Wren and Adam: Chapter 12

He knelt on the floor, his forehead against the carpet and his hands flat.  Wren’s magic held him fast in place despite his best efforts.  He could kill one of the most powerful beasts in the world, and he was completely helpless to his girlfriend’s whim.  Adam felt the urge to vomit as Sima and Wren casually began discussing the best way to punish him for his ‘misbehavior’.

Coraline.  Wren had suggested going after Coraline.  Wren told Sima about the biker, and Sima actually laughed.  The thought of his little sister anywhere near these people was unimaginable.  Coraline belonged on a stage.  She was a singer, not a…  Not a killer.  Not like him.

Fingers caught hold of his chin, and Sima raised his head to make him look at her.  He kept his face calm and composed.  Renee hadn’t broken him.  This bitch wouldn’t either.  He knew what werewolf blood tasted like.  He’d already killed something more powerful than Sima could ever hope to be.  Something flickered across her eyes.  And she knew it too.  “Do you know what my gift is, Adam?”

“You can tell when someone is lying.”  Adam nodded.

“Let’s play a game.  Tell me Adam, when it comes to ice cream, would you rather chocolate or vanilla?”  Sima raised an eyebrow.

“Vanilla.”  He tried not to roll his eyes.

“Would you rather boxers or briefs?”

This was stupid, but if he didn’t play along, Wren would make him.  “Boxers.”

“Would you rather fuck a dog or suck a cock?”

His eyes narrowed.  “I’m not going to answer that.”

“You’re lying, Adam.”  Sima chuckled.  “Because you know Wren can make you.”  She turned toward Wren.  “There’s your stress point.  He’s your puppet, Wren.  You can not only make him get on his knees for whomever you like…”  She stood.  “You can make him like it.”  She shrugged.  “He gets punished.  You get a show.  Win win.”

“That’s…”  Wren started to nod.

“But if you really want to make your point, you offer him a choice.”  Sima looked down at him.  “Adam, you’re going to find a nice man and bring him back here.  If you promise to be a good boy, and entertain us without Wren having to exert herself…”  Sima caught his chin again.  “We won’t make you kill him when you’re done.”

Cooperate and degrade himself for their amusement, or have to do it anyway and then kill an innocent person.  He was starting to understand why people were afraid of Sima.  And he really, really was starting to want to kill her.  “I’ll cooperate.”  At least that way, he could also avoid being forced to like it.

“Good boy.”  Sima patted his head.


Wren couldn’t help but want to wrinkle her nose.  They’d quickly purchased Adam some cloths.  Just jeans and a t-shirt.  Then, as instructed, Adam had picked up a man and brought him back.  She just wasn’t sure if Adam had just picked the first gay man he’d encountered, or if he’d picked the guy in a deliberate attempt to annoy her and Sima.  The man was an older black man, chunky, geeky looking, and stuttered.  And he was so entranced by the pretty young Adam he barely even noticed her and Sima in the room.  She should have kept control and picked for him.

True to his word, Adam cooperated.  Despite the unattractiveness of the man he’d chosen, watching Adam be bent over the coffee table and ridden was making her more than a little hot and bothered.  She squirmed a little, watching him submit, and felt Sima’s hand on her shoulder.  Then she felt Sima’s hand slide down her neckline and start fondling her breast.  Wren smiled before turning to kiss the wolf-woman.  “When he’s done with his punishment…”  Wren whispered in Sima’s ear.  “We can share him.”

“I’d like that…”  Sima’s lips brushed her ear.


Despite his hopes, they didn’t let him just take it and send the guy away.  It appeared Sima’s been serious about making him get on his knees.  The guy he’d picked up, Josh something or another, had a dismayingly large cock.  Getting taken from behind had been almost worse than with the biker, even though Josh Whatever had been more gentle.

Getting the guy down his throat was a whole new level of hell.  At some point, the guy had picked up that the purpose of this was Adam’s degradation.  Perhaps fearful of missing out, Josh Whatever had decided to play along.  And he was really, really bad at it.  He’d nearly stuck his dick in Adam’s eye when he grabbed Adam by the hair and yanked him towards his crotch.  And to think Adam was only cooperating so he didn’t have to fucking kill this asshole afterward.

Still, Adam had obediently opened his mouth.  He wasn’t sure which of the women had laughed the first time he’d choked.  Sima and Wren were getting very handsy with each other, but not so much that they failed to pay attention to what he and Josh were doing.  When he’d tried to get things over with more quickly, he’d felt Wren’s touch to his mind.  A warning.  So he’d knelt.

Each time the guy’s cock hit the back of Adam’s throat he wanted to vomit.  He bent forward slightly to give the guy better access.  He should probably be doing something with his tongue, but that would undoubtedly make him vomit.  So he just let the guy fuck his throat and fought the urge to turn into something with a shit ton of teeth.

The guy sounded like a fucking stuck pig when he came.  Adam gagged as salty fluid filled his mouth, but he swallowed it.  Wren or Sima would have made him if he hadn’t.  Then he smiled, kissed Josh as he showed him the door, and just for the hell of it got his number.  No reason to let Wren and Sima know how much they’d gotten to him.

