Photoshop – Glossy Text

I didn’t have a lot of time today for Photoshop, so I went with a relatively simple tutorial.   I will say that I have been consistently impressed with the quality of tutorials from Blue Lightning TV and if you are trying to learn Photoshop I recommend their channel.

That said, I did just update to Adobe Photoshop 2018 and that came complete with a fun little bug.  Namely – I couldn’t render a frame.  There do appear to be some work-arounds and bug fixes for that, but as I said, it was a busy day so I just went with an alternative.

My results?


I’ve added this to my growing collection of blog headers.


Photoshop: Fire Text

I intend to keep doing a daily Photoshop tutorial, but I’ve decided to stop numbering them and making the post titles longer than necessary.  It was annoying me and looked weird on mobile devices.  For today, I decided I wanted to set something on fire.  I’ve personally always felt a special kinship to fire.  I went with this tutorial.

I decided to stick with the font used in the earlier Viking metal tutorial, and used the stock fire provided in this tutorial.  My results?


I didn’t get my colors as bright as those in the tutorial, but then I was going for a larger image intending to use it as the header for what will soon by my youtube channel.  Still, works well enough.