Gabriel : Chapter 4

“You alright?”  Gabriel put a hand on Micheals’ shoulder.

“So…”  Michaels nodded.  “Werewolves are real.”  He shrugged.  “That one I sort of expected after the whole…”  He gave a small shiver.  “Whatever that other one was though…”

“Michaels?”  Gabriel crouched next to him.

“She was in my damn head, Gabe.  I couldn’t fucking move.  If Erilon hadn’t…”  He exhaled.  “Holy shit, I never thought I’d be grateful I let a demon ride shotgun sometimes.”  He shrugged.  “Thanks Erilon.”

Nobody fucks with my pets.

“What was she?”  Gabriel raised an eyebrow, glancing around to make sure no one could hear them.  The corpse had already been loaded.  As far as their boss knew, all that had happened was Michaels had rounded the corner just in time to see the woman get hit.  He’d given Gabriel permission to take Michaels home and deal with the paperwork later.

A witch.  Not just a little spark like Laura is now, but full on.  Real deal.  And that’s not something we need to go playing around with, pet.

“And the other one?”

Michaels is right.  Werewolf.  One of the little ones, on par with a thrall, or maybe a younger vamp at most.

“Those things get…”  Michaels blinked.  “That was a little one?”

Think about investing in some silver.  I can probably walk Laura through the process of making them effective against the big ones.

“Shooting them works?”  Michaels raised an eyebrow.

Done properly, yes.  Actually, it works on witches, too.

“Alright then.”  Michaels grinned.  “Finally.  The pawnshop sells silver, and I’ve got a casting kit already.  Handgun work, or should we go for rifle?  Or shotgun, cause pellets would be easy.”

“You sound a bit more enthusiastic about this than I would have thought.”  Gabriel stood, and pulled Michaels to his feet.

“I can’t leap buildings or throw cars at people…”  Michaels shrugged.  “But I was a Marine.  Shooting the fuck out of something I can do.”

“Sidekick Man to the rescue.”  He chuckled as he headed toward their car.

“Damn straight.”  Michaels fell into step with him.