Tales out of Tallis: Timeline

Includes the ages of the Draak brothers.

Jurgen Liam Rutger Rien Event
0 Jurgen is born
1 Diantha is born
2 Wendel is born
4 Jurgen’s father, Gerlach, grows ill and dies within a week of the first symptoms
Thirza marries Levi, one of her advisors
5 0 Lammert is born
Jurgen starts to grow ill the same way his father did.  Levi is caught poisoning him and is sentenced to death by torture
6 1 Levi manages to dash his skull against a wall, thus carrying out his death sentence after over a year of torture
11 6 Koert is captured in a raid and taken as a slave by a noble of Clan Valyk
13 8 Koert is ordered to entertain Thirza with a poem.  Thirza appreciates the poem enough that she purchases Koert.
15 10 The opening scene of Stone and Fire
16 11 Koert gives Lammert his first birthday present via Jurgen
Thirza arranges the alliance between Clan Draak and Clan Valyk, thus effectively uniting 2/3rds of the Wildlands
Koert begins training Lammert in staff fighting
Lammert and Jurgen fight back to back for the first time, defeating six other boys in a duel
Koert teaches Lammert how to ride a horse
Jurgen meets Diantha, Diantha breaks Jurgen’s nose, Jurgen falls in love with Diantha
Thirza informs Jurgen he must choose between marrying Diantha and accompanying Lammert on his adulthood quest.  Jurgen choses Diantha.
The Ilael queen dispatches Uduak and a few others on a quest to return a gemstone to a volcano
17 12 0 Rutger is born
Lammert leaves on his adulthood quest
Returning the gemstone causes an earthquake, and the Ilael are captured by the Unitafels
Lammert enters the tomb and discovers the scepter, thus taking on Asrael’s Sight.  Meanwhile the Unitafels slaughter his guard
Lammert is captured by the Unitafels.  Shortly after regaining consciousness, he hears them talking about abusing Efua, and comes to her defense.  He kills one, but then is overpowered and abused instead.
The Unitafels sell the Ilael to Tebotas.  Uduak insists Lammert be purchased as well, offering to pay his ransom personally
Uduak realizes Lammert can speak and understand any language, and starts to get an inkling that his dreams are prophetic
Jurgen marries Diantha
Uduak pays her ship’s bread to ransom Lammert, then adopts him as her son, Liam
18 13 1 Liam is officially adopted by the Ilael
Liam gets a vision of a wrecked ship, and leads his crew to rescue the survivors.  Adaeze is thus rescued.
Jurgen and Diantha meet Pauwel
Adaeze asks to join the crew of the Phoenix to stay close to Liam
19 14 2 Jurgen and Diantha’s son, Petrus, is born
Thirza marries Pauwel to gain control of his clan’s mineral wealth
Adaeze is captured by Manisar slavers.  Wendel is a prisoner at the same time.  Liam gets a vision, and goes to the rescue.  Enu accompanies them despite Liam having a vision that he will die if he does.  Liam choses saving Wendel over saving Enu, and Enu is murdered by the Manisar slavers
Liam helps Wendel on his quest, thus starting Wendel on the road to Solsthriem’s throne and preventing a civil war
20 15 3 Liam gets a vision of Rien’s birth, and realizes he has to return to the Wildlands
0 Rien and Phillip are born during a total eclipse of the sun
Liam arrives in Darodelf during Rien’s naming ceremony, and presents the Scepter of Asrael to Queen Thirza, thus completing the quest he’d set out on three years earlier.
Liam stops Rutger from tossing Rien off the balcony in a jealous tantrum
Thirza gives Wharf Tower to Liam
Liam rescues Wendel from assassins and gives Wendel his horse
Liam returns to the Ilael and Adaeze
21 16 4 1 Ama is born
Adaeze claims Liam, and they are married
22 17 5 2 Liam returns to visit the Wildlands, bringing Sugarplum the stallion as a gift for Jurgen
Liam starts teaching Rien to juggle
Liam introduces Jurgen to Wendel
Uduak tells Jurgen which Unitafels tribe tortured Liam
Wendel and Jurgen have a threesome with Efua, thus beginning the relationship between Wendel and Jurgen
Jurgen and Liam help Wendel pull of the coup that leaves Wendel king of Solsthriem.
Jurgen and Wendel learn of Liam’s gift
