Silverfish: Chapter 3

The captain gave him a shove into the room.  At first glance, it looked like standard crew quarters.  A second glance revealed that restraints had been added to the bed.  Julian swallowed.

“Your door only locks on the outside.”  He heard the captain’s voice, and couldn’t bring himself to turn around and face her.  “So, you won’t be leaving, and anybody who wants to come in for a visit can.”

“Will they at least knock first?”  He caught a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror, and tore his eyes away from it.

“Probably not.”  She pointed.  “Refresher unit is there.  Entertainment unit is there, but I shut it off.  Maybe you can think up some way to earn that privilege.”  He could almost hear her smirk.  “You get one channel on the comm, and that’s to the medical bay, case someone plays a little too rough.”  She folded her arms.  “Resist or fight, and well…”  She chuckled.  “You got a taste of that already.”  She left, closing the door behind her.  He heard the sound of the lock engaging.

She hadn’t said, but he was sure the quarters were bugged.  If he threw himself down on the cot and wept, someone would get a good laugh out of it.  He looked around the chamber again, and then sank into the chair next to the small desk unit.  He went through the drawers and found them all empty.  Not so much as a writing pen.  The cabinets and wardrobe showed the same.  He sighed, and caught another glimpse of his reflection in the mirror.  He made himself meet his eyes, but couldn’t hold the gaze for more than a few moments.

He was about to sit back down when he heard the lock click.  The door opened, and the woman who’d been the one to drag him out of his quarters on the liner entered.  She looked him over, and then pointed.  “Get on the bed.”

Part of him wanted to attack.  To fight, to run.  Another part of him told himself not to be stupid.  By now, his grandfather knew he’d been captured.  Negotiation and ransom weren’t options, but that didn’t prevent bounty hunters and the like from being hired.  Rescue would come.  Fighting or fleeing would just increase his likelihood of being killed beforehand.

Instead, he laid down, and let her secure his wrists and ankles to the bunk.  “I had a family, back on Eden.  Until your people came along.  Haven’t seen them in five years.” He winced when she grabbed hold of his nipple and squeezed.  “Nice house.”  He bit back the cry of pain when she twisted her hand.  “Even had a dog.”  Then she went to the small satchel she’d set on the desk when she’d entered, and pulled out a syringe containing a small amount of a yellow substance.  “Doc said being compliant doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be able, but this should take care of that issue.”

A hiss escaped him as she jammed the needle into the muscle of his thigh and pushed the plunger.  She tossed it aside, and then straddled him.  To his horror, he felt his body start to react to the drug.  She bent her head, kissing him, biting his lower lip hard enough to hurt.  Her hand went to his groin, and caught hold of his shaft.  He could feel his skin burning as he responded to her touch, and she laughed before leaning down to speak into his ear.  “The best part is knowing you’re hating every minute of this.”


Kyle sat down on the bunk and stared at the computer.  He swallowed a couple times, then opened the calendar.  It others had similar ideas, and the prisoner was already booked for the next couple days, minus the four hours the captain had apparently given him to sleep.  Kyle swallowed as he looked at the schedule.  Three hours with that pretty young man?  The thought already had him hard.

He selected a window of time on the schedule, and put his name down.  Briefly it occurred to him that not everybody would be interested.  He could negotiate for a few more hours.  Maybe trade a shift, or some of his loot.

Or maybe he was getting ahead of himself.  So far, he’d only had the prisoner while the guy was in the rec room, being held down while the crew took their turns.  That had been exciting in its own way, but he wasn’t sure exactly what it would be like when he had the guy alone.

A small chuckle escaped him as he lay back on the bed and began thinking of what he could do in three hours.


She’d added a fair number of claw and teeth marks to him before she’d finished.  She unfastened one of the restraints around his wrists before leaving.  It took him a few moments to work up the energy to undo the others.  Moving hurt.  He glanced at the communication unit, and shook his head.

The captain had called him the ship’s whore.  It would appear scapegoat would be a more accurate term.  His last visitor made sure he knew well that the crew of this ship was going to make him pay for every single wrong the Alliance had ever done them, real or imagined.  There had been corpses when they’d pulled him off the liner.  One of the stewards, a young man sending money home to pay for his sister’s schooling, had been executed.  He was not in the hands of innocent victims.

