Bats are cute

My cats, of course, disagree, but just look at this little fellow.  Don’t you just want to give him chin scritches?

I feel bad about making him go back outside, but my cats made it clear that they will continue to destroy all of my worldly belongings in their attempts to capture him.


Canine Conundrums

My dog was laying in the floor, and the human told him he was a good dog. He immediately started wagging hit tail. His tail whacked him in the face. So, naturally, he decided that tail needed to be taught a lesson and went on the attack.

After a brief and intense chase throughout the house, he lost sight of it. He came back down to lay beside my chair, and there, out of nowhere, that sneaky tail hit him in the face again. But this time, this time he would be clever. Patient. He waited, and waited, until the tail lay down and relaxed, unwary of what was in store. He lunged…

His plan paid off! He caught that tail!. Immediately, he sank his teeth in, intent on destroying his enemy once and for all.

And that horrid, evil, vicious tail responded by biting him in the ass! He yelped and began running, the tail chasing him. It’s wounds showed no signs of slowing it down. It swayed from side to side, splattering drops of blood with every swing. The cats looked on in sympathetic horror….

Finally, the human came in to the rescue, tackling both dog and tail. The dog was assured he was a good boy, and the tail was placed in bandages and restraints. The dog once again lay down next to the human’s chair. The human reached down to pat him. And then that wicked tail whacked him in the face again….