Primitive: Chapter 12

His fingers found the marks on the collar.  Lykos had added a rune, ensuring the collar did not merely mark Christophe as a possession, but Lykos’s possession.  He slid his fingers a bit further and found the seam, then took his hand away when he heard Lykos stir.  Lykos gave him a slight frown.  “You wake early.”

“I…”  He hesitated.  “I was thinking about my mother.  By now she probably knows I’m…”  He exhaled.

Then he felt Lykos’s hand on his shoulder.  “Can get phone, go where there is signal.  You call, tell her you are alive.”

He smiled.  “You’d let me?”

“I have no grudge against your mother.”  Lykos nodded.



Primitive: Chapter 2

He caught hold of the young soldier’s wrist before he could draw his pistol, then tackled the man to the ground.  Cristophe struggled, trying to get his gun clear to shoot.  Rather than risk him being successful, Lykos disarmed him and tossed the gun aside, then pinned Christophe to the ground.  Then he bent until his nose was near the soldier’s neck, and sniffed deeply.  “Guerin.  Captain’s son.”

“Get off me.”  Christophe struggled, but despite the soldier being his match in size he was nowhere near a match for Lykos in strength.

Lykos flipped the man over easily, then dragged his wrists behind his back.  “Where are your cuffs?”

“I’m not —”

“Arms cuffed…”  Lykos gripped Christophe’s left hand, then twisted hard enough to make the man cry out in pain.  “Or arms broken.  Choice is yours.”

Christophe panted through gritted teeth, and Lykos slowly began increasing the stress on the arm.  There was a sharp exhalation, then Christophe gasped.  “Left.  Thigh pocket.”

One hand was enough to maintain his grip on the soldier’s wrists.  He checked the pocket with his other hand, then rolled his eyes when he retrieved a half dozen zip ties.  “Seriously?”  He began securing Christophe’s hands.  “Plastic is very bad for environment.”  Lykos hauled Christophe to his knees and shoved him into the wall before frisking him for other weapons.  He collected two knives and some ammunition, then retrieved Christophe’s gun.

“You won’t make it out of here.”  Christophe shook his head as he got to his feet.  From the look in the man’s eyes, he was trying to gauge if he could make it to the door before Lykos caught him.  “If you cooperate, I can —”

“Which way to exit?”  Lykos raised an eyebrow.


“Which way…”  Lykos shrugged, then gestured at the corridor.  “To exit?”  He caught something crossing Christophe’s eyes.  “Choice to make, little soldier.  You can lead me out.  Only one in danger then is you.  You can lead me into a trap, and I can kill everyone.  You will be in more danger, because I will be annoyed.”  He smiled at Christophe.  “Which way to exit?”