Primitive: Chapter 10

Guerin looked up at the man who’d entered Darin’s office.  He’d been expecting a scientist, not someone built like a linebacker.  Guerin nodded.  “Thank you for coming, Mr. Wōtan.”

“A pleasure.”  Mr. Wōtan accepted Guerin’s handshake.  “I was told there was a sighting.  Would it be possible to speak with the witnesses?”

“I’m afraid it would not.”  Darin stood, and also shook Mr. Wōtan’s hand.  “Given the delicacy of the matter, the situation had to be contained.”

Mr. Wōtan nodded.  “I see.”

“What can you tell us about this creature?”  Darin folded his arms.  “Is he an extraterrestrial?”

“Quite the opposite, really.”  Mr. Wōtan’s spoke with an accent that sounded Russian.  It put Guerin slightly on edge.  “I would require access to the samples you took to confirm, but if I am correct…”  He shrugged.  “Then you may be better off thinking of him as primordial rather than extraterrestrial.”

“You mean what?” Guerin blinked.  “He’s some kind of Neanderthal throwback?”

“That is one way to put it.”  Mr. Wōtan set his briefcase on the table.

“Mr. Wotan…”  Guerin narrowed his eyes.  “That thing has my son.”

“I am aware of the situation.”  Mr. Wōtan gave Guerin a sympathetic look.  “However, if he was going to kill the boy he would have done it already.  Mr. Darin says that the creature took the boy to bait you into a trap?”

“Christophe confirmed it when the thing let me talk to him.”  Guerin swallowed.  He could still hear Christophe’s bitten back cry of pain.  “This thing needs to be neutralized.”

“Contained.”  Mr. Wōtan’s voice was firm and calm.

“It’s —”

“Captain Guerin, I cannot stress this enough, and I have the backing of your superiors on the matter.”  Mr. Wōtan met his eyes.  “The creature is to be taken alive.”

“You have any idea how many people it’s already killed?”  Guerin glared at him.  “This thing, Li-cost or —”


“What?”  Guerin blinked.

“His name…”  Mr. Wōtan smiled.  “Is Lykos.”


He woke slowly.  The last couple times he’d started to wake, disoriented and pained, Lykos had been there, his voice soothing and comforting as he told Christophe to go back to sleep.  This time, however, there was no disorientation.  Sitting up, however, made him groan a little.  His entire body ached.  Christophe’s eyes fell on the cross, where it had been put back up.  He swallowed.

“Awake?”  Lykos’s voice came from behind him.  Christophe winced as he turned, and Lykos gave him an appraising look.  “How feel?”

“Kind of like I ran a marathon yesterday.”  He hesitated a moment, then shrugged.  “I hurt like hell but it’s kind of…”

“Good hurt?”  Lykos raised an eyebrow.

“You crucified me.”  He stared at Lykos.

“You proved strong.  Good.”  Lykos closed the distance between them and unfastened the chain.  “Can stand?”

“I…”  Christophe considered the question. “I don’t know.”  He managed, with some effort, to get to his feet, but only because Lykos was there to keep him from falling.  “Almost.  I —”  He was cut off by Lykos simply sweeping him up and into Lykos’s arms.  “What…”

“Present.  Make feel better.”  Lykos carried him a little into the cave.

Christophe saw what had clearly once been some kind of storage container.  It was filled with water, and steam rose up from the surface.  Christophe noted a fire had been built near the metal container, just close enough to provide some heat.  Lykos carried him to it, and Christophe turned his head to look at the man holding him.  “You made me a bath.”

“Hot water good for sore muscles.”  Lykos nodded.  He lowered Christophe into the water gently.

The water was hot, just a few degrees shy of unbearable.  It felt good, especially after the chill of the cave.  He let out a small sigh.  “Thank you.”

“I take care of what is mine.”  Lykos patted his cheek, then kissed his forehead.  “You proved strong.  Am proud to have you as mine.”  He smiled.  “Rest.  Soak.”  He bent to secure Christophe’s chain.  “Call when done.”  Then he turned, and left the chamber.

Slowly, Christophe felt himself starting to relax.  This was not what he expected to have happen today.  He’d expected…  Something other than waking to find Lykos had built him a small spa.  His hand came out of the water to sit on the side of the metal tub, and he sat up a little to look around.  On the other side of the tub was a small table.  Two bottles of water sat on it, both showing condensation that proved they were cold.  A bar of soap and a rag were also present.  A cloth covered plate sat next to them, and he lifted the cloth to see a meal of venison, berries, and biscuits.  Christophe smiled as he took one of the berries.


Nearly an hour passed before he heard his Christophe call.  Lykos rose from his work, and went into the chamber.  Christophe sat in the tub, and gave him an apologetic look.  “I, uh…”  Christophe exhaled.  “I can’t manage to get out.”

“Will make step stool before next bath.”  Lykos chuckled, then went to assist him.  Christophe was able to stand without wobbling.  He smiled when Lykos wrapped a towel around his shoulders.  “Have berry on face.”

Christophe wiped his mouth, then smiled.  “They were good.  Thank you.”  He managed to walk to the cave entrance, leaning on Lykos only once for support.

Lykos secured his leash again, then ruffled Christophe’s hair affectionately.  “Tomorrow I go into town.  Decide what things you need.”

“I…”  Christophe gave him a hesitant look.  “I assume asking to come along will get me nowhere?”

“Not safe to take you.  Might be recognized.”  He smiled.  “You don’t like me killing people, so we avoid me having to kill people.  See?”

“That’s…”  Christophe nodded.  “Better than the alternative, I guess.”  He frowned a little.  “Maybe a book?  Or a notebook or something to write in?”  He looked up at Lykos again.  “How will you pay for stuff?”  His eyes widened.  “You’re not going to steal it, are you?”

