The Duchess: Chapter 8

Vitalia ran her hand down Ruarc’s taut belly.  His wrists were still secured above his head, and his ankles were chained to the foot of the bed.  As she demanded when he slept, he was naked.  The bonds weren’t in place because she feared he’d attack her.  She just liked the way the chains looked on him.  His eyes blinked open, and she smiled before slithering atop him.  “Good morning, my darling.  Did you sleep well?”  She fiddled with the ring she’d placed in his left nipple.

The shackles on his wrists rattled a little.  “I dreamed I was trapped in a mad woman’s castle.”

She laughed.  “Darling, you’ve done nothing to make me angry with you.”  She raised herself up a little to kiss him.  Then she trailed her hand down to begin fondling him.  “You’re the most delightful pet I’ve ever purchased.”  Only the briefest shadow crossed his face at the reminder.  He’d become better at schooling his expressions.  She kissed him again, tasting his lips as she continued toying with him until he was squirming beneath her.  Then she mounted him.

His back arched as he moved for her, thrusting upward to please her.  It hadn’t taken him long to learn.  She arched her own back as she rode him, moaning softly.  The rules of their morning sessions had been explained to him carefully.  If he came before she did, Durante would be allowed to take a belt to his ass before using him.  To Durante’s disappointment, Ruarc had proved disciplined enough to avoid that fate.

When she came, she slid off him, leaving him unfulfilled.  A smirk came to her face when he responded with a glare, and she leaned forward to plant a quick kiss on his lips.  “Keep your hands off yourself, my dear.  If you wish release, you may ask Gian to service you.”  He gave a small shake of his head.  He wouldn’t, as she well knew.  Which meant he’d be having a frustrating day.

“Are you going to unchain me?”  He pulled at his wrists before raising an eyebrow.

“From the bed, yes.”  She grabbed the key, then glanced up when Gian entered in response to her ring of the bell.  Gian was limping just a little.  “Gian, bath Ruarc and then take him into the dungeon and secure him to the frame.”

“Yes, my lady.”  Gian bowed.

Ruarc rose from the bed as soon as she’d finished unfastening the shackles.  There were no clothes laid out for him, and he gave a small shake of his head when he noticed.  She smiled at him.  “And Gian?”

“My lady?”  Gian looked at her.

“Keep him hard, but do not give him release unless he asks you for it.”

Gian gave her a slightly confused look, but nodded.  Ruarc, however, clenched his fists and glared again.  “You said —”

“You need not do anything to him, Ruarc.”  She patted his shoulder.  “Unless you want to.”


Ruarc finished putting Gian’s hair up in the braid.  Then he sighed.  “I think we’ve lingered about as long as we dare.”

“She didn’t say to stretch you.”  Gian smiled at him.  “Just to make sure you were secured.”

“She also didn’t say how long I was going to be there.”  Ruarc exhaled.  Knowing the duchess, it would probably be either all day or until he gave in.  The fact that Gian would think little of obeying the request bothered him.  Only the consequences to his brother had kept Ruarc from going for a sword after seeing Durante abuse the slender young man.

“Would you prefer chains or rope?”  Gian led him down into the dungeon.  “She didn’t say.”

“I…”  Ruarc frowned.  Likely that too had been intentional.  She’d make him choose his own restraints.  “You pick.”

To his surprise, Gian immediately got a huge smile on his face.  “Oh, ropes.”  Gian nodded.  “Definitely ropes.”

No sooner were they in the dungeon room than Gian rushed forward to where the rope was kept.  Ruarc found himself laughing just a little.  He gave a small shake of his head as he went to the frame and gripped the top bar.  While the duchess, Madzia, or Durante occasionally clapped him in irons, they typically left tying him up to Gian.  The young man had a tendency to use entirely too much rope, binding him as though he were attempting to turn Ruarc into a macrame sculpture.  “I’m starting to think you actually like tying me up.”

“I…”  Gian started blushing.

He blinked, then stared at the young man.  “You actually like tying me up?”

“Yes.”  Gian gave him an uncertain look, but nodded.  He began tying one of Ruarc’s wrists.  “I do not mean it badly, my lord.  It’s just…”  He hesitated a little before looking back at Ruarc.  “There is something…”  He exhaled.  “A little thrilling about the idea of having a creature as powerful as you held back by knots I tied.”

