Archeology 101: Chapter 3

Khait rubbed his head and looked up at his ‘mistress’.  “Please stop hitting me.”

“Don’t whammy my friend.”  Bridget glared at him.

“What is ‘whammy’?”  Khait tilted his head.

“That thing you just did that uh…”  Bridget glanced at where Abigail was adjusting her clothes.  “Abby, are you okay?”

“Oh yeah.”  Abigail smiled.  “I’m great.  Wow.”  She laughed a little.

“That thing that made her like that.”  Bridget pointed.  She narrowed her eyes, then jabbed him with the umbrella.  “What are you?”

“I am not certain how to answer that question in a meaningful way.”  He spread his hands, moving away a little so she’d have a more difficult time hitting him with her chosen weapon.  This was going to require a change of tactics.  “I was cursed.  To escape the curse, I must throw myself upon your mercy.”

“Why were you cursed?”  Before he could answer, Bridget held up a hand.  “And I’m ordering you to or wishing that you would or however it works.  Tell me the truth.”

Oh.  That was going to be a problem.  Okay, so, no lying, but maybe he could leave a few parts out.  Like as close to everything as possible.  “I seduced a queen and caused a…”  He shrugged.  “Political difficulty that annoyed a dragon.”

“There is no such thing as dragons.”  Bridget rolled her eyes.

“Yesterday you would have said the same about genies.”  Abigail gestured at him.

“He’s not a genie.”  Bridget glared at her friend, then looked back at him.  “Tell the truth.  What are you?”

“I…”  He felt the magic of the talisman take hold and gave a frustrated sigh.  Isis had really gone all in on the retribution thing.  He was going to have to be careful.  “I’m an incubus.”

“Whoa.  Seriously?”  Abigail laughed a little.  “Wow, now that explains the whammy.”

“Stop talking about the whammy.”  Bridget glared at her again.

“What is a whammy?”  Khait exhaled.

“Like, who all does the whammy work on?  I mean, clearly it doesn’t work on Bridget, but is that because she’s your boss or because she doesn’t like cock?”  Abigail leaned forward.

“I…”  Khait considered the question a moment, then shrugged.  “Could be both.”

“Would it work on guys who like cock?”  Abigail chewed her bottom lip.  “Cause I’ve got some theories about Professor Montague and really could use an A in math.”

“Abigail Cross!”  Bridget gave her a scandalized look.

“What?”  Abigail responded with an innocent smile.  “Come on, getting that man laid would do the whole student body a favor.”

“Stop whoring out my genie.”


Bridget looked down at the remains of her breakfast.  It had been slightly discomforting the next morning when she’d woken to learn the previous day was not, in fact, a heat induced dream.  There was a ring stuck on her finger, and it came with an incubus attached.  Khait was bound to obey her, as the nature of the curse he suffered effectively turned him into a genie.

A bit of questioning and cautious experimentation had proved his powers were far from unlimited.  The beers he’d produced the previous evening had apparently come from the secret stash of one of the other students.  Candice been furious at the theft, but it had taken Khait all of about six seconds to not only charm her into forgiving the ‘misunderstanding’ but to offer him the remaining beers.  And that was after Bridget had ordered him not to whammy anyone without permission.

“He’s trouble.”  Abigail’s voice came from behind her.  Khait had a small circle of girls fussing over him.  “Bridget, what are we going to do with him?”

“That, uh…”  Bridget exhaled.  Khait didn’t have a passport.  Or identification of any kind.  “I have no idea.”  She sighed.  “If he has been buried for five hundred years it isn’t like we can just let him go off on his own.”

“Then again…”  Abigail smirked as she watched the other students around Khait.  “Maybe he’s not the one we should be worried about.”  She frowned.  “Is he whammying them?”

“I ordered him not to whammy anyone without permission, so…”  She frowned.  “Seriously, what are we going to do with him?”  She shook her head.  “We can’t just leave him here.  He’s behind the times and can do magic and…”  She made a small whimpering sound.  “Bridget, I have a genie.”  She glanced at her friend.  “Abigail?”  Bridget sighed.  “Abigail?”  She waved a hand in Abigail’s face.

“What?”  Abigail glanced back at her, then exhaled.  “Yeah, that whammy is uh…”  She shook her head.  “Taking a bit to wear all the way off.”  She shrugged.  “You know, if you don’t want him…”

“Abigail!”  Bridget starred.

“You know, for a big fat lesbian, you’re kind of a prude.”  Abigail gave her a teasing grin.

“I am not fat.”  Bridget gave her a mock glare back.  “Abigail.”

