Photoshop: Eclipse

We’ve doomed everyone with asteroids and comets, but I don’t feel we’ve provided enough foreboding omens, do you?  Let’s go ahead and blot out the sun.  This tutorial is in two parts.  Part one:

My results?


I think the lens flare is still a little much and would dial it back a bit, or use a lens flare brush instead of the render option.  I also don’t care for the hot spots, but I think that’s just me rather than a problem with the concept.  I tried to do a small one and a big one to see the distinction, and I think the small one looks fine but the big one is kind of messy.

On to part two:

My results?


Now, I started this for an eclipse, but as I got to this point I couldn’t help but think that this would be an absolutely awesome effect to use for someone’s eyes.  Especially my characters of Khait and Laura/Erilon.  I will definitely be playing with this some more.


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