Only a few minutes later, he had his proof that the quarters were indeed bugged.  The doctor complimented the show as he closed the door behind him.  Then he told Julian to lay back down.  The medical ointment was cool on his skin as the doctor applied it to the bleeding marks.  “Don’t want you scarring.”  The doctor patted him on the thigh.  “They leave marks that aren’t going to go away on their own in a couple hours, apply this.”  He held up a tube of the ointment, then put it in the cabinet.  “Nanite gel, works nice for topical abrasions.  Bigger damage, you use the comm.  You don’t…”  He grabbed Julian’s hair and lifted his head up.  “Well, the Captain has left deciding the punishment for that up to me.”

He instructed Julian to sit up, and applied a bit more of the ointment before running a medical scanner over him.  “No STDs.  Pretty sure there weren’t, but some of the crew get a little reckless when they are off ship.”

“Well, that’s some good news.”  Julian couldn’t quite keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

“Ain’t broken yet.”  The doctor smiled.  “Good.  It’s a bit more fun this way.  Knowing you’re hating every moment of it, that you have to make yourself submit.”  He unfastened the front of his shipsuit before he pulled Julian upright, then spun him around.

Julian was bent over, and the doctor held his wrist pinned at the small of his back.  Somehow, the doctor entering him slowly felt more obscene than the rabid thrusting he’d endured the previous evening.  He took a deep breath, trying to imagine himself being anywhere else, doing anything else.  His other wrist was caught, and the doctor used his arms as leverage, pulling Julian back into him as he got his full length inside.  Julian shut his eyes as the doctor let out a small laugh.  “Damn.  You’re still tight, ain’t you?”  He withdrew before slowly pushing his way back inside.  “Gonna require a bit of effort to keep you that way, what with a crew of twenty-five taking their turns.”  He twisted Julian’s arm.  “Moan.”

“What?”  Julian gasped as his arm was twisted again.

“Moan for me.”  The doctor chuckled.  “Like a whore.  Convince me you’re enjoying yourself, or I’m going to give you a nerve stim and work you over good.”  He twisted Julian’s arm enough to make him gasp against the pain.  “Moan, and beg me to fuck you harder.”

There was a limit.  “Go fuck yourself.”  Julian jerked away from him.  He started to turn, and the doctor backhanded him across the face before hitting him with the stun unit.  Darkness took over.


Leon paced his quarters, now and then glancing at the screen as his grandfather filled him in on what had happened.  “Do we know what area the Silverfish frequents?”

“Leon…”  Vendral started shaking his head.  “You can’t…”

“Watch me.”  He narrowed his eyes.  “That’s my little brother, and there is no fucking way in any of the nine hells I’m going to let them…”

“You cannot cross into Palindor space without provoking retaliation.”

“Provoking retali…”  Leon’s hands slammed down on his desk.  “They came into our space, attacked one of our ships, and took —”

“The Silverfish is not a Palindor vessel, Leon.  It’s a rogue ship full of terrorists.  The Palindor leadership has disavowed all knowledge of the attack.”  Vendral was in full Prime Minister mode now.

“If that were true, there’d be nothing preventing them from bringing the Silverfish to justice.”  He knew it wasn’t true even as he said it.  Palindor had little reason to cooperate with Alliance requests.  Even if they did catch the Silverfish, his brother would not be returned.  Still, Palindor had no reason to do Julian harm.  They’d keep him in a gilded cage somewhere.  Given Julian’s political views, they might even welcome him with open arms.

“You think the situation would be improved if Julian were in the hands of the Palindor government?”  Vendral raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t lie to me, papa.”  Leon’s hands shook a little as he clenched them into fists.  “You and I both know why terrorists would have taken him.  I’ll bet you my command they already sent you a vid.  And if you think I’m going to just let them have my little brother —”

“We can do nothing on official channels, Leon.”  The Prime Minister vanished, and it was just his grandfather standing there now.  “I’ve instructed a bounty be put up, for both recovery and information.  If they do find anything…”  He slowly nodded.  “Bring your brother home by whatever means necessary.”

“Yes, sir.”  Leon saluted.


He begged.  He hated himself every moment, but he begged.  He knew they’d send a video of it to his grandfather, and he still couldn’t help it.  He begged.  Anything they wanted, whatever they wanted.  Just make it stop.

Julian didn’t know how long it took after the doctor turned the unit off before he managed to actually draw a full breath without gasping.  His body still shook and twitched from the after effects of the nerve stimulation.  The treatment was designed to speed healing.  Until now, he’d never truly realized how cruelly it could be misused.

