*uck Civility

There is this thing I’m sure most people have heard about before.  It’s called ‘The Golden Rule’.  It states that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated.  I try to follow that rule.

Yet there is another side to that rule.  It implies that we should treat people the way we observe them treating other people.  After all, per the golden rule, that must be how they want to be treated, right?

Which means when someone is consistently an asshole to other people, there is nothing wrong with giving them a taste of their own medicine.  If they don’t want to be treated that way, they need to adjust their own behavior.

So if you treat me like I’m less than human, you remove from me any obligation to be civil toward you.  If you vote for people like me to be discriminated against, you remove from me any obligation to treat you ‘nicely’.  You don’t get to treat me like shit and still get invited over for tea.  It doesn’t work that way.


Smelling the roses

These days, not everyone has time or space to garden.  Psychologically though, gardens are good for the soul.  More cities should put effort into having not only park/playground spaces, but public gardens.




Things that should be obvious

I would have thought that a reasonable human being would know these things.  However, I’ve lately encountered several who purport to be reasonable, rational, even logical.  And yet they somehow fail to grasp these concepts.

1 – Yes, I am bisexual.  I am attracted to both men and women.  That does not automatically make me attracted to YOU and does not obligate me to sleep with YOU.

2 – I am a switch.  Currently I am submissive.  The fact that I am submissive does not obligate me to perform any sexual act YOU desire.

3 – I have a master.  The fact that I have a master does not obligate me to obey YOU.

4 – I am kinky and enjoy BDSM.  That doesn’t mean I am without boundaries and it does not give you the right to ignore those boundaries.

5 – I sometimes like to be spanked.  That does not mean you may touch me without permission.

6 – I am currently submissive.  That does not obligate me to clean up after YOU.

7 – There are other people who are allowed to handle my toys.  That does not mean YOU get to handle my toys.

8 – I used to work in mental health care.  That does NOT MAKE ME YOUR THERAPIST OR YOUR DOCTOR.

9 – I like hanging out with my niece and nephew.  That doesn’t mean I like all children nor does it mean I’m obligated to entertain or be responsible for your children.

10 – Yes, that notebook does contain notes for the story I’m working on.  No, you may not help yourself to it and I am not obligated to share it with you.

11 – Yes, I type fast.  No, that does not obligate me to type stuff up for you.