Silverfish: Chapter 2

He awoke in the infirmary.  Memories jolted back into him and he tried to sit up, only to discover he’d been secured to the examination table.  His wrists and ankles were restrained, and there were straps over his thighs, torso, and shoulders.

“Welcome back.”  Julian turned his head to see the captain staring at him.  Her face was amused.  “I was starting to think you were going to sleep all day.”

“Go to hell.”  He yanked at the restraints.

She chuckled and patted his shoulder.  Then she touched a button on the console.  He screamed as pain shot through him like wildfire.  She lifted her hand a few seconds later, leaving him gasping for breath.  “That was rude.”  She glanced at the button.  “The doctor assures me that I can jolt you for up to thirty seconds at a time without risk of burning out your nervous system.  And repeat every five minutes.  He did however, recommend that I use a mouth restraint if I go that route.  Says otherwise you might clench your teeth so hard they shatter.”

Julian stared up at her.  “What do you want?”

“Slightly better.”  She leaned on the side of the exam table and looked him over.  “Soon as the doc gives us the okay, we’ll take you back up to the rec room and well…”  She chuckled. “Wreck you again.”

His fists clenched, and he pulled at the restraints again.  She hit the button, sending another surge of pain through him.  And held it, counting aloud.  She released the button when she got to twenty-five.  He gasped, and felt his muscles still twitching even after the sensation had passed.  “I’m guessing you didn’t enjoy that.”  She patted his chest.  “So, let me spell it out for you.  When you’re not up in the rec room entertaining the crew, you can be here, with a nice little bit of code programmed to give you a ten to twenty second taste of that every few minutes.”  She caught his chin, and turned his face towards hers.  “Or you can be compliant.”  She straightened.

“Hell or damnation.”  Julian swallowed.  He had no chance at fighting his way out of this, even if he hadn’t been restrained.  The only hope would be to simply survive long enough for some chance to come.

“Pretty much.”  She reached down to the bedside table, and picked up a mouth restraint.  He started struggling as she reached for his head, and then someone else’s hands were there, holding him in place as she secured the restraint.  She patted him as the doctor released him.  “I’m going to give you a few hours to think it over.”

Pain shot through him again as she flipped a toggle, and then she and the doctor left the room, shutting off the lights and leaving him in agony and darkness.


“Trade you —”

“No.”  Kyle set the bottles into his footlocker.

“Come on…”  Rand shook his head. “Just one bottle.”

“Hey, you could have helped yourself.”  Kyle closed the footlocker and secured the lock.

“I did help myself.”  Rand waggled his eyebrows.

“To something other than a stewardess.”  Kyle rolled his eyes.  Twelve bottles of prime whiskey was not something he was going to randomly share out.

“What do you suppose is going on in Alliance space right now?”  Rand perched on the edge of Kyle’s bunk.

“Mass confusion, panic, oppression…”  Kyle shrugged.  “Or do you mean after the Prime Minister gets the vid?”  If it wasn’t for those quarantine zones, he’d still be a soldier.  He’d been blacklisted the moment the wall went up.  All of those who’d fought their way out had.  And with Palindor still trying to resolve the situation peacefully, ‘suspected terrorists’ were barred from active duty.  The chance to demoralize their enemies was exactly what he’d signed on for.  The previous day had been one hell of a rush.  The fun of playing pirate, followed by the exquisitely glorious pleasure of sticking his cock down the throat of a pampered rich boy.  Not just any pampered rich boy.  A member of the damn royal family.  The only thing that might have made it better would have been if he’d gotten to go first.

“Captain should have sent it to the newsfeeds.”  Rand chuckled.

“Don’t be stupid.”  Kyle sat down on the footlocker.  “They’d have played it as ‘that poor boy in the hands of terrorists.’”

“We are terrorists.”  Rand smirked.

“We’re fighting for a cause.”  Kyle shook his head.  The civilians they’d managed to recover from the zones had told horror stories about what they’d had to do to escape.  The abuses of Alliance ‘PeaceKeepers’ were well known.  And defending yourself was all it took to get labeled a ‘terrorist’ these days.  “Maybe now that a member of his family is going through what a lot of other people have faced thanks to the zones the Prime Minister will get his head out of his ass.”

“You really think that?”  Rand rolled his eyes.

“No.”  Kyle shrugged.  Things wouldn’t change until Palindor stood up and fought.  “But stranger things have happened.”


Prime Minister Vendral shut off the video, and laid the datapad on the table with the screen down.  He looked across the table at his chief of staff.  “Who has seen this?”

“It came over a secure channel, sir.”  Daryl was slightly pale.  “My secretary saw the first few seconds and then brought it to me.  I…”  He swallowed.  “I only saw the first couple minutes.”

“The Silverfish.”  Vendral leaned back in his chair.

“Helmed by Melinda Laria, of Dagos IV.  She was high ranking in their military, until they signed the concord and joined the Alliance.  As per normal protocols, all higher ranking military officials were subjected to checks.  Hers revealed no few abuses of power and other irregularities.  When called upon to answer she…”  Daryl shook his head.   “She killed almost two dozen other officers with an explosive and went on the run.”  Daryl glanced down at his own datapad.  “She claimed they’d sold her out and were the real traitors.  Most of her crew is cut from similar cloth.  Criminals who lost their veneer of legitimacy.”