His chin was caught, and his head forced up to meet the captain’s eyes.  “That was an hour…”  She ran her other hand down his cheek.  “Next time I have to punish you, it will be two.”


He entered to find the prisoner washing his face.  “Nine hundred already?”  The prisoner set the cloth down.  “Time does seem to fly.”  The man shrugged.  “And what, pray tell, is your preference?  Over the desk, against the wall, or on the bed?”

Kyle felt himself slightly taken aback.  “I, uh…”  He shrugged.  “Why don’t you sit on the bed?”  The prisoner shrugged, and sat down on the bed, leaning against the wall with his posture almost arrogant.  He folded his arms and raised an eyebrow at Kyle.  Kyle shrugged.  “What’s your name?”

“I believe you know my name.  My name is, in fact, the entire reason I am here, is it not?”

“Right.  Julian Vendral.”  Kyle nodded.  “Folks call you Julian?”

“Lately folks call me all sorts of things.”  Julian shrugged.  “Whore seems to be the most common sobriquet, though ‘royal bitch’ seems to be gaining in popularity.”

“I, uh…”  Kyle frowned, unsure of exactly how he seemed to be losing control of the conversation.  “Can I call you Julian?”

“The Captain made it clear you may call me whatever you like.”  Julian lifted his fingers.  “Something about it being good for your morale.”

“If you’re going to just be an asshole…”  Kyle narrowed his eyes.  “You can get on your knees.”

“Excellent choice.”  Julian stood, meeting his eyes with a smirk before dropping to his knees.  “There are few tortures on this ship worse than enduring small talk.”

A laugh escaped him.  “You’d rather suck my cock than talk to me?”

“I’d rather bite your cock off, but that is not one of my options.”  Julian stared up at him, his eyes a piercing blue.  “So yes, to be blunt, I’d rather just get this over with so I can go back to watching your ship rust.”

“It that’s the way you want it.”  Kyle unzipped his suit, and then grabbed a handful of the dark hair.  He looked down, then frowned as the prisoner simply sat there with the first three inches of Kyle’s cock in his mouth.  “Uh…”  He pulled his cock back out.  “You’re supposed to…”

“As has been thoroughly demonstrated over the last couple days, I am supposed to keep my mouth open while my throat is repeatedly impaled.  I believe I am also supposed to choke and gag.  Is that not correct?”  The eyebrow was lifted again.  “Or are you one of the ones who also wants me to cry?”

“I don’t want to fuck your face.  I want you to suck my cock.”  Kyle shook his head.

“Well, that puts us at an impasse, does it not?”  Julian shrugged.  “Regardless of what many seem to think, they do not actually offer a course in that at Welsmath.”

“I, uh…”  Kyle found himself laughing a little again.  “You may be the first I’ve ever met that doesn’t know how to suck a cock.”

“Perhaps you should consider what that says about the company you keep.”

His hand tangled in the black hair again. “Guess you’re gonna have to listen to me talk then.”  He tilted Julian’s head up just a little, so he could get a good look at those blue eyes.  “Start by licking the tip.”  A smile came to Kyle’s face as Julian obeyed.


Somehow, hearing his grandson’s voice screaming and pleading was worse than watching him being violated.  He couldn’t send the guard in after the boy.  But there were other methods.  He’d instruct Daryl to put a bounty up.  A hundred thousand to the person who brought his grandson back alive.  Privately, he hoped that at least one person on the Silverfish would get greedy.  That would give him both his grandson, and the people who’d hurt him.

Prime Minister Vendral turned the datapad off and slipped it into his desk when he heard the door chime.  “Enter.”

He rose when he saw his daughter in law.  Her eyes were red-rimmed.  “Is he alive?”


“Don’t give me politics.  Give me the truth.”  She stared at him.  “Is my son alive?”


“You have proof?”

“I…”  He sighed.  “Yes.”

“Show me.”

“Lily, I…”

Realization entered her eyes.  “He’s being tortured, isn’t he?”

“Yes.”  Vendral sighed.  “But he’s alive.  And we will retrieve him.  He’s strong, Lily.”


“No.”  He shook his head.  “No, you don’t need to see.  And I won’t let you.  When we get him back, he’ll tell you what of it he wants you to know.”  He strode forward, and she clung to him tightly, sobbing into his chest.  He felt tears of his own as he hugged her.  “We’ll get him back.”


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