Emilio’s Puppy

Emilio took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.  He looked down at the remains of his case, and cursed.  Weeks of work, dozens of drawings, destroyed.  Cooper and his crew had been waiting for him just outside the building.  All four of them.  Andrew, Rylan, Lance, and Warren.  Goddamn it.  He hadn’t even done anything this time.  He brushed tears out of his eyes, and started home.

It was already getting dark.  Emilio shivered.  He didn’t care double back to the bus stop.  Too great a chance one of them was there.  Assholes.  Worst part was he’d been friends with Rylan and Lance once.  That had been years before high school.  Two years of college hadn’t grown them up any.  He sighed.  It was only about an hour walk, even in the cold.  He’d be fine.

Forty-five minutes later, he was cutting through the alley behind his family’s place.  He froze when he heard Rylan’s voice.  “Nah, I’ve got it.  See you in a bit.”

Slowly, he crept forward.  Rylan was near Emilio’s grandmother’s car, jimmying the lock open.  She had a bad habit of leaving things inside, such as her medication.  Rylan was…  Rylan was robbing his grandmother.  Emilio shook his head, then picked up a piece of wood.


The old lady had left her meds clearly visible.  The bottle of painkillers would fetch him a few hundred bucks, and he could definitely use the money.  Rylan worked the slim jim into the gap, fishing around with it to catch the locking mechanism.  From the looks of things, she’d left a few other valuables in the car.  If he could hit $600, he could take it easy for a while.

Cooper had insisted on them going to the bar, despite knowing Rylan didn’t have the benefit of rich parents to pay for everything.  Then Cooper hadn’t been content to let him sip a beer.  He’d insisted on ordering shots.  The lock caught.  Which meant Rylan was down money.  And if he was late on rent again…

He opened the door.  He caught a brief glimpse of movement in the window reflection, and started to turn.  Something struck the back of his head.  He stumbled forward, trying to catch himself, and then everything went black.


He stared as Rylan dropped limply to the ground.  Emilio took a few deep breaths, then looked at the piece of wood in his hands and quickly tossed it away.  Right.  He should probably call the cops and…  Emilio swallowed.  Shit.  Probably get arrested for assault.  Assault or…  His eyes widened, and he hurriedly checked for a pulse.  Rylan wasn’t dead.  Good.  Concussed, probably, but not dead.

Emilio relocked the car door, and closed it before looking down at the unconscious man.  He fought the urge to start kicking.  Half his portfolio, destroyed, because those assholes thought it was still funny to pick on the fat kid.  He took a few deep breaths, then glanced at the door.  His grandmother would be upstairs, watching television.  Half the building was unused, and nobody came into his art studio.

A small smile came to his face.  He unlocked the door, then grabbed Rylan by the ankles and dragged him inside.


Waking up hurt.  He felt like he had the worst hangover of his life.  Rylan tried to roll over, but something was holding his arm.  He blinked blurry eyes.  Wait a minute.  He hadn’t been out at the bar…  He gave a small shake of his head, then regretted it when it just made the colors go swimming.

“Need a painkiller?”  A vaguely familiar voice said from behind him.

“Yeah, I…”  He finally got his eyes all the way open.  He was…  He blinked.  He was laying face down on a metal table, with his wrists and ankles secured to the legs.  “The fuck?”

Someone walked over and grabbed his hair to lift his head up.  “Bet your head is hurting.”

He stared up at the man.  Dark hair, chubby face, pimples, and awful spectacles.  “Emilio?”

“Hey, Rylan.”  Emilio smiled.  “Been what…”  He shrugged.  “Ten years since the last time you came over to my place?”

Rylan yanked at the restraints keeping him in place.  “Emilio, what the fuck are you —”

“I’m guessing you didn’t tell anybody you were going around breaking into old lady’s cars.”  Emilio let go of his hair.  “So nobody is going to be looking for you for a while and…”  He smiled.  “Nobody is going to be looking for you here.”

“Emilio, this isn’t funny.”  He started thrashing.  The table didn’t budge.  It must have been bolted to the floor.

“Oh, I’m having a great time.”  Emilio chuckled.  “Aren’t you?”  He crouched to look Rylan in the eye.  “You were laughing earlier, when you tossed my painting into the dumpster.”

“That was just…”  He started shaking his head, then regretted it as it sent pain through him again.  “What the fuck did you hit me with?”

“Relax.  You’ve got a hard skull.”  Emilio shrugged.  He disappeared from view for a moment, then returned with a pill bottle and a cup with a straw.  He set the cup down, then shook a pill into his hand.  Then he smirked, and set the pill on the table near Rylan’s mouth.  “It’s a painkiller.”

“You expect me to trust you?”

“You want to suffer, suffer.  I’m fine either way.”  Emilio smiled.


