Night Vision

Doing a bit of horror movie Photoshopping for my nephew on Halloween inspired me to try out a night vision effect.  I went with this tutorial.

My stock came from DeviantArt.  Beelitz 01 by DarkMysty, and AC: Bridge 3 by DaeStock.

My results?



Photoshop: Back into Space

Being that my upcoming NaNoWriMo project is science fiction, I decided to head back into outer space for a while.  This time, I went with this tutorial.

My results?

I have to say, that is probably the best nebula I’ve created thus far.  Not overly pleased with the lens flare, but eh, good enough and easily adjustable.  I didn’t use the texture provided in the tutorial, as it didn’t suit the desert planet look I was going for.  This will be the world of Laatstehoop, one of the lost human colonies.  The Dutch pilot who managed the barely controlled landing of the colony ship on this world dubbed it their ‘final hope’.

Learning Photoshop: Day 24 – Smoke

I’m starting to play with dispersion effects.  Today, I went with smoke, using this tutorial.  The dispersion effect is basically created via making a layer black and white, using a mask, and then using interesting brushes to create the dispersion effect.  The guy on the tutorial doesn’t have a great microphone and is hard to understand in places.

My stock again came from Deviant Art, this time from KeysInMind.   My results?


Learning Photoshop: Day 22 – Gaseous Planets

For today’s tutorial, I have decided to return to space.  I am using gradients and filters to create a gas giant.  Filters are – spherize, liquefy, Gaussian blur.  Please note, the tutorial uses an earlier version of Photoshop that has a tool called turbulence in the liquefy filter.  Don’t panic, you can get decent results without it.  Just use the twirl, bloat, and standard smeary tools, resizing as desired, and you’ll be fine.  Also, just for the hell of it and because the tutorial told me to, a lens flare was tossed in.

My results?

The star field in the back is pretty basic, but you can use earlier tutorials to add some nebulas, or even toss in rings around the planet.


Learning Photoshop: Day 20 – Embossed metal text

For today’s lesson, I decided to return to various font options.  This particular tutorial also involves use of the bevel, shadow, pattern overlay, and drop shadow layer effects, as well as fiddling with fill options to improve the bevel/emboss look.

The tutorial provided the stock images, making this one very easy.  My results?


For this, I followed the tutorial exactly.  After looking at the results, however, I decided to play with the export features to resize the image.


Now, you’ll note it is the correct size for one of my blog headers, and still looks acceptable.  If anything, I like the squishy version a little better.

Overall, I don’t care for the emboss on the shield, and think it could stand some improvement.  Next time.

Learning Photoshop: Day 18 – Metal

As a fantasy writer, it occurred to me that turning people into stone or metal could happen in my stories.  Thus, this time around, I used this tutorial.

I used stock from the wonderful mjranum on Deviant Art.

My results?


Let my results be a warning to you about the importance of doing a good job on your masking and background removal.  I did mine against a black background, and didn’t notice all the little flaws until I switched to a white background.  Lesson learned.

Learning Photoshop: Day 15 – Fireball

I am starting on what will eventually be composing scenes and added special effects.  For today’s project, I’m going with this tutorial.   Adding a little magic, as it were.

He has the link for the circle on his youtube page, but the image for the flame no longer had a working link.  Instead, I went and got some brushes here.  No use recreating the wheel when a good tool is already available.

My stock can be found here, courtesy of mjranum-stock on DeviantArt.  Lot of great stuff in his gallery, I encourage you to go give it a look.

My results?


Just need a background and a bit of playing with the reflected light, and she’s all set to fry a dragon’s face.  Tomorrow, I’m going to work on a compilation and add said background.

Learning Photoshop: Day 14 – Colored Smoke

I went with an easy tutorial this time, but one that allows a lot of customization and can be used in myriad fashions.  Smoke effects.  And just to be fun, rainbow smoke effects.  Here is the tutorial.

You’ll need some brushes, which the tutorial helpfully provides and can be found here.   If you do not know how to import brushes, you can find the instructions here.

My results?  9.29.2017---Smoke

Taste the rainbow.  Burn the rainbow.

Learning Photoshop: Day 12 – Boom

Well, this morning went all to hell in a variety of different ways, so I switched which tutorial I intended to do in favor of blowing up a planet.  This is the tutorial I am doing instead.


Alright.  I actually did this tutorial three times, and I don’t know if I’m using a different version or what, but I got somewhat different results.   My results?

His planet is darker than mine with a far better and more realistic looking color spread and results.   I don’t know if the difference was our starting settings, me misunderstanding a step, random chance, or what.  I will play around with this a little more, because I think the technique has some potential for other projects I’m planning.

Also, I made a world explode.  That’s always fun.

Learning Photoshop: Day 11 – Parchment

Today I went with a much less complicated tutorial, but one I can use as a base for upcoming projects.  How to make an old fashioned stained piece of parchment paper.  The tutorial can be found here.

My results?


Yeah, not overly impressive at first glance, but it definitely does what is needed and the same technique can be used to create water spots and other stains in different colors.  It looks like it might also be effective at creating things like rust and mold.

Now, when added to the file generated yesterday, we get:


And that’s definitely starting to look like something I wouldn’t mind having on a dust jacket of a book.  All together with my meager Photoshop skills, I’m looking at about four hours of work.  And that’s total, from finding the tutorial to generating the above.  Now imagine it with some time and care added, and you could definitely end up with something great.

Learning Photoshop: Day 8 – Text Effects

I am primarily a writer, thus it seems like learning how to do things with text in Photoshop would probably be a good idea on my part.  I happen at the moment to have a fondness for metal, so I went with this tutorial.   Warning where it is due – the tutorial is useful, but poorly created and without sound.


My results?


I didn’t do anywhere near the amount of flares the guy in the tutorial did, mostly because I don’t happen to keep a library of lens flares handy.

I used the same process for my nephew’s name and tried printing it out for him, and while this looks okay on the screen it does NOT translate well to print even when you do have glossy paper and a decent printer.

Learning Photoshop: Day 7 – Circuit Board

Tried something different, going for more futuristic effects, but avoiding venturing into space again.  Goal was to create a sort of circuit board effect.  I used this tutorial.

Starting image:


My results?


Sort of fun, and I can see some potential there in terms of backgrounds and readouts and the like for use within other images.  At some point, I will apply this technique to a dick pic and insert it into the background of some other work, because I am apparently eight years old.