Deescalation and Violence

There is a lot of violence in my stories.  This has led some people to think that I myself am okay with violence.  I would like to point out there are also a lot of werewolves in my stories.  I assure you, I very rarely howl at the moon.

I am not a pacifist.  From time to time, violence is necessary.  However, you will find I have absolutely nothing but contempt for those who utilize it as a first resort.  I don’t ‘respect the blue line’ or have unquestioning reverence for our military.  There are cops and soldiers I respect, and I respect those who joined to put their lives on the line to defend others.

But I’ll be blunt here.  I think way too many folks in uniform have a fetish for violence.  And thus, yeah, you’ll find me saying a lot of disrespectful things about police officers these days.


Look, if I can take a knife away from a mentally impaired individual off medication while they are in the middle of a full meltdown and do so without either myself or that person getting hurt….

Please explain to me exactly why I should have any sort of fucking respect for a group of people that can’t handle a ten year old kid without body-slamming or shooting them?

I see more action in a given week than most cops do in their entire careers, and it is extremely rare for me to actually have to resort to actual violence.  I don’t ever have to put anyone in a choke hold.  I’ve been attacked over a hundred times already this year and on only one of those occasions did I have to take someone to the ground.


Because deescalation tactics actually work.  I know.  I use them every single time I go to work.  Nine times out of ten, I can keep the situation from getting physical at all, and the rest of the time I can stop things with little more than holding onto someone’s arm.

And I work with people who are already off the streets because they are a danger to themselves and others.

So the real ‘why’ question here is why, exactly, do we expect so little from these people we are apparently supposed to ‘respect’?


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