It took Rylan a few minutes to decide to take the pill.  He ended up having to lick it up from the table to get it into his mouth.  Emilio helpfully brought the straw to his lips.  “We’re underground.  There’s about a foot of concrete on all sides.”

“Why does that…”  Rylan stared at him, then his eyes widened.  He started tugging at the restraints again.

“Relax, buddy.”  Emilio patted his shoulder.  “I’m not going to kill you.”

“Then let me go.”  Rylan shook his head.

He crouched a little, taking a look at his captive.  Rylan was still as pretty as he’d been in high school, but he’d filled out a bit in the chest and shoulders.  Still slender though, with the lean build of a swimmer.  He’d been captain of the swim team.  There was a trace of fear in the green eyes when he stared back at Emilio.  Emilio smiled.  “You’re not going anywhere for a while, Rylan.  Not until you prove to me you can be trusted.”  He reached up and flicked his fingers through Rylan’s dark brown hair.

Rylan pulled away.  “What the fuck are you even —”

“Shh.  No one is going to hear you scream, Rylan.  But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to make noise.”  He drew the ball gag from his back pocket, keeping it out of Rylan’s view.  He’d fantasized about this, a long time ago.  Still did, on occasion.  They’d been friends back when they were kids, before Cooper had come along.  There were sketches, in the notebooks he never showed anyone.

“Emilio, you —”  Rylan grunted when Emilio shoved the gag into his mouth and swiftly buckled it behind his head.  He was still protesting, but the sounds were muffled and unintelligible.

Emilio smiled, then patted his head.  “Relax, Rylan.  Every thing’s going to be alright.  I’m going to take good care of you.”  Of course, he’d never expected to actually have Rylan down here.  He’d have to do some improvising until he could place a few orders.


He attempted to yank his right hand free as Emilio forced it into a fist.  The crazy fuck put a small bag over his hand, then secured it around his wrist.  The bag kept him from being able to unclench his fist more than halfway.  The process was repeated with his left hand.  Then Emilio produced a pair of scissors.

Rylan started struggling in earnest, cursing behind the gag, as Emilio began cutting off his clothes.  “Hold still.”  Emilio’s voice was calm.  When he kept struggling, Emilio just let out a sigh.  “Rylan, if you don’t hold still, there will be consequences.”

“Fuck you, you sick fuck.”  The gag muffled his words, but he was pretty sure Emilio had gotten the gist of the statement.

“Have it your way.”  Emilio vanished from sight for a few moments.  He heard a ripping sound, then something cool was touched to his right foot.  He tried jerking it away, but Emilio kept hold.  He was able to look over his shoulder enough to note that Emilio had used duct tape to secure something to his left.  “Now be still.”

“Fuck —”  His curse was cut off as a jolt of electricity sent pain into the soles of both his feet.  He screamed behind the gag, thrashing on the table as the pain coursed through him.  It lasted only a few seconds.

“Rylan…”  Emilio’s hand rubbed his shoulder.  “I don’t want to have to hurt you, but if you can’t behave yourself.

“Fuck you, you —”  The electricity surged through him again, and he yanked at the restraints as he convulsed.

“Rylan, are you going to behave yourself?”  Emilio began stroking the back of his neck gently, like he was petting him.

This time he didn’t respond.  He flinched when he felt the scissors again, then Emilio rubbed the back of his neck again.  “Shhh.  It’s okay.  It’s okay.”

A soft whimper escaped him as his clothing was cut way, leaving him naked on the table.


Rylan whimpered just a little when he removed the electrodes from the bottom of the man’s feet.  He put the prepared sandals onto Rylan’s feet, then used duct tape to secure them in place.  He’d put a few dozen tacks through each sandal.  They just touched lightly against Rylan’s skin, but if he tried to stand his weight would drive them into his flesh.  The mitts would keep Rylan from being able to use his hands, and the gag would prevent him from being able to bring his teeth into play.

He looked at the electrodes, then tapped them to Rylan’s calves.

Gently, he caressed Rylan’s back and shoulders as he walked back up to the man’s head.  Rylan was watching him with wary, confused eyes.  A little drool was escaping from behind the gag, and he took a cloth from his pocket and gently wiped it away.  “You were stealing, Rylan.”  Rylan gave a small shake of his head, and Emilio held up the small remote that controlled the electricity.  Rylan immediately went still as he realized what it was.  “Don’t lie.  I don’t want to have to punish you, Rylan.”  He gently ran his fingers through Rylan’s hair, caressing the man’s head.  He was careful to avoid the lump he’d made earlier.  Rylan made a small sound, but didn’t pull away.  “Cooper hasn’t taken very good care of you, has he?”

Rylan gave him a confused look, and mumbled something behind the gag.  “Don’t worry, Rylan.”  Emilio smiled down at him.  “I’ll take much better care of you.  But you’ll need to be a good boy.  Do you understand?”

