Photoshop Halloween Special

It is Halloween, so why not go with a classic?

Note: The flames image he uses in the tutorial is somewhat larger than the one he links too in the description.  Be prepared to play with the transform tool.10.31---Halloween


Photoshop: Fire Text

I intend to keep doing a daily Photoshop tutorial, but I’ve decided to stop numbering them and making the post titles longer than necessary.  It was annoying me and looked weird on mobile devices.  For today, I decided I wanted to set something on fire.  I’ve personally always felt a special kinship to fire.  I went with this tutorial.

I decided to stick with the font used in the earlier Viking metal tutorial, and used the stock fire provided in this tutorial.  My results?


I didn’t get my colors as bright as those in the tutorial, but then I was going for a larger image intending to use it as the header for what will soon by my youtube channel.  Still, works well enough.

Learning Photoshop: Day 21 – Wood Burning

I went again with a tutorial on playing with levels, layers, and styles, this time to get a wood burning effect.

My first result was this – 10.6-Wood-Burn

I am rather unhappy with those results, so I tried again using the wood pattern from the tutorial.  This time, my results were:


Definitely looks more like burned wood.  Handy tip – make sure your wood pattern has some red in it.

For the image, I used this – Lion

Learning Photoshop: Day 14 – Colored Smoke

I went with an easy tutorial this time, but one that allows a lot of customization and can be used in myriad fashions.  Smoke effects.  And just to be fun, rainbow smoke effects.  Here is the tutorial.

You’ll need some brushes, which the tutorial helpfully provides and can be found here.   If you do not know how to import brushes, you can find the instructions here.

My results?  9.29.2017---Smoke

Taste the rainbow.  Burn the rainbow.

Learning Photoshop: Day 12 – Boom

Well, this morning went all to hell in a variety of different ways, so I switched which tutorial I intended to do in favor of blowing up a planet.  This is the tutorial I am doing instead.


Alright.  I actually did this tutorial three times, and I don’t know if I’m using a different version or what, but I got somewhat different results.   My results?

His planet is darker than mine with a far better and more realistic looking color spread and results.   I don’t know if the difference was our starting settings, me misunderstanding a step, random chance, or what.  I will play around with this a little more, because I think the technique has some potential for other projects I’m planning.

Also, I made a world explode.  That’s always fun.