Learning Photoshop: Day 11 – Parchment

Today I went with a much less complicated tutorial, but one I can use as a base for upcoming projects.  How to make an old fashioned stained piece of parchment paper.  The tutorial can be found here.

My results?


Yeah, not overly impressive at first glance, but it definitely does what is needed and the same technique can be used to create water spots and other stains in different colors.  It looks like it might also be effective at creating things like rust and mold.

Now, when added to the file generated yesterday, we get:


And that’s definitely starting to look like something I wouldn’t mind having on a dust jacket of a book.  All together with my meager Photoshop skills, I’m looking at about four hours of work.  And that’s total, from finding the tutorial to generating the above.  Now imagine it with some time and care added, and you could definitely end up with something great.


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