Archeology 101: Chapter 7

Khait carried the pile of books toward the library and dumped them into the return box.  Bridget had said unless she summoned him, he wasn’t to teleport anywhere.  And he couldn’t have one of the two wheeled horseless transport things or a car until he had a classy diverse license.  He gave another long-suffering sigh.  And she’d banned him from just getting one.  He had to seek out instruction and pass a test of some kind.

He cut through an alley on his way to where they’d told him to meet him, and stopped short.  Professor Kravitz was backing away from a big man and an angry looking woman.  “Professor.”  Khait grinned as he walked over.  “How are you?”

“Who…”  Professor Kravitz gave him a strange look.

“Get lost.”  The man narrowed his eyes at Khait.

“Unlikely.  I have an excellent sense of direction.”  Khait smiled.  Bridget had been very clear.  He wasn’t allowed to instigate any conflict.  But self-defense was still allowed him.  Perhaps the day would be fun after all.

“I said scram.”  The man sneered.

“Professor…”  Khait turned toward him.  “Would you like to scram?”

“Very —”  The professor’s eyes widened.  “Look —”

The big man’s fist hit Khait in the side of the face, smashing into him with the force of a mule’s kick.  Slowly, Khait turned back toward him.  The big man blinked.  “The fuck —”

“Come now…”  Khait sent out a tendril of power.  These two had attacked him, and he was defending the professor.  He saw a slight flush rise in the cheeks of the big man.  “Surely you could think of more entertaining things to do to me?”

“I…”  The big man started to smile as he took a step toward Khait, and then he caught hold of Khait’s arm.  “I can think of a few things.”  He yanked Khait toward him and planted a hard kiss on his mouth.

“The fuck are you doing?”  The big man’s companion stared.

His hand went around the back of the big man’s head and held tight as he brought his power to bear.  Energy flooded into him, and he heard the big man groan in ecstasy as Khait’s nature manifested.  The man gave one last thrash, then went limp.  Khait released him, and he dropped lifelessly to the ground.  Khait licked his lips.  “Delicious…”  He gave the woman a sultry smile, and saw her flush.  He held out a hand to her.  “Next?”


“Where is Khait?”  Abigail looked around.

“I sent him to take some books back to the library and told him to get back here by noon.”  Bridget exhaled.  “That should keep him out of trouble.”

“It’s Khait.”  Abigail shook her head.

“Fair point, but he’s been driving me insane.”  Bridget ran her hands through her hair.  “He packed me a bag of essentials for the trip.”

“That was kind.”  Abigail smiled.  “Saved you the trouble of —”

“Two different double-sided dildos, a strap-on, three dental dams, and four different flavors of water-based lube.”  Bridget folded her hands.

Abigail stared for a moment.  “Well, at least it was water-based.  I mean, you know how messy the silicon stuff can —”


“You cannot leave me alone with him for three months.”  Abigail started shaking her head.  “Bridget, that man is…”  She exhaled.  “It’s like leaving me alone with a chocolate covered cheesecake.”

“He’s not that pretty.”  Bridget shook her head.

“You’re only saying that because his whammy doesn’t work on you.  Trust me…”  Abigail leaned in the doorway.  “He’s that pretty.”

“Look, I gave him a long list of ground rules.”  Bridget picked up a notebook.  “I even wrote them all down for you.  You can go over them and see if I missed anything.”

“Right.”  Abigail took the notebook and opened it.  Then she frowned and turned a few pages.  “Bridget, you’ve got like fifty pages in here.”

“It’s Khait.”  Bridget ran a hand down her face.

“Oh.  Right.”  Abigail nodded.  “Alright, I’ll go through and see what you —”  Something on the page caught her eye, and she raised her head back to look at Bridget.  “You banned him from assassinating any political figures.”

“Yeah, I thought —”

“Bridget.”  Abigail sighed.  “Come on here.  Greater good and all.”

“I do not…”  Bridget glared.  “Want my genie killing anybody.”


He stepped over the lifeless body of the woman, then looked at the very pale professor.  “Are you alright?”

“What —”  Professor Kravitz jerked back from Khait.  “Are they dead?”

“Yes.”  Khait nodded.  “I think.”  He reached down and snapped the big man’s neck.  “Well, he is for sure.”

Professor Kravitz took four frantic steps backward before tripping and landing on his ass.  “Oh god.”

Khait blinked and walked over to him.  “Professor, are you quite alright?”  He picked up the bag the professor had dropped, then took another step to offer the professor a hand back to his feet.  Then he sniffed.  He sniffed again, then looked down at the bag in his hand.  He raised it to his nose and sniffed it again.  “Oh.  Cannibis.”  He opened the bag a little and gave it another sniff, then wrinkled his nose.  “Ugh.  What are you doing with this?”

“Please don’t kill me.”  Professor Kravitz gave him a terrified look.

“I’m not going to kill you for this.”  Khait held up the bag.  “Bridget and Abigail both adore you.”  He grabbed the professor’s hand and hauled him up to his feet.  The man was pale and shaking.  “But this…”  He looked at the bag.  “This is an atrocity.”


“You were kind to me previously, professor.”  Khait concentrated on the contents of the bag, then offered the results to the professor.  “There.  My private blend.  Enjoy.”  He patted the professor’s shoulder, and saw the man’s eyes go to the two corpses.  “Oh, don’t worry about that.  Bridget was very clear that I am to clean up after myself.”  He patted the professor’s shoulder again, then turned him around and gave him a slight shove.  “Now, you have papers to grade, professor.”

