Coraline Maree

Full Name: Coraline Elizabeth Maree (Langbroek)
Nicknames: Cora

Background: Cora is not a native of the area. She met Brendan Maree while he was in school in California, studying to be an architect. Cora at the time was working as a cop and slowly starting to move up in the ranks. Brendan was charming and swept her off her feet. Cora got pregnant with her eldest daughter, Candice, and Brendan proposed. Cora accepted, and the two got married. After their third daughter, Dorothy, was born deaf and Brendan was unable to find work in California, he convinced Cora to move back home with him. Reluctantly, Cora agreed.
They moved in with Brendan’s father, Jasper. Brendan was still unable to find work, and developed a drinking problem. Not long after the birth of their youngest daughter, Amy, Cora discovered Brendan also had a gambling problem and was cheating on her. She filed for divorce and custody. To her surprise, Jasper threw his son out and told Cora that she and the kids could stay as long as they wanted. Cora occasionally jokes that she got her father-in-law in the divorce. Jasper takes care of the kids while Cora is at work.
Working as a small town sheriff deputy in a county where virtually nothing ever happens was a big change for Cora. She and Sheriff Heather occasionally butt heads over just how relaxed the Awaakan sheriff’s department is. Referring to it as Heather’s Barney Fiefdom nearly got Cora fired. However, Heather has noted that Cora is actually a damn good cop and having a genuine professional around isn’t really a bad thing. She can send Cora to all the various seminars and trainings and trust that Cora will browbeat the applicable information to the rest of the department.
When Cora’s pushing about various things like mandatory CSI training and the like got too much for Heather, Heather responded by offering David to Cora and telling Cora she could train him. Initially, Cora was skeptical of a twenty-year old that was only hired because his aunt was the dispatcher. She decided to simply break him and go back to nagging Heather to start turning the department into a real police force. She started by taking David to an autopsy. When he started talking to the ME about various facets of the corpse and correctly noted the cause of death from the information the ME gave, she decided he might make a decent cop after all.

Birthday: May 3, 1967

Place of birth: San Diego, California

Family: Her parents were Oskar and Vera. Both were cops, both were killed in the line of duty. This is why Cora has actively discouraged her daughters from following in her footsteps despite being a dedicated cop herself. Cora has no siblings. Her eldest daughter, Candice, got married in college and now lives in Oregon where she runs a restaurant with her husband. Kaitlan is seventeen and going into her senior year of high school. She is the captain of the girl’s softball team and her grades leave something to be desired. Dorothy is fourteen and just starting high school, though she attends an online school due to being deaf. She is a serious computer nerd who blogs everything. Dorothy can talk but prefers sign language. The youngest, Amy, just turned twelve and is working on her black belt. She and her ex-husband are civil to each other when they speak, but try to avoid having to speak. He now lives in Vegas with ‘some floozy or another’.

Economic/social status growing up: Military brat turned police force brat. She was never poor and had a lot of surrogate aunts and uncles on the force. She keeps in touch with some of them.

Ethnic background: Her family name is Dutch, but her ancestors had been in the US long enough they rarely thought of themselves as anything other than American.

Places lived: Initially from San Diego, California, though her family moved often during her first seven years due to being in the military. They settled down in San Diego again when they got out.

Education: In addition to her law enforcement training, she has a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Special training: Cora is known for attending pretty much any law enforcement training or seminar she can, whether in person or online, and is thus often the only person in the department (unless she’s already school David in it) who knows how to do various things.

Jobs: She was a detective, and took a demotion in working for the sheriff’s department.

Friends: Cora gets along well with most of the department, though she’s known for being impatient with those who don’t take the job seriously. She is currently dating Fred Matheson, a local car mechanic, though neither of them are particularly serious about the relationship. Her best friend in town is Paul Fleming, the doctor who also serves as the town’s medical examiner, and they get together for drinks a couple times a month. She’s genuinely fond of her partner, but the fact that David is the same age as her eldest daughter means she has a tendency to be a little maternal toward him. Cora and Sheriff Heather Donnelly may be able to work together professionally and have a mutual respect, but on a personal level they don’t care for each other.

Enemies: Cora has an antagonistic relationship with a few of the town’s known troublemakers. She sends David to get her coffee mainly because the owner of the coffeeshop near the department is Ashlee Roth, who had an affair with Cora’s ex-husband. The two women don’t hate each other, they are just uncomfortable around each other.

Physical Description: Cora’s brown hair is starting to go gray, and she declines to dye it. She stands about 5’8” in height and is muscular for a woman. Her features are a little bit blunt, and her nose is just a little crooked from having been broken before. Cora prefers to wear her hair short and keeps her makeup fairly minimal.

Mode of Dress: On duty, she wears her uniform or a professional looking pantsuit. Off duty, she dresses much more casually and has a fondness for shirts featuring Disney characters. On duty, she wears no jewelry, but off duty generally wears earrings.

Outlook: She tends to be on the conservative side, and checks ‘Protestant’ on the box despite the fact she hasn’t actually gone into a church in over a decade. Cora prides herself on being a professional and takes her job very seriously. However, she does not want the actual Sheriff’s job because she doesn’t want to ‘play politics’.

Vehicle : She drives a minivan due to having four daughters. It’s ‘lovingly’ referred to as the ‘Cora-mobile’.

Home : The house she lives in his technically owned by her father-in-law, Jasper, though Cora is the one paying all the bills these days. It’s a nice house on about an acre of land in a quiet neighborhood, and Cora likes it that way.

Embarrassing Moment: She once shot a canoe. She does not appreciate having that incident brought up.


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