“And now are terrorists.”  Vendral looked down at the datapad again.  “How did they…”

“We found a breach of protocol.  Normally your family’s travel is insulated by several layers.  This time that broke down, and his passage was arranged directly.  However, from what we’ve gathered, they…”  Daryl sighed.  “They were expecting to find you.”

His fists clenched.  “You’re telling me that they got stupid and lucky and that’s the reason my grandson is…”  He forced himself to take a deep breath.  “He’s a kid.  He…”  Vendral shook his head.  “He isn’t involved in politics.  He’s…”  He slammed a fist on the table.  “When he turned eighteen he registered as a Sapphire.  He’s a pacifist, for fuck’s sake.”

“I know.”  Daryl bit his lip before shaking his head.  “I know.”

“Alert the guard he’s been captured but not…”  He looked down at the datapad.  “He doesn’t need the world to know this.”

“Yes, sir.”

He watched Daryl leave, then sighed and picked the datapad back up.  He fast-forwarded, watching his grandson struggle as the crew took turns at him.  He’d kept fighting, even when they’d paused to just beat him for a while.  And mercifully, he was unconscious but still alive when the video ended.  He restored it to normal speed, and watched the captain of the Silverfish inform him that the boy’s ordeal was just getting started.  Then he shut off the datapad and buried his face in his hands.


Despite himself, Julian was unable to bite back a whimper when she flipped the toggle off.  He could feel blood on his palms where his nails had dug in, and his wrists and ankles were slick from the abrasions he’d gained thrashing every time a jolt hit him.  She chuckled when she looked down at him.  “You look a mess.  We’re going to have to clean you up a bit before we present you to the crew.”  She removed the mouth restraint, pulling the gag out from between his teeth.

He cursed.  She raised an eyebrow, and reached for the toggle.  “Don’t.”  He barely recognized his own voice.

“What’s the magic word?”  She touched the tip of her finger to the toggle.

“Please.”  He swallowed.  “Please don’t.  No more.”

“Tell you what.”  She folded her arms.  “I’m going to let you shower, then take you to the rec room.  You be a nice, cooperative little whore for my crew, and I won’t bring you back here when they’re done with you.”  She chuckled.  “It’s not as if resisting will put a stop to it anyway.”

The worst part was she was right.  The previous evening had proved that.  He dropped his eyes, looking away from her, and heard her laugh.  A curse escaped him as the medic jabbed a needle into his arm.  “What’s the matter, precious?”  The medic patted his cheek.  “That hurt?”

“So, what’s it going to be?”  The captain leaned forward.  “You gonna be a good boy?”

“You have made it clear there are no other options.”  He took a deep breath.  “I will cooperate.”

She smirked.  “Typical.  Scratch the surface just a little…”  She leaned in.  “And you Alliance types are all cowards.”  She caught his chin, lifting his head so he was looking into her eyes.  “Your brother and father both helm ships.  I wonder if they’ll fold as easily as you did.”

“If you wanted a fight, Captain…”  He swallowed.  “You should have captured a soldier.”

More laughter.  “No.  If you’d fought, we’d have just killed you.”  She ran her hand down his chest.  “I think this is going to be far better for crew morale.  Your people have pushed us around long enough.”


It took effort to make his legs work as he followed her out of the medical bay.  No clothes had been offered, leaving him to walk through the ship in the nude.  The crew members they passed made lewd remarks, and he could feel his skin burning by the time they reached what she called the rec room.  Seven of the crew were lounging inside.  Four men and three women.  The captain whistled, and they turned towards her.  She gestured at him.  “Good news.  Our guest had such a fun time at the last party, he wanted to play again.”

Laughter greeted her words, and he nearly recoiled at the sound.  The captain smirked at him, then pointed at a spot in the center of the room.  “Get on your hands and knees.”

He walked towards the location, and did as he was instructed.  One of the crew chuckled.  “Bit of the fight’s gone out of him.”

“Almost a shame.”  A woman’s voice said.  “Watching him thrash around was pretty funny.”  Her voice grew closer, and he was caught by the hair and forced to look up at her.  “Then again, you boys hogged all the fun last time.”


Kyle couldn’t quite bring himself to stop staring.  The captain had just led the rich boy back in, stark naked, and ordered him to his knees.  Watching the guy obey had gotten him hard instantly.  He was a pretty little thing.  So many of the noble shits were.  Kyle sat back, a small smile on his face, as Riska undid the zipper on her jumpsuit.  She looked up, smiling.  “You two…”  She gestured at him and Stelin.  “Put him on the table for me.”

He laughed, then walked forward to grab one of the guy’s arms.  The prisoner didn’t resist, didn’t fight at all as he and Stelin dragged his back over the low table.  Riska put a hand on Kyle’s shoulder for balance as she straddled the guy’s face.  She shifted a little, and it wasn’t until the prisoner started struggling that Kyle realized she was smothering the man with her cunt.  There was laughter, and then Riska let up just enough that the guy could breath.  “Get your tongue working there, your lordship.”

Two other crewmembers got hold of the prisoner’s legs, spreading them and holding them still as Frank opened his own jumpsuit.  The prisoner screamed into Riska’s pussy when Frank entered him roughly.  Kyle joined in the laughter.

The captain stood, watching with a smirk.  “So, our guest here has agreed to stay on board a while, to help with crew…”  She chuckled.  “Morale.  Each crew member can have three hours per week of…”  She shrugged.  “Morale.  There’ll be a schedule on the system so as not to have anybody fighting over their turn.”  She leaned back on the wall.  “Try not to break your new toy.”


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