No sooner had he latched the door than the world swam around him.


Porting him ten feet was probably overkill, but it got him out of his clothes quickly.  Wren tackled Adam onto the bed.  As soon as he hit the mattress, Sima grabbed his wrists, pinning him in place.  “Have you learned your lesson, Adam sweetie?”  Wren raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Wren.”  Adam nodded to her.

“Good boy.”  She bent and kissed him, then sent a few tendrils of magic into him.  She felt his body respond immediately, arching beneath her as he gasped.  She put her legs over his before unfastening his jeans, then smiled as Sima straddled his face.  The command she sent Adam as a simple one.  Show her friend a good time.

They kissed as Adam writhed beneath them.


The cool water felt good as he washed his face, but he couldn’t bring himself to look at the mirror.  The two women had taken turns most of the night, treating him as little more than a sex toy while they played with each other.  Wren had had to heal him twice due to Sima letting her claws out, then a third time when Sima used him to demonstrate ‘interrogation techniques’.  Despite what he’d been through with the hag, the werewolf had made him scream behind the gag she’d shoved into his mouth.  He felt really bad for whoever it was Wren intended to question.

Patrick had sent him a text.  He and Stasya would be landing in a couple hours, having taken one of the cabal’s private planes.  He texted back that they should get a car as well.  An extra means of transport might help his friends away from Sima and Wren, and that seemed a good idea.  Stasya had hinted a couple times that she’d prefer he break up with Wren, citing that she didn’t feel Wren was good for him.  At least she’d dropped the matter when he’d asked instead of getting her hackles up the way she had when whatever his name had been had hit him with a rifle butt.  Mama Bear had made the guy squeal like a four year old girl before Patrick had made it across the room, despite both his friends knowing he could take care of himself.

They were being brought in to hunt people.Killing werewolves after they’d attacked and killed his teammates had been one thing.  They’d given that pack the opportunity to resolve things peacefully.  However, Wren was making it fairly clear that the folks they were hunting down here weren’t going to be given a similar opportunity.  Sima had an interest in one, but Wren intended to kill the other once she’d extracted information from him.  And any others with those two would be killed out of hand unless they were ‘useful’.

Patrick was with the cabal because they kept the monsters from getting out of hand.  At the moment though, it was sort of hard to tell who the monsters were.  The cabal certainly hadn’t done anything about the hag despite knowing about her.  But then, she was ‘useful’.

Cleaning his face wasn’t good enough.  He sighed, and climbed into the shower.


Wren pushed Adam down on the bed again after he got out of the shower.  She didn’t have time to ride him properly, but that wasn’t going to stop her from stealing some kisses.  He tasted a little like the cinnamon mouthwash.  Reluctantly, she sat up.  “After the rest of the team arrives, start scouting.  We’ll need a base of operations with less chance of witnesses.  A warehouse or something.”

“We’ll take care of it.”  Adam nodded from where he lay beneath her on the bed.

“We didn’t pack for a long stay.  I’m going to go do a little shopping.”  She looked up at Sima.  “You coming?”

“I’m going to head out in about an hour to meet a contact.  It’s a bit of a drive, so I likely won’t be back until this afternoon.”  Sima smiled.  “And pick us up a few untraceable weapons.  What’s your fancy, my dear?  Something in a glock?”

“Don’t worry about me.”  Wren smiled.  “If I need a gun, I’ll take one.”  She patted Adam.  “Besides, that’s why I brought Adam in.  A fight starts, he’ll finish it.”  She kissed him again before sliding off, then shrugged.  “I don’t mind if you play with him without me.”

Sima’s smile was warm.  “I’ll keep that in mind after I acquire my new pet.  It’s always good to keep your pets well socialized.”

Adam winced, but said nothing.  Perhaps he had learned his lesson.  She patted him before grabbing her purse and heading for the door.


The door shut behind Wren, leaving him there with the werewolf she’d just offered him to so casually.  Despite everything they’d been through over the past couple years, that hurt.  He wasn’t her boyfriend anymore.  He was just…  Her pet.  Her property.  The familiar to her witch, something she could direct to hunt and kill.  She hadn’t even bothered to ask if he’d been hurt or anything during the mission.  It stung to realize that it might be because she didn’t actually care.  He sat up a little on the bed.

Sima caught his arm, and pulled him toward her.  He let her, even lifting his chin a little as she came in to kiss him.  He responded to the touch of her mouth on his, obediently parting his lips.  And the moment her tongue entered his mouth he shifted and struck.  He was human again before Sima could respond.  Her eyes widened and she recoiled, her hands going to her mouth.  Blood was dribbling from her mouth due to the puncture wounds he’d made in her tongue.  “What did…”  The redness was already starting to spread as her tongue swelled, rendering whatever else she’d been going to say unintelligible.

“Rattlesnake venom is both neurotoxic and hemotoxic.  Affects your nerves while it destroys your cells and causes internal hemorrhaging.”  Adam stood and walked away from the coughing and choking Sima, and went to grab his clothes.  “Don’t kiss me again.”  It wouldn’t kill the werewolf.  He knew he’d never get away with that.  But he doubted the confident woman would even tell anyone about this, lest they point out it was her own mistake.


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