our pet.”

“I’m not your slave or your pet.”  He shook his head.

“You just broke a rule, Ash.  You spoke without permission.”  She picked up the prod.

“Don’t.  Please.”  He cringed away.  “Why are you doing this?”

“Questioning your mistress is also against the rules, Ash.”  She touched the prod to his armpit and pressed the trigger.  He screamed and thrashed.

“Stop.  Just stop.”  He was gasping.

“That is two rules, Ash.  You spoke without permission, and you attempted to instruct your mistress.”  She jolted him again.

Getting him to repeat the rules back to her nearly drained the battery on the prod.  He was strong and stubborn.  Once tamed, such made for the best pets.  She set the prod down, then picked up the water.  Holding the straw to his lips got him to drink, and she ruffled his hair when he finished.  “Good boy, Ash.”


She made him eat like a dog, on his knees with his hands secured behind his back.  Cold oatmeal, with her promise for better when he proved he could be a ‘good boy’.  Then she fastened a leash to the damned collar and started taking him for a fucking walk.  He was exhausted and hurting and it was difficult to move with his ankles chained only a couple feet apart.

The only good part was when she took him upstairs he could see enough outside the windows to get an idea of where he was.  This had to be the old commune, unfortunately well outside their jurisdiction.  Last he’d heard, some old couple owned it and used it about once a year for some kind of religious thing.  It could be months before anyone checked in on the place.

If his feet weren’t chained together he’d have considered running, bound hands or no.  Though the idea of being found wearing only some kind of fucking chastity belt and handcuffs was more than a little humiliating.  Sima led him to where Carol was sitting, then shoved him to his knees in front of the red haired woman.  Carol was smiling down at him, the kind of smile that made wise men want to head for the hills.  She was wearing a robe.  “Ash.”  Sima ran her fingers through his hair.  “Be a good boy and ask Carol if you can eat her out.”

Ash jerked back.  “Fuck you, I’m not —”

Sima yanked on the leash, pulling Ash over.  He fell to the side, gasping and choking.  She made a disappointed sound.  “It appears we still have some training to do.”  She hauled Ash back to his feet and began dragging him back to the stairs.


Magda growled before kicking her trash can across the room.  Five days since one of her pack had been cut down and another taken.  The trail had gone cold.  Last night she’d resorted to driving around and randomly sniffing the air, hoping to catch a scent.  The wind had carried nothing.  Had they already moved on?  But why take Ash, if not for ransom?

“We should have heard something by now.”  She shook her head.  “A day or two to let his old man get frantic and desperate?  I can see that.  But it’s gone on too long.”

“I might have something.”  Stephan gestured for her to come with him.

“You do?”

“I think I’ve got a trail.  Come take a look at this.”  He walked her to a board where he’d placed markers indicating various crimes.  “They can’t be every unsolved, but look here.”  He traced his finger down a line.  “Violent crime, vehicle stolen.”  He went to the next one.  “Violent crime, another vehicle stolen, the first found nearby.”  He went to the next one.  “Same.”  He moved down a couple more.  “Trail breaks here, and there are several that fit the violent crime stolen vehicle pattern, but we don’t have a stolen car found nearby again until here, when it picks up again.”  He looked back at her.  “Two years later.”

“Either they disposed of vehicles by other means, or…”  She frowned, looking at proximity.  “Or they holed up for a time.”

“I think they holed up.  Two different locations.  Here and here.”  He indicated spots on the map.  “Lots of unsolved violent crimes in the area and this…”  He gestured for her to follow him back to his desk, then handed her a folder.  “Cops in Tagoda got called into the aftermath of what they described as a war zone.  Half a dozen bodies.  Four men, two women.  They said it was brutal.  One of the men had been pretty much beaten to death, and one of the women was torn up like someone had sic’d dogs on her.  And a stolen car was found in the vicinity, with another going missing from half a mile down the road.”  He pointed back at the map.  “Finding that one is what started the pattern again.”

A slow chill went through her.  Pack warfare was brutal and bloody.  And if they were dealing with more than one survivor of a pack, then…  “Drugs?”

“They didn’t find any at the scene, but that was their guess.  Territorial dispute.”

“So are we dealing with the winners…”  She frowned.  “Or the losers?”


Sima touched the modified collar.  Ash hung from the restraints, his body all but limp.  “Defiance gets you punished, Ash.”  She ran her hands across the welts on his back, felt him tense.  But he didn’t pull away.  “Obedience will have rewards.  I know you can be a good boy, Ash.”  She petted him.

He didn’t say anything.  He hadn’t since the first hour she’d put the new collar on him.  She’d modified the shock collar to include the sensor from a dog’s bark collar.  If he spoke, it signaled the collar to deliver a jolt directly to his spine, at the base of his neck.  It had taken her a bit of work to ensure his wordless screams didn’t trigger the sensor, but she had managed.  The collar could also be triggered or turned off by remote.  “Nod if you are ready to be a good boy, Ash.”

When he nodded, she kissed his cheek.  This time, when she unfastened the restraints, she did not secure his hands behind his back.  Nor did she secure his ankles.  He was exhausted, having not been permitted more than a few hours of sleep since his capture.  Now was a good a time as any to see if he would be docile for her.

She made him stay on his hands and knees as she led him to Carol again.  The woman’s smile brightened as Ash crawled to her.  He knelt before Carol, as Sima instructed.  “Ash, is there something you would like to say to Carol?”

He nodded, and then to her delight, looked up at her for permission.  She nodded, and he turned back to Carol.  “Please, mistress, may I eat your pussy?”