Thirza orders Jurgen to carry out the raid on the Unitafels against Liam’s wishs
Wendel cements his position as king by marrying Marina
Marja Valyk is born
23 18 6 3 Mbali is born
Liam gets the vision of the Unitafels retalitory attack on Clan Valyk
Koert is killed saving Liam
Jonas Jaeger is born
24 19 7 4 Adaeze becomes captain of The Bard
Liam’s vision leads the ships to aid Uhses
Liam kills the basilisk and recovers the first keystone
Liam acquires Mikaere
Jurgen brings Pauwel and Diantha to meet Liam’s Ilael family
Bastien is born
Alida and Teuna are born
25 20 8 5 Pauwel is killed rescuing Jonas
26 21 9 6 Adaeze is named the heir to the throne of the Ilael
Paul Jaeger is born
Thirza begins pushing Liam to build a navy for the Wilders
Maikel Valyk is born
27 22 10 7 Efua begins accompanying Liam to the Wildlands
Jurgen makes Liam promise that if he has to choose, he is to save Rien over Jurgen
Liam promises to take Rutger to Petobae
Liam and Efua rescue the grandchildren of Mahdi al Nejem bin Amin of Jolusth
Zuri is born
28 23 11 8 Mikaere joins Liam and Efua in their treks to the Wild
Liam and Jurgen ride out together to save the Akobul villagers from the Unitafels
Liam takes Rutger to Petobae, and Rutger acquires twin gold stallions
Diantha loses her child, but Efua is able to prevent the miscarriage from claiming Diantha as well.  Efua reveals to Diantha that Efua herself is sterile after having miscarried the child of either Jurgen or Wendel
Ama becomes Liam’s apprentice
29 24 12 9 Rutger runs away from Jurgen in an attempt to prove his own worth during his adulthood quest.  Rutger is beaten, robbed, and raped by bandits and is moments away from throwing himself off a ledge in suicidal despair when Liam finds him and pulls him back
Despite knowing what will come of it, Liam purchases Rutger an elephant and magical artifact to take back to the Wildlands in triumph, knowing that if Rutger goes back as a failure Rutger will take his own life.  He promises Rutger that he will never tell anyone the truth
30 25 13 10 Maela and Rachel are born
Petrus comes with Jurgen to the Ilael and meets Liam’s children.
Jonas comes to the Wildlands incognito for six months, living among Jurgen’s children.  He and Petrus become blood-brothers
31 26 14 11 The relationship between Rutger and Liam starts to decay when Liam refuses to take Rutger on a ship with him.  Liam knows both that if Rutger goes with him on an Ilael vessel, Rutger will die, and that if he tells Rutger the truth Rutger will tell Thirza.
Jonas lives with the Ilael for six months, and forms a big brother / little sister bond with Zuri
32 27 15 12 Adaeze becomes Queen of the Ilael, making Liam King of the Ilael
Petrus participates in a tournament in Solsthriem as his adulthood quest.  His victory makes him the first Wilder to own land in Solsthriem and thus have legal rights in that kingdom.
Wolter Valyk is born
Rien goes on his adulthood quest, raiding into Thatela.  Liam declines to accompany him and Jurgen, as he knows if he does Rutger will become even more jealous of Rien and likely retaliate in some fashion
Jurgen talks Wendel into smuggling him into Natiel as part of Wendel’s diplomatic entourage so Jurgen can thwart a minor issue with the Unitafels.  Things go the way they normally do when Wendel and Jurgen team up
33 28 16 13 After another argument about the Liam refusing the build a navy for Thirza, Thirza attempts to kill him for the first time.  Liam spills the poisoned desert to prevent Petrus from eating it, thereby cluing Jurgen in to what just happened.
37 32 20 17 Enu Idowu is born
41 35 24 21 Liam blows up a castle
45 40 28 25 Thirza dispatches her sons to find the keystones, proclaiming whoever brings one back will be her heir
47 42 30 27 Rien joins in a raid on the Duke’s castle and takes Bastien prisoner

Events that have not been posted or referenced yet in story are left off to prevent spoilers.  A few events (such as various people’s births) are on this list despite having not been explicitly called out in the story, just for clarification purposes.


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