War: Chapter 27

Lykos snarled as he took a man’s arm off at the shoulder.  They kept shooting him with silver bullets.  The amount of waste was starting to become annoying.  He used the arm to strike the last one across the face, sending the man flying back over the balcony.

“Wow.”  He looked over to see Laura.  The girl was grinning.  “Snow White was seriously under-utilizing her manpower.”

He rolled his eyes.  “I say same, but Christophe insist not appropriate for children movie.”  He shook his head.  “Kids today soft.”

She turned, and her eyes glowed red as her hand touched the metal of the staircase.  The men coming up the stairs started jerking and twitching as though struck by tazers, falling back down in a heap.  She smirked at him.  “You were saying?”

“Most kids today soft.”  Lykos shrugged.


Daniel ducked past the combat and went to the man lying in a heap on the ground.  Michaels was pale, and he could see blood on his shirt and pants.   A quick check revealed his wounds had already been healed.  He focused his power, and Michaels moved slightly in response.  “Hey, Michaels.”  The man on the ground let out a soft groaning sound.  “Wake up.”  Michaels didn’t move in response to having his shoulder shaken.  Daniel tried focusing his power again but found nothing to heal.  “Michaels.  Need you moving.  You’re a bit much for me to carry, Sidekick Boy.”  He moved to touch Michaels’ forehead.

“Sidekick.”  The other man’s hand caught his wrist, and Michaels mumbled as his eyes flickered open.  “Man.”

“Hey, can you…”

Michaels shook his head as if clearing a daze before focusing on Daniel.  “Hey…”  His eyes suddenly flew open.

“Matthias.”  He sat up.  “Matthias, is he —”

“He’s fine.  Or he’s going to be.”  Daniel stood, then held out a hand to help him up.  “We —”

“Laura.”  He shook his head as he got to his feet.  “Where is she?”  He started looking around.  “Where’s Laura?”

“Hey, we need to get you —” Daniel put a hand on his chest.  He wasn’t sure what shape Michaels was in mentally.

Michaels shook his head, then looked down at where one of the cabal’s goons was twitching on the floor.  He bent to help himself to the man’s gun.  “Wren got into my head.  She…”  He made a soft growling sound before swallowing.  “She freaked out when she learned Adam had kissed Laura.”

“Her priorities are really kind of fucked up.”  Daniel shook his head.  “Stephan has Adam.”

“And Laura?”  He grabbed a second gun.  “Whose got eyes on my crazy-ass demon hobo girl?”

“Michaels, you got shot and tortured and —”

He cut off a Michaels just glared at him.  “Psycho bitch witch is after my daughter.”  Michaels checked the load on the gun, then put it into his pocket.  “I’m not going anywhere until she’s safe.”  He kicked over a corpse and grabbed another whatever it was called of ammo.  “Now, where’s Laura?”

“Can you be my dad too?”  Daniel smiled.  He started moving.  “This way.”


Wren flung a fireball down the corridor, then stared when a man stepped between it and the woman she’d flung it at.  No, not a man.  Dark, demonic wings spread out from his back, forming a shield for the woman.  Then to her shock, she felt him directing power at her.  He…  If she hadn’t been holding the orb.  She focused through it, sending both the thing and the woman flying backward.  The thing wrapped his wings around the woman as both were sent crashing through the windows.

These people made pacts with demons and had the nerve to treat her like she was the bad guy?  Wren shook her head.  They were trying to seduce Adam away from her.  She saw a flash of blue hair.  Laura disappeared into a room on the other side of the courtyard, accompanied by a big man.  So, they’d gotten Matthias back on his feet.  Wren smirked and headed back in that direction.  Well, they were in for a surprise, once she got hold of the poison in his blood.


Ash spun, moving through the form Gabriel had showed him that first day.  The last vampire turned and fled.  Instead of chase him, Ash lowered the sword.  Magda was in her were form, towering over him by a full hand.  She smiled at him.  You’re doing well.  A smile came to his own face.  “Are you hurt?”  Magda raised an eyebrow.

He shook his head.  “I’m alright.”