“Pawn shop.  I sell things.”  Lykos shrugged.  When Christophe gave him a confused look, Lykos walked over and picked up a piece of coal before walking back.  He held it up for Christophe to see, then closed his hand around it.  Then he concentrated as he squeezed his hand closed more tightly.  After a few moments, he opened his hand again and brushed some of the debris away before showing Christophe the result.

“You just…”  Christophe stared.  “You just made a fucking diamond.”  He looked up at Lykos, then back at the item in hand.  “You just made a fucking diamond.”

“Need cut before can sell.”  Lykos set the diamond down.  “Shaped ones more valuable to humans.  No appreciation for natural forms.”

“You just made a diamond.”  Christophe pointed.  “You just crushed coal into a diamond with your bare hand.  You…”  He trailed off, then just started laughing.  “You squish metal like clay.”

He stared at Christophe for several moments while the young man tried to get himself back under control.  “Christophe?”

A couple more shakes of his head, and Christophe managed to stop the mirth.  “I just…”  Another snicker.  “How the hell do dwarves masturbate?”

It took Lykos a couple moments to realize what Christophe had just asked, then he reached out and smacked Christophe upside the head.  The young man just started laughing again.


He made a small list of ingredients.  Lykos had indicated he’d be gone a couple days, but with the chain attached to his neck escape seemed unlikely.  Still, he’d have a chance to try picking the lock.  Somehow.  Lykos’s behavior toward him had changed a little, despite the fact he still kept Christophe on a leash.  There was occasionally contempt in the man’s voice when he spoke of humans, but it was no longer directed at Christophe himself.  “I’d like clothes.”  He gave Lykos a hopeful look.

“Write size.  Shoes.”  Lykos nodded.

That was something, at least.  Christophe jotted the information down.  If he didn’t escape and Lykos didn’t catch him trying to escape, maybe he’d at least get to wear pants again.  Though admittedly, being naked didn’t bother him as much as it had at first.  Christophe glanced down at the cuffs on his wrists.  He raised a hand to feel for the edges of the collar around his neck, and felt a tendril of relief when he found them.  Then he looked back at the note.  “Alright.”  He set it aside.  “That’s all I can think of at the moment.”

Shortly after he’d leaned back, he felt Lykos’s hand touch his cheek.  He looked up to see Lykos standing over him.  The man caught his chin, then rubbed a thumb over his lips.  Then Lykos smiled.  “Get on knees.”

A chill settled into the pit of his belly.  He’d almost forgotten that part of the bargain he’d struck.  Why he’d ended up on the cross in the first place.  Proving himself worthy of sucking his ‘master’s’ cock.  Christophe swallowed, then obediently went to his knees.  He hesitated a moment.  “I’ve never done this before.”

Instead of a cutting or contempt filled response, Lykos simply nodded.  “Is okay.  You are smart.  Learn fast.”  He ran his fingers through Christophe’s hair.  “Important part to remember.  No teeth.  If I feel teeth, I punish.”

“No teeth.  Right.”  Christophe nodded.

Lykos smiled down at him.  “You will do good, Christophe.”  He freed himself from his pants before shifting to grip the back of Christophe’s head.  “Open mouth.”

This couldn’t be worse than being on the cross.  Lykos wasn’t a small man, but it still couldn’t be worse than being on the cross.  He told himself to be grateful the man didn’t want to fuck him.  He hadn’t yet recovered enough for that.  Christophe licked his lips, then opened his mouth.  Lykos guided his head slowly, and Christophe closed his eyes as he felt the man’s cock sliding into his mouth.

Sitting here wouldn’t be enough.  He’d agreed to this because if Lykos was pleased with him, he could convince the man to show mercy.  Christophe shifted is head forward a little, then hesitantly began moving his tongue over the man’s shaft.  He felt Lykos harden in response, so he kept up the movement.


A small smile came to his face.  He’d expected his Christophe to be passive about this.  Offer his body for use, and little more.  Instead, his Christophe was leaning forward, his tongue moving almost eagerly.  There was nothing expert about the young man’s motions, but he was responsive.  If Lykos indicated pleasure, Christophe increased what he was doing.

He leaned his head back as he slowly pushed himself deeper into the throat of his Christophe.  Christophe choked a little when Lykos found the first resistance, but the man shifted his own position to give Lykos better access.   He kept his own motions slow, giving Christophe time to adjust to the new experience.  Christophe was too new at this to suppress his gag reflex, but Lykos was pleased to note he tried.  He eased back a little.

Christophe went back to work with his tongue, caressing Lykos’s cock.  Lykos made a purring noise, stroking Christophe’s hair with one hand while he used the other to keep Christophe’s head in place.  Part of him wanted to draw the experience out, to hold back and enjoy it longer.  But his Christophe was new, and stamina took practice.  He eased himself deeper into Christophe’s mouth moments before he came, then held Christophe’s head.  “Swallow.”

Lykos smiled with his Christophe obeyed the order without resistance.


Salt filled is mouth, and he heard the order.  It wasn’t as though Lykos was giving him a choice.  The man had a firm grip on his head.  Christophe swallowed.  Then he swallowed again as Lykos’s cock gave a few more twitches.  A moment later, Lykos withdrew from his mouth.  He took a couple deep breaths before looking up, and saw Lykos smiling at him.  “Good boy.”  Lykos ruffled his hair.

“Thank you, master.”  Christophe swallowed again.

“Worthy boy, and sucked my cock good.”  Lykos petted him again before pulling Christophe back to his feet.  Then Lykos kissed his cheek.  Despite himself, Christophe couldn’t help but feel a little proud at hearing the praise.  “Come.  Is time for sleeping.”

He waited until Lykos had unfastened the leash, then followed him back into the cave.


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