“He got into your tent.  I’m guessing if you tell him to come back with us without being noticed, he’ll managed.  I mean…”  She spread her hands.  “Bridget, he’s a genie.”  She twitched a shoulder.  “Or he could just whammy airport security.”  Abigail dropped her voice and muttered something that sounded like “lucky bitches.”


Abigail offered Professor Kravitz the iced coffee.  “You just earned an A.”  He smiled gratefully as he took it.  Then his expression became serious.  “I noticed your new friend is still hanging around the camp.”  He took a sip of the coffee.  “Is he going to be trouble?”

“Depends on how you define trouble.”  Abigail shrugged.

“I overheard Charles issuing some improbable but still worrying threats in his direction after he saw Greta speaking with him.”  Kravitz raised an eyebrow.

“I thought it would be Martin issuing the threats after Prudence couldn’t keep her hands off him.”

“Yes, well…”  Professor Kravitz rolled his eyes.  “Martin seems to have developed a different kind of interest.

“Huh…”  Abigail tilted her head.  “Clearly my gaydar is way off kilter.”

Professor Kravitz gave her an annoyed look.  “Meanwhile, I am wondering when my bright, educated, and eager young adults reverted back to their freshman years of high school.”


“How are we going to get him on the plain?”  Bridget had her arms folded and was talking to Abigail.

“Which plain?”  Khait raised an eyebrow.

“The air plain.”  Bridget gave him an impatient look.

“I don’t know.  He doesn’t have any eye deeds, let alone a pass port.”  Abigail frowned.  “Maybe we could smuggle him in a box?”

“It’s a really long flight.”  Bridget shook her head.  “And we change plains three times.”

“Why are we changing plains?”  Khait tilted his head, trying to make sense of the conversation.

“Because none of them fly in direct.”  Bridget gave him an impatient look.  “Whammy or no, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be able to just bluff his way past local security, let alone tea es ay.”  She frowned.  “And what are we going to do with him when we get back, anyway?”

“Get back?”  Khait scratched his head.

“We could turn him lose on sorority row.  That would be —”

“Wrong, Abigail.”  Bridget glared at her friend.  “That would be wrong.”  She turned to Khait.  “Any ideas for getting you back to the you es?”

He stared at her for a moment.  “The you es?”

“Yeah, the…”  Bridget blinked.  “Okay, does the name Christopher Columbus ring a bell?”

“Oh, the idiot slave trader.”  Khait nodded.  “The one who —”

“The guy who discovered America.”  Bridget sighed.

“No, I think he was right the first time.”  Abigail snickered.

“Well, okay, yes, but…”  Bridget trailed off, then took another look at Khait.  “The one that what?”

“Turned himself into a petty little tyrant and died in poverty.  Couldn’t even manage a little governorship despite torturing the natives.”  He waved a hand.  “Ferdinand just wanted to get rid of him.”

“Well, we are either going to pass every history class we take from now on or get drummed out entirely.”  Abigail pinched the bridge of her nose.  “Okay, Khait, somehow you got into our tent.  What if we just went back to America and then just wished you there?”

“What is America?”

“The big chunk of land Columbus crash-landed on.”

“He did not crash.  The ship —”

“I was speaking metaphorically.”

“I think…”  Khait considered the question for a moment.  “Yes?”

“Okay, you don’t sound all that sure.”  Bridget narrowed her eyes.

“I am rather new to this genie thing.”  Khait spread his hands, then grinned at her.  “You are my first master.”

“Oh god.”  Bridget put a hand over her face.  “We are all doomed.”

“We are leaving tomorrow.  Just…”  Abigail put a hand on Khait’s shoulder.  “Hide under a rock until we summon you.”

“This rock I’m hiding under…”  He gave her a hopeful look.  “Metaphorical?”

“Sure.”  Abigail nodded.

“First off, let’s cover our asses just a little bit.”  Bridget shook her head.  “Khait, I am ordering you to mind Abigail and do what she tells you.”  Abigail immediately broke into a huge grin, and Bridget gave her an annoyed look.  “Abigail.”

“I promise not to abuse that power…”  She winked at Khait.  “Much.”

“Well now…”  He gave her a languid smile.  “That’s disappointing.”

“Khait, stop whammying Abigail.”

“What is whammy?”

“That thing you are doing with your eyes and the whole…”  Bridget covered her face with her hand again.  “The thing that got you cursed in the first place.  Don’t do that.”


“We don’t even know anything really about him.”  Bridget looked through her purse again.  Everything still looked to be in order.

“I can’t find my —”

“It’s in the front pocket.”  Bridget glared at Abigail.