Carol shuddered when she came.  The young man was by no means an expert, but the simple idea of him being her obedient slave had made up for it.  Skill could be taught, and if she had her way, he’d get plenty of practice.  Sima wiped his face before leading him over to Lisa, then instructing him to perform the same service for her cousin.  Lisa wasn’t as gentle.  She grabbed his hair and directed his head, a couple times making the captive struggle to breath.

Lisa made a purring sound as she came, then glared.  “He uses his tongue like he was eating a damn lollipop.”

The young man flinched.  Sima reached over and petted him, and slowly he relaxed again.  “Don’t worry, Lisa.  Ash here will be a good boy, and do better next time.  Won’t you, Ash?”  He nodded up at Sima.


Ash gnawed at the rib bone.  If he dared to speak, he might have risked asking for more.  After how many days of barely enough cold oatmeal, the take out ribs were heavenly.  Sima smiled and ruffled his hair before picking up another rib from the tray.  She held it out.  “There’s a good boy.  Show me you can beg.”

The ribs turned putrid in his stomach, and he looked away.  He hadn’t been given utensils.  Eating the mashed potatoes and corn like a dog had been one thing, but actually playing along with her sick game was something else.  Bad enough what he’d had to do to get the food in the first place.  “Ash.”  Her voice became firm, and a feeling of dread started to creep into him.  “Be a good boy, and beg for your mistress.”

He lunged, knocking the remote away from her before running for the door.  Behind him, he heard her calling his name as he ran.  If this was the commune, he need to go south east to find the road.  He was only a couple hundred feet from the building when Lisa tackled him.  He rolled away from her and came up swinging, aiming his punch at the bitch’s face.

And she caught it.  His eyes went wide as she stopped his fist cold with just one hand.  She smiled at him before twisting his arm, spinning him and forcing him to his knees with his arm up behind him.  He cried out in pain as his shoulder was nearly dislocated by the motion.  Sima was walking toward them, her face angry.  He tried to pull free of Lisa, but the woman was stronger than any of the guys he’d wrestled with in school.

“Ash.”  Sima held the remote in her hand.  “I am very disappointed in you.”


Lisa paced restlessly.  “How much longer until the guy is done laundering the money?”

“Relax, cousin.”  Carol shifted the reflector.  “It’s kind of nice out here in the quiet.”

“It’s too damn quiet.”  Lisa went back to her restless prowling.  “Nothing to hunt out here but squirrels.”  It was tempting to go into town and grab someone.  Especially since Sima didn’t want them to damage her little toy.  He’d been her prize, and the new blood had taken him over.  Still, she’d seen what Sima could do, and she did owe the woman a toy since Lisa had broken the last one.  A small smile came to her face at the memory.

“There are deer.  I saw a few the other day.”  Carol shrugged.  “Over that way.”

“I hate hunting deer.”  Lisa shook her head.  “I feel obligated to eat them, and I am sick of venison.”  She growled.  “Should have taken both cops.  Made the old one watch Sima work on the young one, then let told him if he got away he could bring help back.  Old guys make wily prey.  I’d bet he’d have been a good hunt.”  She glanced at her cousin to see Carol sunning herself again.  The woman really didn’t understand at all.  She sighed.

Sima could hunt.  It’s what had attracted her to the dark woman in the first place.  Sima wasn’t strong, but she made up for it in brains and tricks.  She didn’t chase prey, she herded into careful and meticulous traps.  The woman wasn’t a fighter, but Lisa doubted any prey had ever escaped her.

As fond as she was of her little cousin, maybe it was time to expand the pack again, bring on a few stronger bloods.  Carol had her uses, handling logistics and the like.  She needn’t fear being abandoned.  But Lisa missed her old pack, and the thrill of the hunt.  She sighed.  “I’m going to head down to the park, see if little Red Riding hood is out jogging tonight.


Sima poured the water into Ash’s mouth, slowly enough that he could swallow without chocking.  His jaw was forced open painfully wide by an o-ring, and his head had been strapped in place.  His body had been forced into a small box and bound tightly, his knees up to his chest, folded in on himself to fit in the tiny space.  He couldn’t move more than perhaps his fingertips.

A blindfold covered his eyes, and she’d placed plugs in his ears before adding earmuffs.  It wasn’t full sensory deprivation, but it was close.  Electrodes had been placed upon him at strategic locations.  A unit delivered a pulse of charge every few minutes, just enough to be painful and deny him any refuge he might find in sleep.  Cramped, unable to move, and the only sensation allowed him was pain.

He’d been that way for two days so far.  She dare not leave him much longer without risking his physical health.  Sima removed the coverings from his ears.  “Ash.”  Only the slightest movement of his head gave any indication he’d heard her.  Next she removed the o-ring and released the strap holding his head in place.  He barely moved in response.  She left the blind fold in place as she began releasing him from the box itself.

A few whimpers escaped him as his muscles cramped in response to the newfound freedom.  She began removing the electrodes.  Then she stepped back, watching him slowly regain control of his body.  Lisa had suggested letting him rest, then releasing him for a hunt.  Fortunately, the alpha had not been insistent and had agreed to let Sima continue working with the captive.  There had been a few alterations to the rules, however.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me, Ash?”  She raised an eyebrow.

Ash didn’t speak in response.  He simply let out a small whine and nodded.  She petted him.  “Come.”


Magda walked by Todd’s desk and stopped.  She walked backwards a few paces.  “What do you have?”

“Couple dead joggers.”  Todd shoved the photo toward her.  “One bear left in this whole damn forest, and that poor couple found it.”

She narrowed her eyes at the picture.  Not a bear.  “Where were they found?”

“Here.”  Todd touched the map.  “Out on the easternmost trail.”  He raised an eyebrow.  “What’s up?”

“Just shocked, is all.”  Magda shook her head.  “Fucking Yogi.”  She noted the location, and made her plans for the evening.


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