David Andrews

Full Name: David Gideon Andrews
Nicknames: ‘Kid’, though only Cora calls him that.

Background: David has always gotten along better with his mother, Sarah, than with his father Wyatt. He inherited Sarah’s love of music and plays the guitar. He’s a decent singer, but suffers from a bit of stage fright. David leaned toward the intellectual, and narrowly missed out on being the valedictorian. When his father nagged him about getting into a sport, David chose taekwondo over baseball, and has continued practicing martial arts. He eventually joined the wrestling team and went state, though he did not try out for wrestling or any other sport when going off to college.
Throughout high school he dated Amber Rosenthal, and the general consensus was that the two of them were going to get married. However, while he and Amber were good friends, their relationship was never actually intimate and David jokes that he and Amber were the only two people in Awaakan who actually took a telescope when going ‘star-gazing’. Amber went on to major in astronomy and got a job with NASA. The two remain casual friends.
His father insisted he major in construction and business. At the university, however, David was out from under his father’s thumb and began branching out. After class on day, he stopped to help a TA named Elliot pick up some dropped papers. To his shock, Elliot asked him out. To his even greater shock, David found himself actually saying yes. Elliot’s friend Mark initially disapproved of the relationship as David was considerably younger than Elliot and he thought David might be a gold-digger. However, after Elliot’s circle of friends got to know David better they all decided they liked him just fine. David changed his major to bio-medical engineering and got paramedic training at Elliot’s encouragement.
He and Elliot had been dating for two years when Sarah drove up to visit and decided to surprise David by picking him up from work. Elliot happened to be picking him up that day, and Sarah was surprised to see her son greeting another man with a kiss. Upon realizing she was there, David and Elliot took her to dinner and Elliot even offered to let her stay with him. Though Sarah’s feelings were very hurt that David didn’t think he could tell her, she understood. She told them to wait a few days to let her break the news to Wyatt, then she wanted Elliot to come visit them for Thanksgiving.
Just four days later, David got a frantic call from Naomi that there had been an accident. His parents had gone on a date to discuss something important, and on the way back Wyatt had been drunk and speeding. The vehicle had gone off the road. Wyatt was paralyzed from the waist down, but has no memories of the time leading up to the accident. Sarah was left in a coma. David had a pretty good idea of what had made his father behave so recklessly, and blames himself for the accident. He came home from the university and began trying to salvage things and take care of Naomi. Elliot refused to let them break up at that point, pointing out he was starting his residency and they could see each other a weekend a month, then pick up again when things settled down for both of them. Somewhat reluctantly, Elliot agreed that the relationship could be kept secret rather than risk making David’s situation even more difficult.
As the construction company was already in the red, David sold it to cover the expenses. Leona helped him out by getting him a job as a deputy. He ended up being a sacrificial offering to Cora. He was amused when she tried to frighten him off by taking him to an autopsy, as Elliot was a med student and had already dragged him along for similar events. He succeeded in impressing Cora just a little, and she set about mentoring him in earnest.

Birthday: July 15, 1989

Place of birth: Awaakan, Minnesota

Family: David and his mother were close, while Naomi was the jewel of their father’s eye. He and his father have never truly gotten along, due mostly to Wyatt’s desire that his son follow in his every footstep. Wyatt was a boisterous jock who went into construction, and David has a definite tendency towards being something of a nerd. Wyatt bragged considerably when David was chosen as captain of the wrestling team, and David never really had the heart to tell him that he was actually picked because of his nerdy tendencies (namely the ability to instantly rattle off a list of opponent weaknesses) rather than in spite of them. Despite not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps as a carpenter, his father’s tendency to drag him along on job sites has given David many handyman skills.
He can be somewhat overprotective of Naomi on occasion, but generally their relationship is good. He functions as the family care taker, shouldering most of the work regarding Sarah’s invalid condition.

Economic/social status growing up: His family was lower middle class, though his father had a tendency to spend rather than save. When David took over the family finances, he had to downgrade a lot of things and sell off others to do the work on the house necessary to accommodate Wyatt’s wheelchair and Sarah’s hospital bed.

Ethnic background: The Andrews have a lot of Native American (Ogibwe) in them, but Wyatt’s ancestry is also Irish.

Places lived: Awaakan, Minneapolis.

Education: He did not finish his degree, which occasionally bothers him.

Special training: David was a licensed paramedic before coming to work as a Sheriff’s deputy. Cora has him do a lot of additional training, which David actually enjoys.

Jobs: He has worked as a security guard and tutor.

Friends: David was fairly popular in high school and has a lot of friends in Awaakan. In college, he joined Elliot’s circle of friends. He and Mark are still a little wary of each other, though he gets along well with Mark’s husband Thomas. David and Monty became very good friends after David stopped Monty from getting his ass kicked in a bar fight. David is also fond of Naomi’s two best friends, Janet and Emily, and he considers them part of the family.

Enemies: David and his father do not get along, which means David also doesn’t get along with Wyatt’s friend Jack and Jack’s son Edgar. Naomi’s boyfriend Keith is absolutely terrified of David, which David finds amusing.

Physical Description: David is about 6’3”, and considered to be very good looking. He spends enough time out of doors to be nicely tanned, and wears his black hair almost long enough to tie back. He has green eyes.

Mode of Dress: Off duty, David prefers a simple t-shirt and jeans combo. When he is in Minneapolis, he dresses much more fashionably due to having learned that if he doesn’t, Thomas and Monty have a tendency to start treating him as a dress-up doll.

Outlook: David has a tendency to come across as serious and dedicated, with a dry sense of humor that borders on snarky. With his friends and Elliot, he occasionally relaxes and drops his mask entirely, sometimes indulging in outright goofiness. Though not aggressive by nature, anyone messing with his friends will discover that his black belt isn’t just for show.

Vehicle : He often drives a sheriff’s car, and one of Naomi’s biggest complaints is he never lets her run the siren when he has to take her somewhere in it. He couldn’t sell the oversized pickup truck he calls ‘the beast’ due to needing it to occasionally transport equipment for Sarah or Wyatt’s wheelchair. There is also his mother’s old honda, which is his preferred vehicle to drive due to the beast getting approximately six feet per gallon of gas.

Home : David lives with his parents, though he’s now the one making house payments so it could be said they live with him. The top floor master suite is now his domain, and on occasion he avoids his father by going in the door on the upstairs deck rather than entering through the front door.

Secrets: Nobody in Awaakan knows he is gay, and he prefers to keep it that way. He lets everyone believe he’s dating a med student in Minneapolis named ‘Elle’.


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