His answer came in the form of Rylan shaking his head and trying to speak behind the gag.  He ignored it, and went to the shelf.  Rylan’s eyes widened again when Emilio turned back around with the leather collar in his hand.  He had to shock the man again to get him to hold still enough for Emilio to buckle it around his neck.  “There.  That’s my good boy.”  He petted Rylan again.

Then he smiled, and went back to the shelf for another item.


He wasn’t sure what exactly Emilio was holding.  It looked like a raccoon tail attached to rubber teardrop of some kind.  Then Emilio set it down next to his face and took out a small bottle.  “I prefer water based lubricants.  Less cleanup.”

Lubri…  Rylan began shaking his head again.  “No.  No way in hell.”  The words were muffled by the gag, but he could tell Emilio knew what he was saying.  The button was held up again where he could see it.  “No.  Please.  Emilio, don’t.”

“Shhh, Rylan.”  Emilio picked up the item and walked down the table.

Rylan twisted, pulling away and shifting his head to watch.  His breath was coming in frightened pants behind the gag.  He’d known Emilio was a weird guy, but he’d never thought of the man as psychotic.  “Don’t.”

“Rylan…”  Emilio smiled at him.  “Lay face down and spread your legs.”

“No, no —”  He screamed when Emilio hit the button.  Electricity coursed through him, making him convulse on the table as Emilio slowly counted to five.

“Rylan.”  Emilio stroked his leg when the electricity stopped.  “Lay face down and spread your legs.”

“No —”  The electricity hit him again.  This time, Emilio counted to ten as Rylan writhed on the table.

“Rylan.”  Emilio lightly caressed his leg again.  “Lay face down and spread your legs.”

Fifteen seconds this time.  He nearly blacked out before it stopped.  “Emilio…”  He whimpered.

“Rylan.”  Emilio’s hand petted him again, the motion gentle, as though intended to be soothing.  “Lay face down and spread your legs.”

Another whimper escaped him.  He saw Emilio start to raise the button again, and then Rylan shifted position until he was face down on the table.  He took a deep breath before spreading his legs.  He closed his eyes as he felt Emilio’s hand go between his legs.  His buttocks were spread, and he felt a cool sensation as Emilio applied lubrication to his entrance.

A sharp bite of pain made him yelp when he felt Emilio probe a finger inside him.  He jerked away, and a heartbeat later he felt electricity course through him again.  Twenty seconds.  It took him a few minutes to catch his breath again when it finally stopped.  “Please be a good boy, Rylan.”  Emilio’s hand stroked his back.  “I don’t want to hurt you.  It’ll be alright.  I’m going to take good care of you.”

Deep breaths.  He focused on the soothing feeling of Emilio petting him as he waited for his body to stop twitching.  Slowly, he relaxed.  When Emilio’s hand probed his entrance again, he grunted, but forced himself to remain still.  A tear escaped from his eye as he felt fingers wiggling inside him, and he tasted vomit in the back of his throat.

The tail brushed against the back of his legs as Emilio brought it over.  He moaned as he felt it pushed inside of him.  It felt huge as Emilio shoved it in with merciless slowness.  It was almost a relief when it was seated in place, thick and uncomfortable inside him.  He yelped when Emilio gave it an experimental tug.  “Sorry, pet.”  Emilio ran his hand soothingly along Rylan’s back again.  “I know.  Shouldn’t pull.”


As expected, Rylan tried to run the moment he released him from the restraints.  He smiled as Rylan screamed, falling to his knees as his own body weight drove the tacks into his feet.  Emilio clicked the leash to his collar before he could recover.  “There is a code lock on the door, Rylan.  Until you show me you can be a good boy, you won’t earn the privilege of being allowed outside.”

The only sound he heard in response was something between a whimper and a sob.  He tugged on the leash.  Rylan had to be half dragged the first few steps before he crawled after Emilio on his hands and knees.  Good.  He was learning.  Emilio pointed at the open kennel with the dog bed inside.  “This is where you’ll sleep, boy.  See.”  He petted Rylan’s head.  “Nice and cozy.”

Rylan stayed where he was, breathing hard.  Emilio was considering discipline options when Rylan moved.  He crawled forward, into the cage, then turned to look up at Emilio.  His eyes were pleading.  “Good boy.”  Emilio smiled.  He tossed a small stuffed toy with a squeaker inside into the cage.  “Good boy.”  Then he shut the cage door and locked it.  “I’ll see you in the morning.”


Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t able to get the things off his wrists or ankles.  He couldn’t even get the stupid gag out of his mouth, or the tail out of his…  It hurt when he moved in the cage.  The only position where it wasn’t biting at him was when he lay…  When he lay curled up like a damn dog.