“One of the vampires got a blow in…”  Magda frowned before coming up to take another look at him.

“Gabriel let me borrow his armor too.”  Ash tilted his head, then shrugged.  “It feels a little strange.”  He looked down at the blade.  “It doesn’t work the way I thought it did.”

“What do you mean?”

“Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act.”  He looked back up at her.  “Power blinds without the serenity to see.”  He grinned.  “But you already knew that.  You’re Magda.”  The blade glowed brighter as he turned toward the group of enemies coming through the door.  He felt Magda move in to guard his flank.  May the Force be with you.  Ash blinked, then laughed as he charged forward.


“Ow.”  Bridget looked down at Khait.  “Sorry for landing on you.”

“Bridget, I am never sorry to find you on top of me.”  He grinned up at her, waggling his eyebrows.

She smacked him lightly before standing and offering him a hand back to his feet.  “I think that was Wren.”  She glanced at him.  “Maybe you should try a whammy on her.”

“I did.”  Khait shrugged.  “That’s when she threw us out the window.”

“Really?”  She blinked.

“It’s fine.”  He put an arm around her waist before unfurling his wings again.  “I really don’t think she’s my type.”  He leapt, flapping his wings to create a downdraft to carry them back up and into the window they’d been thrown through.

“You know, your wings aren’t really large enough to be able to generate enough lift to get you up here, let alone both of us.”  She started reloading.  When he raised an eyebrow at her, she shrugged.  “Seriously, I’ve been running the math and the weight issue alone shouldn’t let you get off the ground.  It’s like the square cube law.”

“You just had a witch throw a fireball at you, and my failure to be aerodynamic is the part you are having trouble with?”  He gave her a disbelieving look.

“I can wrap my mind around the math for your wings.”  She finished reloading, and chambered a round.  “Let’s go shoot her.”

“See, now you are making sense.”  He started down the corridor toward the sounds of fighting.


Look out.  Laura ducked, rolling a couple feet away.  Whether he’d heard the same warning, or moved because she did, Lykos landed next to her.

A young woman stood just across the room, holding a glowing orb.  She started to focus her eyes on Lykos, then she frowned.  “You’re not Matthias.”

“No…”  Lykos started to rise, drawing his knives.

“I’ll deal with you later.”  The woman waved a hand, and Lykos was yanked off his feet.  Laura cursed as she saw him go flying through the window.  “You little whore.  How dare you?”

“Uh…”  Laura blinked.  “How dare I what?”


“Look —”  Abigail breathed a sigh of relief as Khait swept Laura clear a moment before the area the girl had been standing exploded.  She glanced at where Bridget was moving next to her, then shrugged.  They both took aim and started shooting.

The bullets all seemed to vanish several feet from the woman.  “That, uh…”  Bridget exhaled.  “Yeah, that’s going to be a problem.”

“Bridget, yes?”  The young woman turned toward her.  “You’ve got an artifact I’m going to want…”  She shrugged.  “After I’m done taking care of this bitch, anyway.”  The woman headed toward where Khait had taken Laura.

“That’s Wren?”  Abigail raised an eyebrow at Bridget.

“I’m thinking yes.”  Bridget shrugged.  “I mean, unless you think they’ve got more than one psycho barbie on retainer.”

There was a thud behind them, and she turned to see Lykos coming back toward them.  “Artifact is problem.”

“How big a problem?”  Abigail sighed.

Lykos tilted his head, then shrugged.  “Nuclear warhead.”

“It’s metal, so you can make it not a problem, right?”  Bridget stared at him.

He grinned.  “Smart girl.  I put you on list for having babies.”  He started moving.

Bridget blinked, then turned toward Abigail.  She opened her mouth, then closed it again, then shook her head.  “Did he just hit on me?”


Michaels pulled her out of Khait’s arms.  “Oh, thank god, you’re alright.”  He hugged Laura tightly.

“Me?”  Laura’s voice was slightly muffled by his shoulder.  “You’re the one that got shot and captured and…”  She glared up at him.  “Stop doing that.”

