Wren and Adam : Chapter 10

The massive werewolf simply picked up one of the cars and tossed it aside as it kept moving toward Stasya.  Stasya was cornered.  In the form of the tiger, Adam leaped down, landing a few feet in front of her and between her and the werewolf.  He roared, startling the werewolf back a step.  Unfortunately, rather than retreat it roared back and kept coming.

He leaped, prepared to rend with tooth and claw.  The werewolf, however, countered with a blow that sent him flying.  He shifted a heartbeat before he would have hit the water, spreading seagull wings to change direction.  Alright, tiger not sufficient.  He switched forms a foot off the ground.  The werewolf turned in time to see the rhino charging straight for him.  It leaped clear.  There was the crack of a rifle as Patrick took that opening to start shooting.

As a human he slid in next to Stasya.  It didn’t seem all that long ago he’d have found being completely naked next to a woman in public in broad daylight rather embarrassing.  Werewolves apparently could shift without losing their clothes, but he had absolutely no idea how they pulled that off.  “Patrick called for extraction.  Let’s get you clear.”

“I’m out of…”  She cursed and pointed at where the werewolf had leaped onto the boat Patrick was using as a position.  “It’s after him.”

“We can —”

“It takes silver to kill an alpha, Baby Bear.”  Stasya got to her feet.  “We can’t do enough damage without —”

“Dammit.  I’m not leaving him.”  Patrick was his friend.  Hell, Patrick was his best friend.  Adam started to stand.  He’d already tried shifting into a werewolf form, but all it had done was shoot agony through him without changing him at all.  Whatever a werewolf was, he couldn’t duplicate it.  “Get moving, I’ll…”  There had to be something he could…  His eyes widened.  “Get it to the other side of the boat.  Close to the water.”

“You have plan?”  She blinked at him.

“I have plan.”

“Go, Baby Bear.”  She nodded and hefted her rifle before running toward the boat.

Adam shifted into a bird and took flight.


Wren frowned.  Rosa should be scared.  The woman was a seer, after all.  She had to know Sima and Wren were a werewolf and witch.  Yet it was the newly arrived strangers that had terrified her.  Next to Wren, Sima’s eyes were golden and her smile held fangs.  “No.”  Rosa’s voice was barely a whisper.

“You boys might want to consider running for your lives.”  Wren smirked.  Then again, they were both handsome men, especially the younger.  Sima had said something about wanting a new pet, and they didn’t need witnesses running loose.

The two men exchanged a look before simultaneously drawing weapons.  “Police.”  The elder one narrowed his eyes.  “Nobody move.”

“Oh, I do so love a fair cop.”  Sima’s claws extended.  “Collect the bartender.”  Sima started to move in.

It was tempting to just hang back and watch the wolf woman work.  Rosa was moving back, her eyes still huge.  Wren casually shifted a dumpster to block Rosa’s escape route.  The elder cop fired twice.  Both rounds hit Sima as she shifted into the full were form.  “Shit.”  The cop shook his head when the bullets did nothing, then took a long step back.  Wren laughed as Sima leaped.

Her laughter died when the younger cop stepped into Sima’s path and caught her.  He twisted and flung the werewolf back the way she’d come.  Sima struck the dumpster with enough force to leave a dent in the metal and knock it back a few feet.  Rosa immediately took advantage of the opening and started to run.  “Sima.”

“Go.”  The wolf got back to her feet, snarling.

Wren went after the bartender.  She heard the younger cop tell his partner to follow before taking Sima off her feet again.


Patrick was bleeding from the gashes on his side where the wolf had clawed him.  “Patrick?”

“You’re nekkid.”  Patrick looked somewhat dazed.

When he had time and no one was trying to eat him, he was definitely going to find one of the Cabal’s wolves and figure how how the fuck to do the clothing trick.  “Need to get you up top.”  Adam hauled him to his feet.  The werewolf was still rampaging, chasing Stasya.  He pulled Patrick back to the deck.  “I need it on this side of the boat, Patrick.”

“Okay.”  Patrick nodded and starting moving as directed without the slightest bit of hesitation.  “What’s the plan?”

Adam shrugged.  “Dinosaur.”

He blinked.  “Dinosaur?”

“Dinosaur.”  Adam nodded.  “Sort of.”

“Heh.  Go get em, kid.”  Patrick grinned, then took aim at the werewolf.


Rosa was running.  Wren called upon her power to move some debris into her path.  Rosa tripped and landed hard, her arm audibly snapping when she tried to catch her fall.  She cried out in pain as Wren continued toward her.  “Rosa.  We just want to talk.”

“Too bad.”  The cop’s voice came from behind her.  She turned to see his gun was aimed squarely at her chest.  “Because you have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will —”

She waved her hand, jerking the gun out of his grip.  His eyes widened.  “I am going to have some questions for you as well.”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Rosa up and moving again.  The woman’s eyes were wide with panic.  Wren started to follow.  The cop could wait, if they lost Rosa now they might not find her again for months.  Rosa headed into the street.  Wren was reaching for another spell when a car slammed into the fleeing woman.  Rosa was thrown into the air and landed on the sidewalk.  The car swerved and hit a telephone pole, coming to rest halfway up the other sidewalk.