As pranks went, this was fucking sick.  After he got out of this, he was going to kill Emilio.


He woke the next morning and spent a few minutes staring at the ceiling.  Had it been a dream?  Emilio got out of bed, then looked into the next room.  The tattered remains of Rylan’s clothing still lay on the floor.  He gathered them quickly, then bagged them for the incinerator.  Then he went upstairs.

His grandmother was already working, going over her books.  His aunt handled the day to day running of the business, but she liked to keep a hand in.  He handled their website, a fairly easy job that let him work from home.  Which was good, considering the project he’d just taken on.

Emilio grabbed himself breakfast, then grabbed a bowl and a can before heading downstairs again.  Rylan was in the kennel.  From the look of things he’d tried to escape it, unsuccessfully.  He hadn’t managed to get the mitts off his hands, but he had managed to get one of the sandals partially off his foot.  He gave a shake of his head when he saw Emilio enter.  “Good morning, boy.”  He crouched down and started unfastening the lock.  “Did you sleep well?

Rylan’s response was rendered unintelligible by the gag.  Emilio open the cage door and caught hold of the leash.  Rylan was slow to get out of the kennel, moving stiffly.  Emilio rubbed his head as he came out.  Rylan started to jerk away from the caress, but stopped himself.  He led his new pet over to where he’d set the tray on the floor.  Rylan’s eyes widened and he started shaking his head when he saw the bowl of kibble.  “Hey.  You’ve got to eat, boy.”  He petted Rylan’s head, then reached over to remove the gag.


Rylan worked his jaw when the gag was removed.  He was starving, but fuck everything if Emilio thought he was going to lap water like a dog or eat fucking kibble.  “I’m not eating that.”

“If you’re not hungry, you’re not hungry.”  Emilio just smiled.  “It’ll be there when you’re ready to eat.”

“This has gone on long enough, Emilio.  It’s not fucking funny.”  Rylan glared.  “Let me go.”

“I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a while.”  Emilio shrugged, and reached over to pet him again.  “If you’re not hungry, we can work on your training.”

“My —”  Rylan jerked away.  “I’m not your fucking dog, you sick freak.”

Emilio sighed.  “I can see we’re going to have a lot of work ahead of us.”


He put the last stitch in carefully.  Rylan made a soft moaning sound when Emilio took his hands away.  He’d used a tazer to get Rylan strapped to the workbench, and his pet couldn’t move more than a quarter inch in any direction. Each of his limbs was securely strapped to one of the bench’s legs.  His head was fastened firmly in place, hanging over the side of the table, with a bit between his teeth for him to bite down on.

Emilio had used a scalpel to take a small pie-shaped piece out of the top of each of Rylan’s ears.  Then he’d carefully stitched the two sides together, making Rylan’s ears now come to a point.  “There.”  He petted Rylan.  “That’s better, don’t you think?  Properly cropped.”

A smile came to his face as he patted Rylan’s bare ass, then stroked the tail.  Rylan whimpered just a little.  “Now, boy, we need to talk about your language.”

“Fuck my language.”  The bit didn’t obscure his words quite as much as the ball gag had.

“See…”  Emilio sighed.  “That’s what I’m talking about.  I think, boy, that until you learn to behave, I’m going to have to revoke your speaking privileges.”

“My speak —”  Rylan let out a yelp as Emilio brought the bamboo cane down across his upper thighs.  “You fucking —”  He yelped again.  “Fuck you —”  Another yelp.

It took seven blows before Rylan finally shut up.  “Now…”  Emilio smiled before reaching up to gently pet Rylan’s back.  “That I have your attention…”  He heard a small sound.  “I think fifteen blows will be sufficient punishment for your behavior.”

“Emilio —”  Another yelp as he lashed out again.  The back of Rylan’s thighs were a mess of red stripes.

“Dogs don’t talk, boy.”  He petted Rylan.  “What does a dog say?”  When he got no response, he brought the cane down again.  Rylan cried out in pain.  “What does a dog say?”  Another blow.  Another yelp.  “What does a dog say?”  Again.  “What does a dog say?”

“Woof.”  Rylan barely managed to get the word out as he choked back a sob.  “Woof.”

“Good boy.”  Emilio petted his back.  “Now, if you can take your punishment like a good boy, you can have a treat.”  He moved the tail’s position just a little before bringing the cane down across Rylan’s ass.


Four days.  At least he was pretty sure it was four days.  He couldn’t actually see daylight or a clock or anything to be sure.  Emilio came into the room where his kennel was kept, carrying a large box.  The man was smiling.  He let Rylan out of the kennel, and brought him over to where the food dish was before securing his leash there.  His treat was waiting for him in the bowl.  Canned beef stew, served still in the shape of the can.  Cold.  The dish of kibble was still there.

