Upcoming Releases

The tentative release date for part 3 of the series is November 9th.  Still waiting on some artwork.

Silverfish is scheduled for November 23rd, but has a good chance of having that date moved up.

The Tales out of Tallis series is looking to be in January, though I hope to get Dragonlord at least released by Christmas.


Tales out of Tallis

Some of you may have noticed that the Dragonlord and Stone & Fire posts have been switched to private.   Don’t worry, that just means they are about to go to print.

As The Duchess is a short story that doesn’t exactly fit into either novel, it will remain up.

Silverfish and some of my other works are about to go the same way.  However, even if I do compile/edit the World Less Visible for publication, the stories will also remain here on my blog.