GM Record Sheet

I play Pathfinder sometimes and recently started GMing again.  I had to modify my old DnD 3.5 sheet to fit though, but I think it turned out okay.  Feel free to use it if you’d like.

Character Record


Mass Effect: Andromeda

I got this game when it first came out, and last played it in June.  As a whole, I was disappointed.  The quality of the animation on the characters was terrible, especially compared to the last three games.  It was on the same level as TES: Oblivion, which when you factor in the length of time between the games is saying a lot.

When you compare it to the other graphics it is even more jarring.  Yes, the kett look like adorable little moppets instead of big bad evil guys, but their appearance is altogether of better quality than that of the humans and even the angara.  Same goes with turians.  They are done well, thus why are other things done so poorly?  I wouldn’t have minded the fact that both the default Ryders were kind of dorky if they were at least well-skinned and animated dorky.

I’d hoped, picking it up a second time, that I could ignore the poor animation and see if I could enjoy the story.  The problem is there are just a lot of tapped over holes in the plot.  Nobody thought to tell Ryder about the Angara?   Really?  There were no sensors on the ship that could detect the scourge cloud before they ran into it?   It never occurred to anybody on that giant running out of power Nexus to try solar energy?  At no point in the story can you poison Addison’s coffee?

It feels like a story that wasn’t clearly visualized.  A good but underdeveloped idea.

I really hope it hasn’t killed the franchise, because there is still a lot of potential there.  It just plays like we are reading someone’s rough draft instead of a finished project.