Rylan bowed his head and started eating the stew as neatly as he could.  His hands were still denied to him.  It wasn’t dog food, at least.  Emilio’s sick sense of humor.  If he acted like a dog, he got to eat what was ostensibly human food.  Speaking got him sharp blows from the cane.

Emilio ordered him onto the table again.  Rylan obeyed, unwilling to risk further involvement of either the cane or the electrodes.  If he cooperated, Emilio was sure to drop his guard.  It hadn’t happened yet, but it would.  Emilio secured him to the table again.

Then the mitts were removed from his hands.  He stretched his fingers, wiggling them in enjoyment of the sensation.  It was short lived.  Different mitts were placed over his hands.  Black leather without the slightest give to them, keeping his hands locked into fists.  The cruel taped sandals were removed from his feet, only to be replaced with black leather shoes.  He could feel the sharp points touching his soles.

A black leather muzzle was put over his head and face.  It was only left on a few minutes, but the message was clear.  If Emilio deemed that restraint necessary, it was there.  “Are you going to be a good boy for me, Rylan?”

“Woof.”  He fought the urge to whimper when he felt Emilio touching that tail.  It had been removed once a day.  Emilio had given him an enema before replacing the tail, adding yet another level of humiliation to his captivity.  He wasn’t sure what hurt more.  Having the thing removed or having it shoved back inside.

“Good.”  Emilio petted him before removing the tail.

At least he wasn’t being made to endure an enema this time.  He’d made the mistake of objecting, and Emilio had used cold water.  The cramps had been like nothing he’d ever felt before, and he’d ended up begging the man to show mercy.  The tail was tossed aside, and then Emilio removed a different one from the box.  This one looked more canine than raccoon, but the part that went up his ass was different.  Bigger.  Not a good sign.  He fought the urge to protest as Emilio applied lubricant.

Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t quite suppress a cry of pain as the thing was put inside him.  It was secured with straps around his waist and upper thighs, and he shuddered as he felt Emilio handling his cock.  Something smooth and cold was placed over it.  A look showed some kind of cage had been placed over his genitals.


Emilio unfastened the restraints that secured Rylan to the table.  His new pet was becoming more docile by the day, but it was too early to be sure Rylan was actually tame.  His ears were healing nicely.  “Sit up.”

Rather than drive the plug further into his ass, Rylan ended up on his knees.  He stared up at Emilio, eyes wide and frightened.  Emilio petted his hair, caressing him gently.  Then he took the clamps from his pocket.  They were connected by a thin silver chain.  Rylan gave a small shake of his head when he saw them.  But he didn’t speak.  Emilio let the first clamp close over Rylan’s left nipple slowly, drawing a hiss of pain from his pet.  Then he repeated the action with the right nipple.

His fingers tangled in Rylan’s hair as he bent and kissed his pet’s mouth.  Rylan went still for a heartbeat, then jerked back so violently he fell to the side.  Emilio sighed.  “You were doing so well.”  He rose, and then picked up the last item.  The cattle prod fit his hand perfectly.


The prod felt like the electrodes.  His whole body shuddered for several seconds after the prod had ceased it’s contact.  “Sit up.”

Rylan got back to his knees at the quiet command.  He looked up at Emilio, and knew there were tears in his eyes.  Emilio caught his leash close to the collar, then leaned in to kiss him again.  He fought the urge to pull back or vomit into the other man’s mouth, and let Emilio kiss him.  When he felt Emilio’s tongue, he obediently parted his lips and let the other man shove his tongue into Rylan’s mouth.  He wanted to bite.  He wasn’t entirely sure why he didn’t.

“Good boy.”  Emilio petted him after he pulled away from the kiss.  The pimple faced bastard was smiling at him.  Rylan swallowed, and stayed quiet, biting back all the curses he wanted to shout.

Emilio picked up a rubber bone.  Then he tossed it to the other side of the room.  “Go get it, boy.”

He wanted to scream.  He crawled after the bone.


For half an hour, they played fetch.  Rylan went through the motions, but he wasn’t there yet.  Still, things were going better than he’d anticipated with his half-baked plan.

Running into the others at school was now cause for amusement.  Even after only a few days, it had wrought a subtle change in the dynamic.  Or maybe it was just with their numbers lowered by one they’d lost courage.  Either way, Cooper’s little gang had left him alone the last two days.  He ran his fingers through Rylan’s hair, and felt his pet shudder just a little at the touch.

“You’ve been a good boy.”  Emilio took the remote out of his pocket.  “A very good boy.”  He gently scratched Rylan’s back, then pulled Rylan’s head closer so it was leaning against his knee.  Then he went back to softly running his nails over Rylan’s back.  It took a few minutes, but he felt Rylan’s body slowly relax against him.  “Good boy.  That’s a sweet boy.”  He praised Rylan in a gentle, soothing voice.  He slid down so he was sitting in the floor.  Almost without direction, Rylan laid down beside him, his head in Emilio’s lap.  “That’s my good boy.”