“Gian…”  Ruarc stared at the him.  “Are you saying you like it when she has you tie me up?”

“I…”  Gian started to shake his head, then let out a large breath before nodding.  “It is one of my favorite things in the world, my lord.  I just wish I could bind you the way I wanted, with knots placed to heighten your enjoyment as I serviced you and I think about it often at night when…”  He blushed even redder.

He should be furious and insulted.  Instead, he found himself laughing.  “Oh, Gian.”

“I’m sorry, my lord.”  Gian winced.  He started securing Ruarc’s wrist to the frame.

“I, uh…”  It was his turn to hesitate.  “Gian, she didn’t give you instructions on how to bind me.”

“She…”  Gian went still, then slowly turned to meet his eyes.  “Ruarc?”

“I don’t mind, Gian.”  He was surprised to realize the words were honest.  “If you’re going to have to tie me up today and…”  He shrugged.  “You might as well enjoy yourself.”

Gian’s smile lit up the room.


It didn’t take long for him to start regretting his decision.  Gian had used a lot of ropes, and knots seemed to press in on him everywhere.  Each movement brought increased sensation from the knots rubbing against him, and Gian’s obedience to the duchess’s orders was making him squirm.  He exhaled, trying to catch his breath as Gian stopped the caresses again before taking him over the edge.  “You don’t…”  He panted.  “Have to be…”  He stared at Gian.  “Enjoying yourself this much.”

Gian actually giggled in response.  He sat down in front of Ruarc.  “You are strong.  I think a lesser frame would not have held you this long.”  He smiled up at Ruarc, then tilted his head.  “She said you can ask.”

Ruarc took a deep breath, trying to get his racing pulse under control.  “I won’t force you into anything, Gian.”

“You…”  Gian blinked.  “Force me?”

“I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.”  He shook his head.

“Does that imply you want me to do things I do want to do?”  Gian stood back up.

“I…”  Ruarc frowned at the question, turning it over in his head.  “I suppose yes.”

“You are asking me to do what I want?”  Gian raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Gian.”  Ruarc nodded.  A slave had probably never been allowed to do as he desired.

He had only a moment of warning from Gian’s smile before the slender young man knelt in front of him.  “Alright.”

“Gian…”  Ruarc had a sharp intake of breath when Gian leaned forward to tenderly kiss his shaft.  “Gian what are you doing?”

“What I want, my lord.”  Gian looked up at him with innocent eyes and a wicked smile.  “As you asked.”  He lowered his head again to lick the top of Ruarc’s cock before he began trailing his tongue around the head.

“I…”  He started shaking his head.

“Shut up, my lord.”  Gian grinned.

“Gods…”  Ruarc yanked at the restraints as he felt Gian’s mouth encircle him.  Gian’s tongue caressed, the movements slow and wickedly deliberate.  No sooner did Gian have him on the edge again than the torment lightened.  “Gian…”

“Yes, Ruarc?”  Gian nibbled lightly on the side of Ruarc’s shaft, creating a pleasant tickling sensation.  The knots rubbed sensitive flesh as Ruarc moved in response to the sensation.

“Please.”  Ruarc heard the word escape him.

“Mmmm…”  Gian took him into his mouth again.


Her eyes narrowed.  She’d expected to find him anxious, squirming, and in torment.  Instead, Ruarc nearly hung from the restraints, panting with exhaustion.  It took her a moment to realize, then she laughed.  “Starting to learn your limits then, are you?”

His glare made her smile.  She walked toward him, then ran a hand down his stomach.  His cock was nearly limp, and she sighed.  “You didn’t save any for me.”  She pressed her lips together in a pout.  “That hurts my feelings, husband.”

“This…”  He shook his head.  “Was your idea.”

“True.”  She kissed his cheek, then walked over to the table.  After a few moments of deliberation, she selected a leather flogger.  Then she walked back over to him.  Gian had been very thorough with the restraints, but Ruarc’s ass was still free of rope.  She brought the flogger down over the firm flesh and smiled with satisfaction as his body jumped in the restraints.  “I’ll just have to see if I can get you in the mood again.”


