True Names

Perhaps a little too risqué for Amazon?

My cover artist, the illustrious Rémi, sent over his latest masterpiece and I absolutely love it.  The problem is I think it is going to trigger the moral guardians on Amazon.  You can’t see anything, but it looks like you could.  Pearls would be clutched.

Not sure yet what the final design will be exactly, but in an adult world, this would be the cover of part two:



Learning Photoshop: Day 25 – Double Exposure

As a writer, part of my reason for learning Photoshop is I wanted the option of doing my own covers and illustrations.  With that in mind, I decided to try the double exposure technique.  It makes for a nice, clean image that may be suitable for a cover or poster.  I used this tutorial.

For my stock, I used Rowena Braids by Reine-Haru and City 5 by HZ-Designs.  Check out their galleries.

My results?


Looks like it could work for a cover design.