He woke, strangely comfortable.  His head was pillowed on something warm, and he felt…  His eyes widened with sudden realization, and he sat up sharply.  Emilio was smiling at him.  “Did you have a nice nap, boy?”

Rylan stared at him, rising horror in his belly.  He opened his mouth, but all that came out was a sob.  He felt Emilio’s arms go around him, pulling him in gently.  Shame filled him as he clung to his tormentor for comfort.  Emilio held him, rubbing his back and speaking soothingly.  “It’s okay, boy.  I’m here.  I’ll take care of you.”


Things hadn’t gone quite as he’d planned.  If anything, things had gone better.  His pet had been making nice progress.  Maybe it was time to move things up a level.  He finished his work for the day, then went into the other room.  Rylan lay on the pillow, curled up tightly in on himself.  His face was still wary when Emilio approached, but he didn’t withdraw.  Emilio held up a set of cuffs.  “Lay on your belly, boy.”

His pet obeyed, putting his hands behind his back without being told.  Emilio secured his hands, then added a couple more straps to lock his arms together.  The position caused some strain, but not too much.  Then he secured some straps around Rylan’s legs, rendering his pet unable to do much more than squirm.  Only then did he sit down.  He pulled Rylan’s head into his lap, and began stroking his hair.  “That’s my good boy.  You want to watch a movie, boy?”  When Rylan just nodded, he turned on the TV.  “You’ve been a very good boy the last couple days.  Very good for your master.”  He felt Rylan flinch a little at the last word.  There was an action movie on one of the channels, and he selected it.

Then he set the TV remote down, and picked up the other remote.  “I think you’ve earned a reward, Rylan.  If you beg like a good boy…”  He kept petting Rylan.  “I’ll let you suck my cock.”

Rylan’s response was to cringe and curl up a little, then shake his head.  Emilio just smiled.  Rylan’s own cock was secured in the chastity cage.  He turned the dial on the remote, bringing the vibrator attached to the tail to life inside Rylan’s ass.  Rylan’s body jerked and he tried to sit up, but Emilio caught hold of his collar.  With the straps around his arms and legs, keeping Rylan in place was easy.  He held onto the collar until Rylan stopped trying to pull away, then went back to petting him.  “That’s my good boy.”


After the initial surprise, the thing moving inside him started to feel good.  A few minutes passed, and then abruptly it increased in intensity.  Rylan squirmed, but Emilio’s hand on his collar kept him in place.  He felt his own cock getting hard, then the cage holding it in place bit into him, making him groan.

The intensity increased again, and he bit back a cry.  His whole body thrashed until the intensity relented again to the softer vibrations.  That’s when he realized Emilio’s hand was holding a dial.  A flick of Emilio’s thumb, and the intensity started rising once more.

Halfway through the movie, he started whimpering, unable to stop as his whole body ached with unreleased need.  It almost made him long for the torture of the cane.  He started to open his mouth, then bit back what he’d been going to say.  Emilio must have caught the motion, because the dial spun up to max once more.  He cried out then, fighting the sensations it caused.

It needed to stop.  He needed it to stop.  It felt so good but he needed it to stop before…  “Please.”

Intensity lessened.  “What was that, boy?”


“Tell your master what you want, boy.”

“Please I…”  He swallowed.  He couldn’t say it.  The intensity began rising again.  “Please can I suck your cock?”

“What was that?”  The intensity spun up to unbearable.

Rylan cried out as pain and pleasure fought for control over his body.  “Please master may I suck your cock?”

The sensation vanished.  Fingers were run through his hair affectionately.  “Yes, boy.  You’ve been good.  You deserve a reward.”


Feeling Rylan’s lips wrap around his shaft was pure ecstasy.  This part had worried him.  He was vulnerable, and Rylan still had teeth.  Except Rylan was caressing his cock with a tongue.  The motions were hesitant.  It was his first time getting sucked, and probably Rylan’s first time sucking a cock.  He smiled at his pet bent his full attention to the task.

He thought about shooting onto Rylan’s face, then decided against it.  His pet was being such a good boy.  He deserved a treat.  He grabbed Rylan’s hair and drove himself deep inside his pet’s mouth as he came.

Rylan coughed and choked a little, but swallowed.  Slowly, Emilio let him up, then petted him.  “Good boy.”  Emilio pulled his pants up.  “That’s a very good boy.”  He rubbed Rylan’s head, then took one of the candies from his pocket.  He placed it on Rylan’s tongue.  “Good boy.”

And to his delight, Rylan smiled.