Ruarc picked up the clothes that had been laid out for him the next morning.  Pants and a simple tunic.  And there were boots.  That was nice to see.  The duchess took almost as much glee in making him go barefoot as she did in making him kiss her feet.  He sensed another presence in the room, and turned to see Gian standing by the door.  The slender young slave gave him an awkward smile.  “Ruarc.”

“You…”  Ruarc pulled the tunic on over his head.  “Are just a little bit evil.”  He shook his head at Gian, but smiled a little.

“You…”  Gian returned the smile.  “Enjoyed it.”

It was strange realizing just how true that was.  He raged against being made helpless at the duchess’s mercy, but it had been different when it was Gian.  The fact that Gian was another man made him a little uncomfortable, but it hadn’t mattered when…  “Did you enjoy it?”  He raised an eyebrow at Gian.

“Oh, yes.”  Gian gave another of his brilliant smiles.  “Hearing you beg was…”

“I begged?”  Ruarc blinked, then thought back.  He exhaled.  “I begged.”

“Yes.”  Gian giggled.

“I…”  He took a deep breath.  “Have never…”  He shook his head.  “Gian, you confuse the hell out of me.”

Slowly, Gian came toward him.  “I brought you more of the candy, since you…”  He gave an awkward shrug.  “As a thank you, for letting me tie you the way I wanted.”  He unwrapped one of the pieces before offering it to Ruarc.

For a moment, Ruarc stood there, looking at him.  “Thank you.”  Then he smiled before bending down to take the candy from Gian’s hand, careful not to let his teeth touch the other man’s fingertips.

Gian made a breathless sound before looking at him, eyes wide and shining.  “Thank you.”


Vitalia read the letter from Kiera.  Ruarc knelt in front of her, his tongue caressing her foot.  He was somewhat less defiant about it than usual, and she knew it was because he desperately wanted to read the letter she held in her hand.  Durante stood near the door, his mouth twisted into an amused smile.  She set the letter on the table beside her, and looked down at her husband.  “Kiera is sad you only write her once a month.”  She made a tsking sound beneath her breath.

He caught himself before he glared at her.  She only allowed him to write his family once a month, and she read each of the letters before he sent them.  Whether it was shame or pragmatism, he said nothing of the situation she’d placed him in.  Most of the letters were of things he saw in his rides, or comments about the training of the guards. “May I have the letter?”  He kept his voice calm, but barely.

She smiled.  “That depends on Durante.”

Ruarc’s eyes widened a little, and he glanced over his shoulder at where Durante lurked.  “I…”

“I told him you’ve a well-trained tongue.”  She leaned back in her chair.  “He wishes to evaluate it for himself.”

At her feet, Ruarc went still.  He started shaking his head, and she picked up the letter.  Her hand started to move toward the lit brazier.  “Don’t.”  He winced.

“Durante?”  She looked up at the groom.  The smile on his face was wide as he walked to where Ruarc knelt, unfastening his belt as he came.  Ruarc was breathing deeply, trying to steel himself as Durante reached to grab a handful of his hair.  Ruarc didn’t resist as Durante guided the man’s mouth onto his already stiff member.  “You don’t get the letter, Ruarc…”  She shrugged.  “Unless Durante is pleased.”

He moved his head in response to her words, and she saw him begin working his tongue and lips over Durante’s shaft.  She felt herself growing moist as she watched her husband suckle the cock of her groom.  Durante’s eyes were half closed as he held Ruarc’s head, forcing himself deeper into Ruarc’s mouth.  Ruarc choked and gagged in response, making Durante sigh with pleasure.  Vitalia expected Ruarc to balk at having to deep throat a man, but he took it.  He truly was an ideal pet.

Durante cried out when he came, and Ruarc choked and coughed as the man’s seed flowed down Ruarc’s throat.  When Durante released him, Ruarc fell a little forward, still coughing.  He even dry heaved a little before getting himself back under control.  Durante watched him with a satisfied smile.  “Well?”  Vitalia raised an eyebrow at Durante.

“He spilled.”  Durante shrugged, then put a foot on Ruarc’s shoulder and shoved the man to the ground.  Then he looked back over at Vitalia and smirked.  “Burn it.”

“Very well.”  Despair crossed over Ruarc’s face as she tossed the parchment into the brazier.  “Ruarc, go clean yourself up before dinner.”

“Yes…”  His voice was slightly hoarse.  “My lady.”


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