Photoshop: Stranger Things

Well, I attempted this tutorial.

Unfortunately, he just went way too fast for me and I wasn’t able to determine settings.   So, my results?


And I think I need to practice gradient maps just a bit more before trying this again.  I was liking how it looked in black and white, and may just play with those results and go off in a different direction.


Learning Photoshop: Day 17 – Drawing

For a change of pace today, I decided to completely waste my time.   I was looking for a tutorial to give a good handdrawn look to a picture.  I found this tutorial.

After repeatedly playing with the techniques shown in here on this stock, this was my best result:


Not at all the results I hoped to achieve, but enough to tell me that while this technique can create something, it cannot do what I wanted it to do.  I’ll try again.