“Oh.”  Abigail retrieved her passport.  “He seems like a sweetheart.”

“People don’t get cursed for being sweethearts.”  Bridget shook her head, then went to where the professor was gathering his students to board. Once on the plane, she relaxed.  With any luck, they were simply leaving Khait behind and he would cease to be her problem.  A sigh of relief escaped her, and she tried to recline her chair a little after takeoff.  It didn’t move.  “Naturally.”

“Ugh.”  Abigail tried to open her tray table, and it did nothing.  “This sucks.”

“I know.”  Bridget exhaled.  “I wish we were flying first class.”  She reached into her purse for her book, then looked up to see a flight attendent approaching them.  The young woman gave her a brilliant smile, and she couldn’t help but notice the woman filled out the uniform nicely.

“Excuse me, are you Bridget Monaghan?”  The flight attendant raised an eyebrow.  “And Abigail Cross?”

“Uh…”  Bridget blinked.  “Yes?”

“Please come with me.”  The woman’s friendly smile remained in place.

“Why…?”  Abigail’s voice was cautious.

“Oh, there was a mistake with your tickets.”  The flight attendant kept smiling.  “We are giving you a courtesy upgrade to first class.”

“We…”  Bridget replayed the last few minutes in her head, and froze.  She’d made a wish, and…  “That won’t…”

“Oh, thank god.”  Abigail was already getting up.

Reluctantly, Bridget followed her friend and the flight attendant.  They were led to a row of three, and Abigail immediately claimed the window seat.  Bridget shrugged, and took the aisle.  She leaned down to get pick her purse back up, then started to turn toward Abigail.  “Augh!”  She let out a small squeal.

“Wha…”  Abigail turned, and stared at the man now sitting between them.  “Khait.”

“We are…”  Khait was slightly pale.  “Very far off the ground.”


“What happens if something stops these ‘propellers’?”  Khait was leaning over Abigail, staring at the screen of her smart phone.

“Then the helicopter crashes.”  Abigail grinned at him.  “But we don’t have to worry about that, because this is a jet, so it uses jet engines.”

“And those flap the wings?”  He leaned past her a little to look out the window.

“Nope, they don’t flap.  It has to do with air current and downdrafts and…”  She looked at his blank expression, then patted his knee.  “I’ll explain latter.  For now, it’s magic.”

“Right.”  He pointed at the screen.  “And this is also magic?”

“Sure.  The magic of Hollywood.”  She heard Bridget groan.  “And the Internet.”  She put the phone away.  “Okay.  He’s on the plane.”

“Okay, when we land, he can just hide and then we will wish him onto the next plane.”  Bridget had relaxed a lot.  The fact that Khait had apparently fixed it so they didn’t get charged for drinks had probably helped.  His powers weren’t limitless by any means.  Trying to find out if he could fix it so Bridget won the lottery had first necessitated explaining to him what the lottery was, and he seemed to think it was in the realm of what he could do for them.  Bridget had nixed the idea, though she’d been seriously reluctant about it.  She was opening her mouth to ask him something else when the guy across the aisle leaned over toward Bridget.

“Hey there, beautiful.  What’s your name?”  The man gave her a smile he probably thought was charming.

“Not interested.”  Bridget rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be like that.”  The man shifted position so he could face her a little better.  “I’m just trying to have a conversation here.”

“I said I am not interested.”

“Don’t be such a bitch.”  The man’s face darkened.  “Come on, you were talking with the rag head.”

Khait whispered to Abigail.  “Am I the rag head?”


“And it means…”

“It’s a slur.  Bad thing,” she whispered back.

“I want you to leave me alone.”  Bridget spoke through gritted teeth.

“You think you’re too good for me?”

“I wish you’d leave me alone.”  Bridget sighed.

“Fucking bi—”

Abigail blinked as the curse cut off mid word.  She leaned past Khait and saw the man was gone.  Bridget’s eyes went wide.  “Uh, Khait…”  Bridget turned toward him.  “What did you do?”

“You wanted him to leave you alone.”  Khait shrugged.

“Khait, where is he?”  Abigail felt the blood drain from her face.

“I removed him from this craft.”  Khait shrugged.

“You did…”  Bridget stared.  “Khait, no, no, bring him back, I wish you would put him back in his seat right now.”

“AAAHHHHH!”  The man was screaming and flailing wildly as he suddenly reappeared in his seat.  Even from here, Abigail could see that the man’s pants were soaked through, and from the smell that abruptly hit her that wasn’t the only problem.  Flight attendants started rushing over to the panic-stricken man.


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