“Mark her.”  The cop said before running toward the fallen Rosa.  He was looking for a pulse when Wren shoved him aside.

She pulled up her magic, then growled in frustration.  Rosa’s eyes stared up sightlessly.  The bartender was dead.  “Interfering ass, I needed her alive.”  She glared at the cop.

“You’re under arrest for…”  The cop started reaching for his belt.

Her hand shot out, catching him by the shoulder and freezing him in place.  His eyes widened as he started struggling against her spell.  Carefully, she prepared the enchantment, wrapping them in a glamour to hide them as others began coming upon the scene.  She could feel the cop’s shock when she began working her way into his mind.  “I just —”

His eyes glowed red for just a moment.  I don’t think so, witch.  A surge of power flung her back and away from the cop.  Mine.  Wren started to take a step back toward the dazed cop when the wall of the building next to her exploded outward.  It took her a moment to realize that was because Sima had just been thrown through it.  The wolf looked human again, and her eyes were glassy as she tried to get back to her feet.

With a growl of frustration, Wren grabbed her friend and quickly glamored them before pulling Sima away.


The werewolf charged at Patrick.  His friend had nowhere to flee, and even with Stasya shooting the beast wasn’t slowing at all.  Adam flew in, shifted, and kicked off the side of the ship with as much force as he could muster.  A half heart beat away from the alpha werewolf, he shifted again.  Massive jaws closed on the shoulder and upper torso of the werewolf as the full weight of thirty feet of great white shark took it off the boat and into the water.

Hot blood pumped into his mouth as he bit down with rows of razor sharp teeth.  The werewolf thrashed in his jaws as he dove, heading for the harbor trench where the ships traveled.  Deeper and deeper into the dark water.  It claws at him, but not deeply enough to do much damage.  With one arm trapped and half-severed, the werewolf couldn’t get leverage to fight as he dragged it deeper.  Water pressure was building, adding to the werewolf’s torment and combining with the damage of drowning and sharp trauma.

In his mouth, the creature went still.  Slowly, it’s formed changed.  He released the mutilated figure of what looked like a young man, and let the current take it.  There were other sharks in the bay.  Then he turned, and headed for the surface once more.


Sima was nearly healed by the time they got into the cab.  Wren’s glamour prevented anyone from noticing anything amiss.  “What the hell was that?”  Wren raised an eyebrow.  “Another wolf?”

“That was no wolf.”  Sima winced.  “He smelled human.”  She shook her head.  “What about the other one?”

“I don’t know.  I tried to…”  She frowned.  She’d nearly been inside the cop’s head when something had thrown her back out.  And neither cop had seemed all that surprised by Sima.  Or by her.  “Something stopped me.  I think there might be another witch in play here.”

“Your kind are seriously rare, but…”  Sima nodded.  “Witchcraft has a habit of not working properly on other witches.  If it was someone with a gift…”  She took a deep breath.  “Rosa’s dead?”

“Bitch ran in front of a car.  I think the driver’s dead too.”  Wren leaned back.  “If the one you fought wasn’t a wolf…”

“Some have gifts that grant them bursts of physical prowess.”  Sima frowned.  “But if they were allies of Rosa…”

“Why’d she run from them?”  Wren nodded.  “Cause she was definitely more scared of them than she was of us.”

“That alone tells us much.  It may be worth checking into who these men are, because…”  Sima smiled.  “I certainly wouldn’t mind taking a magnificent creature like that one as a pet.”

“In the meantime…”  Wren sighed.  “Damn, we don’t even know for sure where Rosa was staying in town.”

“Let’s hope your pet had better luck, or we may be out of leads.”  Sima nodded.


“He took down a fucking alpha?”  The other merc’s eyes were wide.

“He took down a fucking alpha.”  Patrick threw back a shot, then slammed the glass down on the table before slapping Adam on the back.  “Should have seen the look on the thing’s face.  It was fucking looney tunes.”

Adam laughed.  “Couldn’t have done it without my favorite bait.”  He ducked the mock punch Patrick sent out him.

“Damn…”  Patrick signaled the bartender for another round.  “We took out a fucking pack, kid.”

Stasya laughed.  “Baby Bear did good.”

“Baby Bear is going to be a fucking legend.”  Patrick passed him a shot.  “Nobody, and I mean nobody, takes down an alpha in single combat, hand to hand.  Vampires can’t do that shit.”

“It wasn’t hand to hand.”  Adam shook his head.

“Yeah, it was tooth to fucking claw, and Baby Bear had more teeth.”  Stasya grinned.

“I mean, fuck, the alpha we were actually looking for took out a pack by himself.  You’ve got to totally fuck up the playing field when alphas come into play, cause they take fucking tanks and win.  Your first fucking field mission, kid.  First time we turn you loose, you take out a goddamn alpha.”  Patrick gestured wildly before downing his next shot.  “I am so fucking glad you’re on our side, Baby Bear.”

“You each took down a wolf too.”  Adam smiled.  A room full of certified bad-asses were looking at him like he was a rock star or something.  They were cheering his victory, congratulating him like he was one of them.  His comrades.  It felt damn good.

“We did.”  Patrick nodded, then his eyes widened.  “Holy shit, we did.”

“And that’s why you three ain’t paying for shit tonight.”  One of the other mercs leaned in.  “Bartender, another round.”


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