That night, curled up in his kennel, he fought the urge to vomit.  He’s sucked Emilio’s cock.  He’d sucked that ugly fat bastard’s cock.  Not just that, he’d begged to do it.  Begged because it was the only way he could get relief from…  He caught himself whimpering.

The door into the chambers was locked with a keypad.  Stealing a key wasn’t an option.  Emilio knew the code, but…  The idea of forcing it out of Emilio seemed ludicrous.  Emilio held his leash.  Held his leash and tortured him whenever he didn’t play along with the sick game.

He wasn’t sure anymore how long he’d been kept down here, locked away.  If they were looking for him, surely they’d have found him by now.  But who would coming looking for him?  It wasn’t like he had a family.  His landlord would have assumed he’d just skipped out due to not having the rent money again.  Cooper and the others…

It was chilling to realize they might not have even really noticed he was gone.  It wasn’t like they were really friends.  Just a group of assholes that hung out together.  Cooper seemed to delight in making people miserable, and it was better to be part of his crew than one of his targets.  Like they’d targeted Emilio.

Emilio fed him every day.  Fed him, kept him clean, and gave him…  He shut off that line of thinking.  Emilio was a sick fuck who treated him like a dog and beat him whenever he didn’t do what he was told.  And the really sad part was that still made Emilio better than his own parents had been.  Emilio only punished him when he was bad.  He choked back a sob, then saw the light come on.

A few moments later, Emilio came into the room.  He opened the cage, and reached in to pet Rylan.  “What’s wrong, boy?”

There were tears on his cheeks.  He crawled partly out of his cage, and let Emilio pull him close.  The soothing caresses felt comforting, almost loving.  He let out another sob.  “Shh, boy.  It’s alright.”  Emilio continued petting him.  “It’s alright.  Your master is here now.  I’ll take care of you.  Everything is going to be alright.”


He trimmed Rylan’s nails carefully before putting his hands back into the mitts.  Rylan let him, though his eyes never left Emilio’s face.  It was getting harder to read his pets expressions, though some of that might have been the fact that Rylan was clearly conflicted over his own reactions.  Sometimes he’d lean into Emilio’s caresses, and other times still he’d flinch away.

For the past couple weeks, he’d tried to avoid punishing his pet.  He rewarded good behavior, praised his pet for doing tricks, and gave treats readily.  Sometimes the treat was just giving Rylan permission to speak.  They’d talked for nearly an hour the other night, discussing super hero movies like they’d done back in the days when they’d been friends.

Rylan’s behavior was improving.  When Emilio threw a toy, Rylan fetched it eagerly.  He even playfully tugged now and then, and twice now Rylan had initiated the play by bringing him the toy.  He finished tending to his pet’s health, then considered a moment.  “Hey boy.”  When Rylan looked up at him, Emilio smiled.  “Would you like to play a new game?”  He stroked Rylan’s hair.  “It’ll make us both feel good.”

An eager nod and a woof sound answered him.  “Get down off the table, boy.”  Rylan obediently slid onto the floor, going to his customary kneeling position.  Emilio led him into the other room, then gestured at the footstool.  He pulled Rylan forward until Rylan was bent over it.  “Okay, boy.  I’m going to need to take your tail off for a bit for this game.  Is that okay?”

A slight whimpering noise answered him.  Emilio stroked his back gently.  “It’s okay, boy.  I’ll put it back when we’re done.  It’s not time to clean you inside yet.”  The whimpering subsided.  Rylan submitted to the enemas, but it was clear he hated them.  If Emilio hadn’t enjoyed watching him endure them, he might have let them off.  But it was fun, watching Rylan’s eyes as the water filled his insides.  “Ready, boy?”

The answer was a barking sound.


Rylan remained still as the thing inside him was pulled out.  He wasn’t sure what was about to happen.  His body tensed as Emilio removed the cage from around his cock.  Then his eyes widened.  For a moment, he considered putting up a fight.  If he thought it would have done any good, he might have.  Emilio had been so kind to him the last few days, he couldn’t bear the thought of making the man punish him.

It felt good, when the thing moved inside him.  And Emilio had said this would make both of them feel good.  He whined softly as Emilio positioned himself behind Rylan.  Hands softly caressed his sides, soothing and gentle.  Then Emilio’s hand took hold of his collar.

A cock brushed against his entrance.  The buttplug meant the entrance was well prepared, and Emilio slipped inside him easily.  He gasped at the sensation.  Emilio’s cock didn’t feel the same as the tail’s plug, and it was moving.  Then Emilio’s hand moved.  Slowly, he began stroking his hand down Rylan’s cock.  Rylan whimpered.

The thrusts increased in tempo, and he found himself panting.  He pushed back against Emilio almost eagerly, even as some part of his brain screamed at him that what was happening was wrong.  But Emilio was praising him, telling him he was a good boy and the hand on his cock felt so good.