The man immediately broke into a run.  Khait smiled.  It was good to see teachers with enthusiasm.  He turned, and went to dispose of the bodies.


“Professor.”  Bridget hurried to intercept him.  She frowned.  “Professor are you alright.”

“I…”  He blinked, then gave her a strange look.  He opened his mouth, turned to look over his shoulder, then closed his mouth again and turned back to her.  “Yes?”

“Why were you running?”  She raised an eyebrow.

“I…”  He blinked.  “I’m not sure.”

“Are you…”  She took a step closer, then sniffed.  Then she snickered.  “Professor, you uh…”  She gestured at the bag where a little bit of green could be seen sticking out of the top.

His eyes widened and he hurriedly tucked the bag away before smiling at her.  “That was entirely your imagination.”

Bridget laughed.  “My imagination smells potent.”  She held up the paperwork.  “Think you can manage to review something, or should I try again when it wears off?”

“I…”  He tilted his head.  “Maybe come by my office in a couple hours.”

“Right.”  She nodded.  “Your office is that way.”  She pointed in a direction different than the one he’d been heading a moment ago.  “Might want to adjust the dose a little.  That stuff seems stronger than your usual.”

“It certainly does.”  He grinned before going in the direction she’d pointed.


“Oh, there you are.”  Abigail looked up when Khait entered.  She set the notebook down.  “Okay, Bridget isn’t here.  Mind conjuring me up a pair of these…”  She pointed at the shoes in the ad on the table.  “In a size seven and a half?”

“Technically, Bridget is the one I am bound to obey.”  He gave her a conspiratorial smile.

“Yeah, but she said for you to do what I tell you.”  She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Black, or would you prefer another shade?”  He clasped his hands behind his back.

“Oh, can I get them in red?”  She grinned.

“Your wish…”  He drew the shoes from behind his back.  “Is my command.”

“Oooh…”  She took the shoes from him and immediately tried them on.  As expected from something he’d procured for her, they fit perfectly.  She struck a pose.  “How do they look?”

“They do absolutely fantastic things to your ass, my lovely one.”  He made a purring sound.

“Really?”  She beamed at him.  Even knowing what he really was, he was still so damn good for her ego.

“I would very much like to sink my teeth in.  Particularly the right cheek.”  He winked at her.

She smacked his arm playfully.  “No biting.  That’s on page 3.”

“Bridget…”  He sank into the chair.  “Never lets me have any fun.”

“Yes, well, you did spike everybody in the entire bar’s drink with ecstasy.”  Abigail shook her head.

“No, it was a composite of various herbal distillations popular among breeding slaves in Egypt.”  He leaned back.  “They all wanted to fuck each other but were entirely too —”

“Khait.”  Abigail started to sigh.

“And she told me not to whammy them.  How exactly am I supposed to feed off ambient lust if nobody is fucking anyone?”  He sat up again, giving her a frustrated look with those huge puppy eyes of his.

Against her will, she felt herself feeling sympathetic.  Part of her wanted to pull him into her lap and…  Oh dammit he was doing it again.  The man couldn’t help himself and she just wanted a few quick nibbles of his pouty lower lip and…  She took a deep breath and imagined standing in the arctic circle.  During a blizzard.  “You could join a fraternity.”  Abigail shrugged.

“Ugh.  The existence of those sophomoric institutions just furthers my theory that taste has been entirely bred out of American woman.”


“You’re British.”

“I…”  Abigail blinked.  “Well, yes, but still.  It’s not like…”  She started replaying the conversation in her head.  “Wait, Egypt had breeding slaves?”

“Of course.”  He gave her a confused look.  “Breeding must be controlled to ensure optimum beneficial traits.  Breeding programs were practiced in the upper castes as well, to ensure the purity of the blood.”

“Yeah.  The inbreeding thing.  Why did they do that, anyway?”  She wrinkled her nose.

“They did not want to dilute the draconic strains in their blood.”  Khait shrugged.

“Wait, okay…”  Abigail leaned forward.  “I’m going to need you to run that all by me again.  Draconic strains?”


Bridget walked in to find Abigail and Khait talking animatedly.  “What’s going on here?”

“Okay, Bridget, you have got to hear this shit.”  Abigail leaned back.  “Did you know Merlin was a straight up fucking dragon?”


“Yeah, a lot of myths have their origins in dragons and draconic offspring.  Shit like werewolves and witches and stuff are the result of dragons interbreeding with humans.  Things got so problematic with half breeds and the like that Merlin apparently not only forbid any further dragon slash non-dragon breeding, but also forbid half-blood dragons from breeding.”

“He…”  Bridget blinked.  “What?”

“Yeah.  If they do, the dragons full on hunt them down and kill both them and the resulting offspring.  Khait says the last quarter-blood was born over a thousand years ago and both it and its parents were killed.”

“Mbaba was absolutely furious at Merlin.  She did not speak to him for two centuries.”  Khait nodded.

“You both realize I have absolutely no idea what you are —”

“So how draconic are you?”  Abigail leaned in toward Khait.

“I am an incubus, my sweet mistress.”  Khait gave her a look that suggested he was slightly offended by the question.  “There is nothing human or draconic about me.”

“I have got to write this shit down.”  Abigail grabbed a blank notebook.  She got two sentences before handing the notebook to Bridget.  “Bridget, you have got to write this shit down.”

“Okay…”  Bridget took a deep breath.  “I’m going to step outside and then come back in and when I do, you two are going to be making some sense.”  She turned back to the door.


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