“Wren’s after you.”  Michaels shook his head.  “We need to get you out of here.”

“Yeah, she’s pissed at me —”

“I’m sorry, Laura.”  Michaels sighed.  “I couldn’t keep her out of my head.  She knows you and Adam kissed and…”

“And she’s not happy about it.”  She turned at the sound of Adam’s voice.  “He’s right, you need to get out of here.  She’s got this orb Merlin gave her, and…”

“She has Nimue’s orb.”  Khait ran a hand down his face and let out curses in several different language.

“How bad is —”  Laura was cut off by Michaels yanking her to him and letting himself fall backwards off the balcony.  She landed on his chest and to her horror felt a couple of his ribs break.  The area they’d just been standing exploded.


“Run.”  Adam shoved Daniel away from him.  Stephan and Khait had landed further away, and he was pretty sure he was out of Stephan’s range.  “Now.”

Daniel didn’t hesitate.  He scrambled away, heading toward where Michaels and Laura were laying on the ground, groaning.  Stephan was rubbing his head.  Adam took a step toward them and felt Wren’s magic take hold of him.  He winced, looking up at her.  She smiled.

A heartbeat later Khait caught hold of him.  The world around them shifted, and he looked around.  They were…  He blinked.  In a church.  “Right, stay here and —”

Adam shook his head, then felt Wren pull him back.  The world around him shifted again.


Ted blinked.  “Uh…”  Felipa pointed at the man standing in the middle of the church.  The newcomer’s eyes were glowing red, and dark wings spread out from his back.  A few feet away, Iggy took were form.

“Oh, you have an alpha!”  The newcomer grinned.  “Excellent, we’ve been missing one of those.”  A heartbeat later, Iggy and the newcomer vanished.

Father Williams moved to his side as Felipa made the sign of the cross.  “Ted?”  Father Williams glanced at him.  “What just happened?”

“I…”  Ted shook his head.  “Have absolutely no idea.”


“Big guy is on our side.”  Khait landed a few feet in front of Michaels.  The young alpha blinked, shook his head, then looked up.  “Cabal.”  Khait pointed at the gunmen coming in the back door.  “Sic em.”

The wolf shrugged, turned, and roared before heading in to attack.  Khait spread his wings just in time to block a fireball from hitting Michaels and Laura.  He howled as the flames actually tore at the membranes.  “Khait.”  Laura’s eyes glowed as she gave him a worried look.

“You think calling in a couple demons can make you powerful, you little slut?”  Wren was starting for them again.

Next to him, Michaels fired a few rounds.  “That’s not helping.”  Khait glanced at him.

“Open to suggestions.”  Michaels fired a few more rounds, shifting so he was between Wren and Laura.

He saw movement behind Wren.  “Distract her.”  He started forward.

“Seriously?”  Michaels glanced at him, shoving Laura back through the door.  Then he growled.  “Hey, hag bitch.”  He fired a couple more shots.  “Sima looks great in front of my fireplace.”

Khait blinked as Wren let out a blood-curdling scream before flinging another swath of magic, one Michaels barely managed to dodge.  “That might have been too much.”


He saw the massive tiger coming at Lykos and shifted to intercept.  The beast made contact with him, and he felt the collar activate.  The magic of the ward sent the tiger flying back to slam into the wall.  It landed as a young man with a slightly dazed expression on his face.  “Please…”  The young man started to get up.  “Tell me you can do that again.”

“Guess we’ll find out.”  Christophe winced as the guy’s form shifted back into the tiger.


Wren flung another spell at the detective.  How dare he?  He and his bitch daughter.  “Lloyd.”  She howled as she started after him again.  This time, she wasn’t going to leave anything inside his skull when she was done.  Power filled her as she focused through the orb.

Then something slid between it and her, sending her staggering.  She turned to see the man she’d thrown out the window standing less than a foot behind her, the demon’s hands on his shoulder.  The man smiled, showing fangs and catlike pupils.  And his hand was on the orb.  “Naughty girl.”

Power surged as the orb cracked, sending her flying backward.


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