“Do you like that, boy?”  Emilio’s other hand pulled a little at his collar.  “Do you like feeling your master’s cock inside you?”

He made an eager woofing sound.  “Will you cum for your master, boy?”  The question made no sense, but he woofed anyway.  He was nearly lost in sensation.  Nothing had touched his cock since he’d been captured.  His hands were denied to him, and now Emilio was caressing him instead.  It felt good.  His master must be pleased with him to offer this release.

His…  His master.  Had that thought really been his?  He started to shake his head, and a tug on the collar combined with a hard thrust drove the thought from his mind.  Emilio was in full control of his body now.  “Cum for me, boy.”

The sound he made when he obeyed was barely human.  Emilio came a few moments after he did, then collapsed atop him.  “Good boy.”  He patted Rylan’s shoulder.  “That’s my good boy.”


Fucking his pet had changed something.  He wasn’t sure what it was, exactly.  Rylan was showing him affection on occasion, rubbing up against him from time to time, or nuzzling his hand when he caressed his pet.  Emilio decided to keep going.  Their morning routing became simple.  He’d wake up, then open the kennel.  A quick tug on his pet’s leash, and then Rylan would crawl out and go to his knees.

Sometimes he let Rylan do the work of sucking him off.  Other times he took hold of Rylan’s hair and shoved himself down his pet’s throat.  That part didn’t matter.  What mattered is Rylan started off every morning with pleasuring his master.  Then he’d take Rylan into the shower with him and get them both clean.

After work, their games varied.  Sometimes they’d play fetch.  Sometimes he’d sit back and put his feet in front of Rylan’s face.  He’d had to punish Rylan twice before Rylan obeyed the command, but now when he presented his feet Rylan obediently cleaned them with his tongue.  A few times he’d had Rylan use his tongue in other places, punishing him if he refused but rewarding him if he did it with a smile.  After a couple weeks, Rylan was licking him eagerly.

And each night, after dinner, he’d fuck his pet.  Sometimes he’d take Rylan like a dog, but on occasion he’d take him to the bed.  Once he’d made Rylan sit in his lap, facing away.  He’d kept a tight hold on the collar, yanking Rylan’s head back as he’d made his pet ride him.

Tonight, he sat on the floor.  Rylan laid beside him, belly exposed as they watched some buddy cop movie.  Now and then he’d caress Rylan’s belly.  He hesitated as the movie ended.  “You’ve been a good boy today.  You can talk for until bedtime.”

“Yes, master.”  Rylan’s voice was quiet.  He sat up a little, shifting so his head rested on Emilio’s knee.  “Master?”

“Yes, boy?”

“I’m sorry I…”  He drew in on himself a little.  “I’m sorry for the times I was bad to you.”

“Shh, pet.”  Emilio petted his hair.  He smiled.  “It’s okay.  You didn’t know better, then.”

“You’re good to me, master.”  Rylan smiled back at him, then twisted his head a little to kiss Emilio’s leg.


His master let him ride in the passenger seat of the jeep.  Rylan smiled as he looked out the window.  It was bumpy when his master took the jeep off road, but fortunately it didn’t take them long to get to their destination.

He was permitted to run, as long as he stayed within sight of the campground.  His master smiled as Rylan rolled in the grass.  The sun felt good, after being underground so long.

There was no kennel that night.  His master just secured his leash, then let Rylan sleep in the tent, curled up next to him.  He nuzzled his master, licking the man’s face affectionately before trailing kisses down his stomach.  His master gasped with pleasure as Rylan took him into his mouth.  He suckled at his master’s cock eagerly, enjoying the happy sounds his master was making.

“Good boy.”  His master petted him after releasing his treat into Rylan’s mouth.  Good boy.  Rylan sighed with satisfaction at the praise before curling up next to his master and going to sleep.


Ten months after dragging Rylan into his basement, Emilio took the mitts and spiked shoes off his pet.  Rylan gave him a confused whimper.  “It’s okay, boy.”  Emilio kissed his forehead.  “This way you can help me sometimes.”  He petted Rylan’s hair.  “Would you like that?”  Rylan barked happily.

Emilio hesitated.  Then he went to the door and typed in the code.  He opened it, and then he just stood there.  “You can go.  If you want.”

Rylan whimpered.  “I mean it, boy.  If you want to go, you can go.”

Heartbeats passed.  Then his heart sank as Rylan stood up and walked to the door.  He stopped at the exit, then took hold of the handle.  Then he closed the door, and got back down on his knees.  Emilio smiled when Rylan gazed up at him and woofed.  “That’s my good boy.”  He petted Rylan.  “That’s my sweet pet.”  He ran his fingers through Rylan’s hair.  “Who wants ice cream?”

A bark answered him before Rylan raced on all fours toward the kitchen.  Emilio smiled and followed.


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