War: Chapter 44 – The End

Magda smiled as she looked over at the table by the pool.  Coraline was showing off pictures of her horse to an envious Anna and Felipa.  Daniel and Laura were doing slightly better jobs of hiding their jealousy as the girl waxed rhapsodic about the palomino.  Not far away, Lidia was showing little Jehanne how to hold a paintbrush.  She glanced at the man sitting next to her.  “Stop looking nervous.  You have permission to be here.”

Matthias rolled his eyes.  “That’s not why I’m nervous.”  He shook his head.  “You do realize Anna’s going to want one of her own now?”  He sighed.  “Erilon, you’ll keep her from mind controlling me into getting her a dozen, right?”

No promises.”

She smiled, and then her eyes went back to Jehanne.  The Cabal had created the child.  They’d given up on her after Gabriel had come to her defense, but after recent events…  She sighed.